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Monday, February 04, 2019

It’s time to oppose—and expose US and European naked imperialism and their intended fake democracy for Venezuela

Once again we see this country getting ready to create regime change, in the government of Venezuela, for the benefit of US capitalism and imperialism. Other minor imperialist powers in Europe are ready to collect on the spoils of their imperialism. The many cowardly leaders in Latin America are lining up to sell out their nations. Juan Guaido and the many middle class residents are selling their national sovereignty so they can grab back power from the lower classes. Those lower classes have been ignored and neglected for more than a century. Once the middle class people get their government back they will go back to the neglect they feel is their rightful privilege. - សតិវ ​អតុ 

"We will defend Peace and Dignity" US Imperialism and its Liberal Imperialist Running Dogs in Europe get their answer from President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela.”

I sent this Letter to the Editor of The Wichita Eagle—and a week later it hasn’t been posted—so here is the un-published letter finally published, here at my blog:

I am sick and tired of living in a country where hypocritical leaders believe they have the right to tell every other leader in the world what they can and can’t do and decide who should lead in every country in the world, including Venezuela.
One of the biggest hypocrisies of our country is that our president, Donald Trump, who was never elected by a majority of the people, can claim that he is trying to defend democracy in Venezuela. Originally Nicolás Maduro was elected by a simple majority of the people. Donald Trump has never been elected by a majority.  If Trump and Mike Pence are so concerned with spreading democracy, why did they turn a blind eye to Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, of Turkey, when he changed the system to strip congress of most of their power, leaving him as a powerful dictator? Trump and Pense did nothing.
When the two of them talk of returning Venezuela to democracy, what they really mean is capitalism. Socialism does not automatically mean dictatorship. It is an economic system. Trump has sanctioned Venezuela and sabotaged their economy so he can say the socialism doesn’t work. No system works well when they are sanctioned and sanctioned just because Trump and his ilk simply don’t like socialism.
We, in the US, are supposed to have a free and open press with open debates. But the main stream press today seems to completely ignore Maduro’s supporters, who are mostly poor and working class, and side solidly with Maduro’s opponents, including Juan Guaidó . In foreign affairs, today in this country, there is NO debate and no looking at both sides. Maduro’s opponents are mostly upper class and middle class people who traditionally had the support of the government and they ignored the poorer classes and their needs. Now the US has convinced the opposition that there is no need to care about the plight of the poor. They can take over the country and go back to ignoring poor and working class people and neglecting them as they have done traditionally.
This is not something I take pride in for my country. This country needs to let the people in these countries solve their own problems. The US, Trump especially, need to but out. Let the people in Venezuela solve their own problems and stop treating socialist leaders as if they are all dictators simply because they have chosen not to follow capitalism.
Steve Otto

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