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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

George H W Bush—war criminal—but he was not as obnoxious as the other Republicans

George H W Bush was a capitalist, an imperialist and a Republican, all things that I dislike about people who are those things. He was a war criminal, he picked a fight with the government of Iraqand its leader, Saddam Hussein (يتي صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكر ) conquered the country of Panama and illegally removed its leader, Manuel Noriega. It was the US at its worst arrogance and Bush was in charge. He invaded Iraq, killing hundreds of thousands and losing only a few Americans. Statistically that looks good, until we realize with all our new fangled high tech weapons it was like shooting fish in a barrel. It was a lopsided victory by an international bully.
And still, Bush was the least obnoxious Republican president we have had since the new conservative era began, with Ronald Reagan. Reagan was way more destructive and he really hurt working people. Bush’s son, George W. Bush was an idiot a really stupid person and he was also a war criminal—like father, like son. And compared to Donald Trump—we can say he wasn’t total jack ass. H W was just a lot easier to tolerate. He seemed like a nice guy. It would seem a person can be a bloody imperialist and still seem like a nice guy.
Still, I’m sick of hearing about him. He died. He wasn’t a saint, he wasn’t really a very good president. He was just not as bad as the other monstrosities. All the other mainstream politicians and journalist have acted as if he was the best thing since sliced bread. I guess he did have some redeeming values. And it is if the journalist and some politicians almost have to admit that Reagan, W. and Trump are monsters in comparison.
And for me—that says it all.

Mehdi Hasan on George H.W. Bush’s Ignored Legacy: War Crimes, Racism and Obstruction of Justice

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