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Saturday, January 05, 2019


Following, we document the Statement on occasion of the anniversary of the birth of Chairman Mao Tse-Tung (毛泽东) on the 26th of December from the Editorial Committee of the Magazine The Maoist:
Proletarians of all countries, unite!

 "In the most heroic epic of the class struggle. It is the class struggle that has generated our conception, our ideology. Only the proletariat with its grandiose incessant transformation of the material reality, in productive practice, the class struggle, having as its center politics, as conquest and defense of Power for the class DERRUMBING other powers, could the class generate titans of thought and the action, has been shaped as the great ideology that we raise and will always raise (...) standing out three unfading luminaries: Karl Marx, V.I. Lenin and Mao Tse Tung.
It is in this way that a great dialectical process, then, generated by the proletariat producing men that only the class can produce, that we have arrived at Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism. 
Marxism-Leninism, it is recognized, has universal validity. But, Maoism is not yet fully recognized as a third stage. "
-Chairman Gonzalo, 1st Congress of the Paratido Comunista del Peru (PCP)

On the occasion of the celebration of the new anniversary of the birth of President Mao Tse Tung and the successes in the struggle to unite under Maoism, with great joy and revolutionary optimism to the top and expressing our full, complete and complete subjection to our ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, we salute the communist parties and Maoist organizations throughout the world, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world.
This time we want to point out, first of all, as we have been taught, that the key point is to see how a third stage of the ideology of the proletariat emerges in that great class struggle at the world level: first as Marxism-Leninism, Mao Tse Tung thought; then, Marxism-Leninism-thought Mao Tse Tung; and, later, define it as Maoism, understanding its universal validity; and in this way reach Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism as the current expression of Marxism. This is the key issue. The core of this is the definition of Maoism.
We start from the fact that Maoism has been defined, raised and applied with the people's war by Chairman Gonzalo and the PCP, that is a historical truth of the international communist movement (MCI). We have the almighty weapon of our scientific ideology of the international proletariat: Maoism.
Raising, defending and applying Maoism, the communists in the various countries and continents are advancing in the process of constitution and reconstitution of the communist parties to initiate the people's war, following the example of the parties that defy all difficulties and in complex situations and difficult to persist in directing people's war. As part and result of this struggle the communists are advancing in the struggle to reunify us in a MCI, advancing in the process for the reconstitution of the Communist International (CI). Taking safe steps in our march towards a Unified Maoist International Conference of the Maoist Parties and Organizations of the World and giving life to a new international organization of the proletariat as a step towards the restructuring of the CI.
The revolution is the main trend in the world, historically and politically, it is not simply that it is the historical perspective but it is political, it is already at the order of the day and for it it is necessary to struggle. We are in "the 50 to 100 years ..." in that period should be swept to imperialism and the reaction of the face of the earth as established by President Mao and that is why the World Revolution (RM) and that shows us the need for Maoism is embodying and it is being, generating through the constitution or reconstitution of communist parties of a new type, militarized Maoist parties to initiate and develop the people's war going on to lead the new great wave of the world revolution in which we live.
Imperialism is in decomposition, it is in its sweep. No one can deny it. They sink in long agony, in the midst of crises and wars of all kinds. Imperialism is more monopolistic, more parasitic, more rotten and more moribund. It is reaction and violence in the whole line.
In the midst of the general crisis that runs through it, the cyclical crises of the imperialist countries follow one another, without these having yet recovered from the previous crisis; these are increasingly serious and deep. The representatives of the Central Banks of the main imperialist countries say, we have not yet finished leaving the previous one and the other one comes to us, we do not know when, but it is sure that it is coming and we are worse prepared than for the previous one. They can no longer resort to "cheap money" and, in the midst of their collusion and struggle, coordinate their anti-crisis measures, because according to their experts, there is a decoupling between the financial cycles in the United States (USA) with Europe. That is, while some apply the rise in interest rates, the others still keep them down. Because,
That is the current situation in the imperialist countries, both in the USA. UU., The hegemonic superpower unique as in Russia (the atomic superpower, the skinny dog), Germany, Japan, England, France, Italy and even the social-imperialist China itself that has to pay the bill of having been associated with Yankee Imperialism. All of them with serious problems of indebtedness of the States, companies and households. Meanwhile, the wealth of the financial oligarchy of the imperialist nations increases astronomically, the over-exploitation of the proletariat in the imperialist nations and the extra-profit extracted by the imperialists from the oppressed nations of Asia, Africa, America increase steadily. America and Europe itself.
Wages, hours and conditions of work have worsened considerably in the imperialist countries, despite the growth after the crisis of 2008. As the imperialist governments themselves acknowledge, the increase in employment has been at the cost of worse wages for the labor force and the poor quality of employment. Consequently, powerful struggle of the proletarian masses in France, Belgium and discontent and explosions of all kinds in almost all the imperialist countries, from Spain and Italy to Russia, where the class is mobilized for the defense of their rights. The proletariat in China reacts with class fury against the redoubled exploitation and fascist oppression of the Chinese revisionists,
For its part, the proletariat and the people in the oppressed nations have seen the exploitation and oppression of imperialism, semi-feudality and bureaucratic capitalism intensified, the objective conditions are becoming more mature to develop the democratic revolution, to reconstitute or constitute the communist parties and to start the people's war.
In this way the overcoming of a crisis can only lead to the next and each time the disorder under the heavens is much greater.
All this, on the one hand, further drives the reaction of the bourgeois state (landowner-bureaucratic state in the service of imperialism in the oppressed countries) to face the development of the revolutionary situation in unequal development throughout the world. As an expression of this, the absolute centralization of Power is developed, either as presidential absolutism or as fascism, according to the particularities of the different countries. Absolute centralization to face the revolution and for the war of imperialist aggression.
The war of imperialist aggression against the oppressed countries that does not stop, despite the trumpeted retreats of Trump and Putin's troops. The US imperialists with Trump in the lead are for a new arms race to blow up Russia, trying to repeat Reagan's experience with the social-imperialist USSR.
The collusion and struggle between the superpowers and imperialist powers is sharpened and in the wars of aggression that Yankee imperialism, in its capacity as a single hegemonic superpower, mainly promotes against the oppressed nations as in the Expanded Middle East, it is expressed, first of all, The first and main contradiction in the current world, that is, the contradiction of oppressed nations against imperialism and also the third contradiction, the inter-imperialist contradiction for the division of the spoils of the oppressed nations. To the second contradiction, bourgeoisie-proletariat, we have already referred to extensively.
On the other hand, as history shows, reaction spurs the revolution.
Great struggles of the proletariat and the peoples in the oppressed nations, which are the basis of the world revolution because there the main contradiction and the immense majority of the population of the Earth is expressed. There the popular wars that exist today in the world are developed, like the popular wars of Peru, India, the Philippines, Turkey and the armed struggles of various types against the imperialist aggression that clamor for leadership of the Communist Party to become popular wars. There are great advances in the process of reconstituting the Party and in directing the struggle of the masses towards overflow, promoting the struggle of the peasantry for land as in Brazil, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, etc. Or to resume the path of the people's war as in Nepal crushing the revisionism of Prachandra and cronies.
In Southeast Asia the advance of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in the development of the People's War and the defense and expansion of the Revolutionary Bases of Support and therefore of the new Power against the counterrevolutionary war of the old land-bureaucratic State to the The service of imperialism is a shining example of the power of Maoism and the invincibility of people's war. The communists, combatants and masses of the people's war in India with their precious blood and their courageous example serve the world revolution and the struggle to put Maoism as the sole command and guide of the world revolution and the task of the reunification of the MCI . They are, thus, summoning the communists of Asia to reconstitute or constitute their parties to lead the revolution with people's war.
In Europe, we highlight the struggles of the proletariat in Austria that is mobilized against the greater reaction of the bourgeois state and attack the rights conquered by the class in hard struggle against its exploiters. Against the Austrian imperialist bourgeoisie that dreams of becoming a "European gendarme" against the threat of the peoples of the Balkans and the oppressed nations of the Middle East. The Communists struggle to direct the mobilizations of the masses, struggling to give a sense of class to the proletarian, anti-fascist struggle of women, young people and migrants. Advancing in the task of the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Austria with the constitution of the Committees for the Foundation of the Communist Party (Maoist) of Austria.
Struggles such as those developed by the proletariat and the broad and deep mass of the "banlieus" that march to converge in a single torrent of impulse and promote the process of the class party in that country. In this way, the c. Of the PCM of France advance decidedly, now struggling to direct the struggle of the proletariat as that which is currently developing with the so-called movement of the "yellow vests". But not only, in these two great European countries the struggle is developing, but also in the so-called northern European countries such as Norway, Sweden, Finland and even in Denmark, Maoist organizations are being formed, which promote the struggle against imperialism and the anti-fascist struggle, they are establishing greater links with the masses to promote their struggles and the struggle for the constitution or reconstitution of the communist party to lead the people's war in an imperialist country. Also in Canada, Italy, Galicia and other countries, the struggle of the Communists to serve the world revolution better and better persists.
In Germany, the awakening of the class and the struggle for the reconstitution of their party, also close to celebrating its first centenary of foundation.
Not only in these named countries does the task of the party advance as a combat machine to make the socialist revolution through the people's war, uniting under Maoism crushing the new revisionism and its expression the liquidationism of the right opposed to the party and the revolution. After the V Latin American Meeting, three Encounter of Maoist Parties and Organizations of Europe have been held, serving the present efforts for the reunification of the MCI, marching with the other parties and organizations of the world to the Unified Maoist International Conference and giving life to the new organization of the international proletariat.
The Maoists in the United States are struggling together with the deep and deep mass of the proletariat giving a new impetus to the struggle for the class party, rejecting and crushing Bob Avakian's new revisionism and setting us apart, expressing his firm conviction to unite with the other communists of the world under the unbeaten flags of Maoism and people's war, adhering to the declarations and actions of the Unified Maoist International Conference and giving life to the new organization of the international proletariat.
The celebration of this new anniversary of the birth of Presidene MaoTse Tung by the communists of the Earth, is of special importance, since it coincides with the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of our founder Karl Marx and 170 years of the Communist Manifesto, the departure of birth of the MCI, miliary stone valid until the communism, because there humanity will remember how the new humanity was originated.
In this year great achievements have been conquered for the international proletariat, so that the celebration we will remember from now on as the great campaign for the 200 years of Karl Marx; within the same, the first of May was fulfilled in all the parts under the same flags, with an important declaration, with the same slogans, the same address; great central celebratory act by our founder Karl Marx in Bremen (Germany) with the participation of the parties and organizations, with multiple messages of greetings and adhesion, celebrated with the communist imprint; we have had an important declaration for the 26th anniversary of President Gonzalo's Speech, when more parties and organizations have closed ranks of France, the USA, Norway, etc., a declaration with whose final part we end the present;
Notable from the Third Meeting, the assistance of the PC of Turkey ML, the messages of greetings as the C. from Galicia, Sweden, etc. Everything expresses, then, advances in the unification of the communists under Maoism, this is in the recognition of the same as the third stage of our ideology, everything shows the regrouping of forces, advance of the left and redoubled attacks of imperialism the reaction and the revisionism and as always of its expression of the right within the MCI itself, of the recalcitrant ones that unable to face themselves resort to factionalist and liquidators groups. On these struggles we refer to the documentation that we have published jointly or separately by the different parties and Maoist organizations.
To top it off and with great success we have published Number 2 of the magazine El Maoísta, for great joy and enthusiasm overflowing the Maoists and revolutionaries of the world and redoubled hatred of the reactionary, like those of Peru who have directly attacked the appearance of the magazine and they have summoned the genocidal reactionary hyenas to pursue it.
The communist parties and organizations that fight for the constitution or reconstitution of their parties advance in hard struggle of the class struggle in the task of directing, in each of the countries and continents of the Earth, the struggle for the democratic revolution with war popular in the oppressed nations, in the Third World, where most of the world population and the socialist revolution are found with people's war, in the imperialist nations. In this way, in theory and practice, the communist parties and Maoist organizations carry out the campaign for Maoism initiated by the PCP in 1982, developing with popular war the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist counter-offensive Gonzalo Thought (since the beginning of the 1990s).
We fight against imperialism, revisionism and the unbreakable and implacable reaction because they are inextricably linked and all three must be fought relentlessly.
Each one of us is part of that world struggle against revisionism, that is, against the old revisionism, against contemporary revisionism and against the new revisionism, represented, especially in Peru, by the opportunist line of the right, revisionist and capitulationist (LOD ) headed by the rat "Miriam" and by the faction headed by the rat "José" and his clan that acts as the other side of the same medal, sworn enemies of Maoism, the people's war, Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought . New revisionism in the world that led to the liquidation of the MRI by the revisionist Caudillejos Avakian and Prachandra.
For us, these successes are grounds for legitimate pride because it involves fighting in the most consistent way to put Maoism as the sole command and guide of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, which is already developing in the stage of strategic offensive of the same.
These are the two campaigns combined: it is necessary to point out that the campaign for Maoism and the campaign for the defense of Chairman Gonzalo and the Gonzalo Thought are strategically linked and can not be separated, so we take them together. For what corresponds to reproduce the final part of the declaration of the Maoist Parties and Organizations for the 26th anniversary of President Gonzalo's Speech:
"The signatory Marxist-Leninist-Maoist parties and organizations reaffirm, in this solemn celebration of the 26 years of the historic and transcendental speech of Chairman Gonzalo, in its full force and especially in defending the life of that titan of thought and action , Chief of the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian Revolution; who has defined Maoism, as a new, third and superior stage of Marxism and who established, that to be a Marxist today is to be Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, mainly Maoist. We understand that the defense of Chairman Gonzalo implies fighting in the most consistent way to put Maoism as the sole command and guide of the new great wave of the world proletarian revolution, which is already developing. We understand that this struggle is part of the task to reunify the communists of the world,
Long live Maoism!
Editorial Committee of El Maoísta Magazine
December 26, 2018
Written by Editorial Committee of the Magazine The Maoist
30 December 2018, and posted in Spanish, by DEM VOLKE DIENEN. This was translated into English by Google and សតិវអតុ.

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