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Monday, November 18, 2019

Joint Declaration of the MLM Party and Organizations On the growing popular protests in Latin America.

Latin America: Develop the growing popular protest all in function of starting the people's war under the leadership of the militarized Communist Party!

This was translated from Spanish to English by Google and SJ Otto. For this article in Spanish, click here.

All of Latin America is full of dry firewood, which will soon burn in a great flare

"Thus, if we subject ourselves to Marxism-Leninism- Mao Tsetung Thought [today, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism] and from it we analyze the concrete reality of the Peruvian revolution, we must conclude that we are living in a developing revolutionary situation and, consequently, all political strategy, tactics and action must start from such recognition, otherwise we will be seriously wrong. In short, the class struggle today and in its perspective, the antagonistic contest between revolution and counterrevolution, can only be seen accurately and correctly and firmly and decisively applied if it starts from recognizing the existence of a revolutionary situation in development;"
(President Gonzalo doc: Let's Develop the Growing Popular Protest, 1979 )

We express our greetings and proletarian internationalist solidarity to the proletariat and the masses of the people of Ecuador and the people of Chile who, with their heroic days of struggle and as part of the peoples of Latin America, fight for the defense of their rights, freedoms, conquests and benefits achieved in a hard fight against the exploiters and their apparatus of repression the old State, organized violence of large bourgeois and landowners in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, are crying out for the leadership of the militarized Communist Party to rise in powerful revolution of new democracy to sweeping the old society of exploitation and oppression and the old state that maintains and defends it with people's war. For the culmination of the democratic revolution, move immediately and uninterruptedly to socialism and continue with proletarian cultural revolutions until reaching the golden communism.

Latin America: Develop the growing popular protest all in function of starting the people's war under the leadership of the militarized Communist Party!
All of Latin America is full of dry firewood, which will soon burn in a great flare

"Thus, if we subject ourselves to Marxism-Leninism-Thought Mao Tsetung [today, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism] and from it we analyze the concrete reality of the Peruvian revolution, we must conclude that we are living in a developing revolutionary situation and, consequently, all political strategy, tactics and action must start from such recognition, otherwise we will be seriously wrong. In short, the class struggle today and in its perspective, the antagonistic contest between revolution and counterrevolution, can only be seen accurately and correctly and firmly and decisively applied if it starts from recognizing the existence of a revolutionary situation in development;"
(President Gonzalo doc: Let's Develop the Growing Popular Protest, 1979 )

We express our greetings and proletarian internationalist solidarity to the proletariat and the masses of the people of Ecuador and the people of Chile who, with their heroic days of struggle and as part of the peoples of Latin America, fight for the defense of their rights, freedoms, conquests and benefits achieved in a hard fight against the exploiters and their apparatus of repression the old State, organized violence of large bourgeois and landowners in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee, are crying out for the leadership of the militarized Communist Party to rise in powerful revolution of new democracy to sweeping the old society of exploitation and oppression and the old state that maintains and defends it with people's war. For the culmination of the democratic revolution, move immediately and uninterruptedly to socialism and continue with proletarian cultural revolutions until reaching the golden communism.

We extend this greeting and solidarity to the proletariat and the masses of all the peoples of Latin America who, with their struggles, are expressing the need to rise in powerful rebellion under the direction of their militarized Communist Party, Communist Party, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, which applying The universal validity contributions of President Gonzalo initiate and develop the people's war to sweep away imperialism, semi-feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism that devour and oppress us, following the path of encircling the cities from the countryside and establishing the new Power.

We consider it necessary to start from a brief analysis of the development of the revolutionary situation in Latin America, which is expressed in the mobilizations, protests and uprisings of the popular masses, such as the latest popular resistance uprisings in Chile and Ecuador and see the peculiarities of the latter and others produced in this last decade with respect to the previous ones, that is, from the end of the 80s of the previous century until the first decade of the present, in order to take the corresponding lessons and reaffirm the pending task of the Communist Party To start the people's war.

To address it, it is necessary to start from some considerations, such as: The general crisis of imperialism, of Yankee imperialism mainly, because it is the main one that dominates us, is discharged not only on the backs of the United States proletariat itself, but largely in our countries because of its semicolonial and semi-feudal condition on which bureaucratic capitalism unfolds. As President Mao Tse Tung pointed out:  Imperialism shatters more and more the oppressed nations which rise in powerful revolutionary storms and must be led by their communist parties.

Since the end of the 80s and throughout the nineties of the last century we have been witnessing the deepening of the semicolonial situation of our countries with the application of the "Washington consensus", its so-called "neoliberalism" with  "privatizations" and "deregulation"  accompanied by the "bundles" of anti-popular economic measures.

During all these years, unevenly, in different countries of the continent such as Mexico, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Haiti etc. according to the development of the objective and subjective conditions a strong movement of protest and dissatisfaction of the masses against the old State, its reactionary governments, legal parties and institutions develops, arriving in some cases with large uprisings and popular waves of resistance by the defense of rights and conquests reached in hard days of struggle throughout the last century. These movements were characterized almost without exception for being spontaneous city surveys to which the peasantry was folded.

From the above, we live a revolutionary situation in uneven development in the world and in Latin America, this is being expressed clearly in the growing popular protests and movements of the masses, what corresponds? Forge a revolutionary leadership as a subjective condition for the revolution, the militarized Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party, to destroy the three mountains that oppress us (imperialism, semi-feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism) with people's war.

Without the leadership of the proletariat through its Communist Party, the struggle of the peasantry for land, the main problem of the democratic revolution,  in most cases  did not pass local or regional boundaries. These movements could not lead to the uprising of the peasantry as the main force of the revolution to follow the path of fencing the cities from the countryside. As the masses are sand of contest not only between revolution and counterrevolution, but also sand of reactionary contest; Since the mobilization of the masses was not taken advantage of to organize them scientifically under the leadership of the revolutionary party, all kinds of opportunists and reactionaries were mounted on their struggles to serve the interests of the old state.

Well, as always, opportunists and revisionists from all over Laya mounted the just protests of the angry masses to divert them with their calls for "dialogue" and "negotiation" and "constituent" for a new restructuring of the old state in Chile , Ecuador, Bolivia, etc. With the service of these traitors, the fruits of the popular movements were capitalized by one of the two factions of the great bourgeoisie (buyer and bureaucratic) and groups in which these are divided to settle their disputes and restructure the old State by centralizing more Power in the Executive to, among other, repress the revolution   that is in gestation giving rise to fascist-corporate governments in some of these countries, while in others the reactionary demo-bourgeois regime was maintained centralizing Power in the President or the Executive (presidential or Executive absolutism).

Thus, in the two decades prior to the present one, which is already ending, a series of reactionary governments fall mainly from the buying faction and others from the same faction and, in less cases, from the bureaucratic faction, in some cases headed for opportunism These governments, despite their differences or reectionary nuances, will apply without exception and under the supervision of the World Bank (WB) the complementary part of the “neoliberal structural reforms”, the so-called “second wave of reforms” with the “non-remunerative aid ”, Which are applied from Mexico through Brazil to Argentina and Chile, that is, from the south of the Rio Grande to Patagonia. These "aid" to fight poverty are to justify the greater looting of natural wealth,

 The governments of the bureaucratic faction, as lacaya of imperialism as the buyer, presented the redoubled imperialist exploitation over our countries in Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia, etc: growth of direct imperialist investment (FDI), of foreign debt (converted in the 90s in "sovereign debt") and the looting of our natural wealth, renamed "neo-extractive", with some nuances of economic policy, such as a "nationalist policy", "anti-imperialist" and in some cases as "Socialism of the 21st century. ” These, were put at the service of the Yankee plan, of the unique hegemonic superpower, which led to the unprecedented growth of financial speculation and global indebtedness, of the export of capital mainly to China and Third World countries as direct foreign investment through its subsidiaries, trade in intermediate goods and commodities. Incorporating all these countries to the authority of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) , under the hegemony of Yankee imperialism.

But, in Latin American countries not only was the greatest dominance and submission of mainly Yankee imperialism over all of them, but these countries also opened up to the greater penetration of the other imperialist powers such as Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Japan, social-imperialist China, etc. Sharpening the inter-imperialist struggle for these countries. And, as it had to be, a new imperialist crisis happened, that of 2007-2008, the worst of imperialism, a crisis that they still cannot get out of, they are trapped and 2002 and 2020 this will become more acute, they are entering a new crisis General of unforeseeable consequences. With the global crisis, the boom in commodity prices ended and the rates of poverty, unemployment, malnutrition with the growth of "inequality" increased again.

Imperialism, mainly Yankee, persists in its infamous objective of being the only hegemonic superpower in the world, develops its plan by dividing the world into six Military Commands, Latin America has been incorporated, a part, within the scope of the Northern Command that covers Mexico, and another part, from the southern border of Mexico down by the US Southern Command. New role of the Latin American army in the internal tasks of repression, in the war against the people. Greater Yankee imperialist intervention against our countries: in Peru since 1992 ("Fujimori autogolpe"), Yankee imperialism directly led the counterrevolutionary war with its so-called "low intensity war" against the people's war; Military intervention in Mexico (Puebla-Panama Plan and Merida Plan), in Colombia and neighboring countries with the Colombia Plan; deployment of its system of military bases in South America that continues until now, and commissioning of the IV Fleet of the USA, to control from Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Aggression of Yankee imperialism against Venezuela in the form of a “low intensity war” since January 2018 and which points against the development of the revolution in Brazil. These are some facts that we mention for their involvement in the development of the objective situation. Aggression of Yankee imperialism against Venezuela in the form of a “low intensity war” since January 2018 and which points against the development of the revolution in Brazil. These are some facts that we mention for their involvement in the development of the objective situation.

The deepening of the semi-colonial situation of the countries of Latin America produced a greater and longer impact of the world imperialist crisis. Throughout this decade, the situation of the old society in these countries was aggravated, which during the previous two decades had lived excited by the illusion of "modernization", by the auction of what the State had accumulated in decades and for the high prices of raw materials or  commodities in the world market, growth whose benefits as always were a handful of large national and foreign bourgeois; but after this "boom", the true national development was absent, all these societies "remained as backward and unequal as before" as has been aired in the reactionary elections in Bolivia of Morales-García. The semicolonial and semi-feudal society where bureaucratic capitalism develops was maintained by inertia  (the old refuses to die)   and the force of arms.

Consequently, in this decade there is a greater decomposition of the old State that supports and defends it. Political crisis of reactionary regimes, of both factions, including those headed by opportunism. Regimes aupados in the government to administer the old States in conditions of certain fiscal bonanza ("drip") which allowed them to manipulate the masses and apply corporatism and clientelism to contain them using the "social programs" as in Brazil with the reactionary government headed by Lula and the PT. 

The worsening of the general crisis of imperialism leads to bureaucratic faction governments such as Maduro's in Venezuela, entering into contradiction with imperialism, since it, in order to increase its super-profits in the face of the crisis, needs to “privatize” the assets of the large state enterprises that remained as such and pursued a greater "economic opening" of the countries under bureaucratic governments. That is why in these countries, the contest between the reactionary factions for the control of the Executive was intensified. Always under the control of the great puppeteer, Yankee imperialism, and the reactionary armed forces as arbitrators of the situation.

In the second decade of this century that is about to end, as the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism in Latin America returns, fiscal adjustment policies return, with a cut in rights and benefits pensions, with worsening employment and wages, with the decrease in “aid” and subsidize. The "packs" and the protest and resistance of the popular masses as their counterpart are back. The reaction fuels the revolution.

This period is common, "solve their crises" with "changes of government" or "change of horses in the old land-bureaucratic state", all faithful representatives and in the service of imperialism, mainly Yankee. Or as we have seen recently in Ecuador, with a reactionary way out of maintaining the current government through “dialogue” with the so-called “social movements”, under the direction of opportunists, reformists and revisionists who and as always were assembled to divide and demobilize the masses in exchange for leaving without effect the most anti-popular measure of the "package", the "gasoline" among others. The issues of people's rights, freedoms, conquests and benefits and claims of the proletariat and the people of Ecuador have not been resolved because these reactionaries will never solve it.

Crisis of the old society, crisis of bureaucratic capitalism and crisis of the old land-bureaucratic state, which defends and sustains it. Crisis of parliament and all demo-bourgeois institutions. Submission of the other powers to the Executive with the endorsement and support of the reactionary armed forces and the bureaucratic apparatus of the State. The reactionary process of the old state inevitably leads us to fascism, it comes from the twentieth century. Is this calm? It will never be calm, it is a hard struggle between the factions and groups of the great bourgeoisie. President Gonzalo in the II Plenary says; To see the new fascism, it is very important to deepen the study and the fundamentals that exist in “comments about the coup of 92” both in the buying bourgeoisie and in the bureaucratic bourgeoisie.

Circle of fire of the exploitation and oppression of the three mountains on the masses of workers, peasants and petty bourgeoisie and of the national bourgeoisie facing greater ruin. Masses, that fight to conserve the won in hard class struggle and not to pauperize more with the new crisis, swings that will be repeated cyclically in this prevailing system and that only the invincible People's War can sweep. Resistance of the masses against the famous "reforms and economic and labor adjustments" measures of reactionary governments that seek to unload the serious crisis of this obsolete system of exploitation and oppression on the backs of the masses, both the countryside and the city, This crisis sharpens the contradiction of the popular masses - reactionary government. Expression of the sharpening of the contradictions of the old society:

Sharpening of all contradictions. New period of rise of the movements and struggles of the popular masses, which in this decade is showing a distinctive character of all previous cycles of the waves of popular protests as part of the new great wave of the World Proletarian Revolution. Distinctive character, which shows the maturation of the subjective conditions of the revolution, the heroic combatant who is to lead the revolution is entering the scene. The road opened with the beginning of the people's war in Peru on May 17, 1980, showing the full validity and power of Maoism as a new, third and superior stage of Marxism, and the universality and invincibility of the people's war, it is a torch that illuminates the way forward for the international proletariat and oppressed peoples and nations of Latin America and the world. The Communist Parties and Revolutionary Organizations of Latin America raise, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism to the concrete conditions of each of their countries with the contributions of universal validity of President Gonzalo.

The distinctive character of the protests and popular uprisings has been established in the great protests of the masses in 2013-2014 that pushed the bankruptcy of the administration of the old Brazilian State by the PT until the current protests going through the massive boycott of the Last year for the replacement elections of authorities of the old Brazilian State. This whole process of growing spontaneous popular protest is being driven and directed by the conscious factor that merges with it. Result in sight, is that the proletariat and the people are endowed with the leadership of the revolutionary party, the Communist Party. The revolution, the democratic path, develops a growing popular protest and is directed to the overflow based on starting the People's War following the path of surrounding cities from the countryside. People's War until communism.

In a few days the masses of Ecuador and Chile have broken into a true typhoon, shaking the entire old order of oppression, faced and still fight and resist heroism to the hordes of reaction. The Maoists in these countries are boldly launching themselves into popular combat in the front rows, striving to direct the action of the fighting masses, educating them in revolutionary violence and in the irreconcilable struggle against opportunism, conquering important victories for the class and the people, developing the growing popular protest, promoting the revolution of new democracy and the process of reconstitution or constitution of the militarized communist parties and the preparation of the beginning of more and more popular wars until conquering power for the proletariat and the people,

In Chile, the Pinirera archireacionário government declared curfew, the first time since the Pinochet fascist, and openly declared that it was a war against the people. Faced with reactionary terror, the masses do not stop for a minute, they are running over the old opportunist directions and setting the entire old order of oppression on fire.

In Ecuador, unlike the popular uprisings of the 90s and the first decade of this century, the latter that has lasted more than 12 days and has ended up like the previous ones, under the direction of opportunists and reformists, with the capitulation, these have sold the rebellion of the masses for a plate of lentils, that is to say accepting the reactionary measures against salary, outsourcing, rights cuts and others in exchange for giving up the increases in gasoline, it also has that character distinctive as indicated in the case of Brazil, that is, the communists against the opportunist leaderships that were mounted on the just struggle of the masses have struggled to direct and apply to educate the masses in revolutionary violence and the struggle to Death against revisionism.

In the struggle for the leadership of the broad popular uprising, the communists of both Ecuador and Chile fight, politicize and mobilize decisively and applying the just and correct proletarian line in favor of the mainly poor peasantry of the regions. These, due to the correct working style of the revolutionaries, have made an important leap and advance, linked to the proletariat represented by the Communist Party, thus forging the workers-peasant alliance in the events and it was there that the popular uprising showed its most combative character and advanced.

The communists in Ecuador and Chile, who struggle for the reconstitution of the Party in hard class struggle and striving to lead the masses in the same course of action, are gaining powerful links with the mobilized masses and improving conditions for the development of the instruments of the revolution, mainly of the New Type Party, a militarized Communist Party. Here too, the revolution, the democratic path, having as its axis the proletariat under the leadership of its Party, advances in its reconstitution, marches to develop the growing popular protest, we live a revolutionary situation in uneven development and the advance of the revolution, of the The democratic path is part of the New Great Wave of the World Proletarian Revolution commanded by Maoism.

In this new period of ascent of the popular liberation movement and which opens the way to great popular mobilizations in June 2013-14 in Brazil against the opportunist government of the PT, in Ecuador with those initiated in 2014-15 against the government of Correa and its continuation against the current government of Moreno, those of Mexico in recent years and the most recent in Chile, have a characteristic that differentiates them from all previous ones and this is the maturation of the subjective conditions of the revolution. That is to say, that in some cases, the development of the democratic path opposite to the bureaucratic path of the big bourgeois and landowners develops the growing popular protest and is directed to the overflow in function of initiating the people's war and developing it until communism, to join with the popular wars already started as in Peru, India, the Philippines, Turkey. Following President Mao Tse Tung we say: All of Latin America is full of dry firewood, which will soon burn in a great flare .

The question raised by this situation is to develop as a shock task the task of the culmination of the reconstitution of the Communist Party, according to the specific conditions of each country, to develop the revolution, the democratic path, whose axis is the proletariat under the direction of its Communist Party militarized to point to popular overflow, that is, to the development of the mass struggle that goes beyond what the reactionary state ordinance allows; all in function of initiating the people's war, that following the path of surrounding the cities from the countryside destroys the old order and build the new Power, the joint dictatorship of the revolutionary classes under the leadership of the militarized Communist Party, with popular committees and revolutionary support bases destroying part of the old land-bureaucratic state in order to conquer power throughout the country and establish the People's Republic in each of our countries and move without interruption to develop the socialist revolution under the dictatorship of the proletariat and with successive proletarian cultural revolutions reach our goal,

Uphold, defend and apply Marxism-Leninism-Maoism principally Maoism!
Put Maoism as command and guide of the World Proletarian Revolution!

To constitute or reconstitute Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties militarized!

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism with the universal validity contributions of President Gonzalo!
Down with the imperialist war!

Long live the invincibility of the People's War!

Fight imperialism, revisionism and reaction indescribably and relentlessly!

Honor and glory to the heroes of the people of Latin America!

Communist Party of Brazil (Red Faction)
Communist Party of Peru
Communist Party of Ecuador - Red Sun
Red Faction of the Communist Party of Chile
Communist Party of Colombia - (Red Faction)
Revolutionary Nucleus for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Mexico
Red Flag Committee - Germany
Committees for the Foundation of the Communist Party (Maoist) of Austria

India- the False Case against Veekshanam—Condemn the Government’s Vindictive Attitude against Dissenting Voices!

By Harsh Thakor
Withdraw the False Case against Veekshanam Editor! Condemn the Government’s Vindictive Attitude against Dissenting Voices!! Senior journalist and editor of Veekshanam, Telugu monthly journal of political economy and society is implicated in a false case under various sections of Indian Penal Code (IPC), the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) and the Telangana Public Security Act, by Telangana Police on behalf of the Telangana government. This act is a demonstration of the vindictive attitude of the rulers against a newspaper editor for following the freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution and criticizing anti-people policies of the government. On November 12, police arrested N Ravi Sharma and B Anuradha in Hyderabad and out of blue on the next day started attempting to harass Venugopal with implicating him as an accused in the same case. This action smacks of not only a vindictive attitude, but also appears ridiculous with blatant lies and fabrications. In the Remand Case Diary submitted before the LB Nagar II Metropolitan Magistrate on November 13, N Venugopal is shown as A7 and described as “member virasam viplava rachayitala sangham” and also shown as “absconding”. In fact, it is common knowledge that Venugopal is not associated with Virasam since 2009 after a controversy on an article he wrote at that time. Since then he is not member of any organization and running his own monthly journal full time. Anybody who has seen him for the last ten years knows this. Though he holds progressive, democratic and left views, that does not mean that he has to be a member of any organization. As he was a member of Virasam before 2009, some people mistakenly refer him so and he has corrected that mistake publicly so many times. He openly declared that he is not a member of any organization. Thus, branding him as such now is only with a malafide intention of the police to tarnish his image as an independent journalist. N Venugopal need not be introduced to Telugu readers and people at large as he worked as a journalist in both Telugu and English newspapers for 15 years and then for the last 17 years he has been running an independent monthly journal. It is also known that as a popular writer and public speaker he holds alternative ideology to the status quo. About twenty five books he has written and as many books he translated, hundreds of articles he penned and hundreds of public speeches he made in the last thirty years are in public domain. In Telangana separate statehood movement he shared dais with several people who are now in the government and he had a rare record of speaking on GO 610 in all the district conferences held by TNGOs Union in 2006-07. His role in Telangana movement is unquestionable. However, after the formation of Telangana he felt that the government was not going according to the wishes of the people’s movement and expressing the same views in his writings and speeches. In this way, he has been in open public life and making use of his freedom of speech and expression he has been airing his opinions legally and constitutionally. He has been criticizing the anti-people policies of the government. It is also known to everybody that the powers that be are angry with him for his views. Further, he is a journalist having the state government’s accreditation card. He delivers public lectures almost every day on some or other platform. He has been writing a fortnightly column in a popular Telugu daily and runs his own monthly magazine. Yet, the police dared to show him as “absconding” and it only shows the conspiratorial attitude of the police. It is nothing but misguiding the judiciary. Everybody in society knows that he is not at all absconding. In fact, though the Remand Case Diary described his as such on the first page with two falsehoods, the subsequent 12 pages did not even mention his name at least once. There is no mention of the crimes he is accused of. That means this implication is only a vindictive action against him personally and thereby an attempt to threaten the journal he is editing. He has been criticizing the anti-people policies of Telangana government in his column Telanganaartham in Nava Telangana daily, in his editorials and the articles published in Veekshanam, in his speeches all over the state, and on electronic channels. That’s why the government and rulers want his voice to be silenced and all dissenting voices shut down. Indeed, Veekshanam launched by V Hanumanta Rao, in association with ABK Prasad in 2003, and under the stewardship of N Venugopal since 2005 has always stood as a forum for dissenting voices for the last 17 years. It always examined and closely scrutinized all the government policies from people’s perspective. Thus today’s false case against its editor is a part of the Telangana government’s attempt to crush all dissenting voices under iron heel. We demand the government to immediately withdraw this false case against the editor of Veekshanam and desist from the vindictive attitude against all the journalists and intellectuals who hold different opinions. ■ On behalf of Veekshanam Collective.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

US- My disillusionment with US foreign policy in Bolivia—deceit, treachery and just plain lying.

It is still hard for me to believe the way my government really operates and how our news media covers it. It’s hard for me to believe our government is as treacherous and despicable as it is today. I grew up learning to believe in the system, during grade school, middle and high school, and all the values that it insisted were true. Some things like freedom and democracy seemed so simple. I was taught to believe that I had the right to believe in anything I wanted and the government guaranteed those rights to me. As a kid, I grew up in this system believing in our independent and unbiased news media.
We were also taught about all those bad countries, such as Nazi Germany and all the countries under communism and supposedly in those countries we would not be able to make all these great choices. 
By the end of my high school days I came to realize how badly I was lied to. Today the deceit from this country and our news media is just unbelievable. The biased of our reporting is so bad that it looks like all the terrible countries we learned about in grade school.
By high school I noticed that most of South America was run by military dictatorships (in the 1970s). Then Salvador Allende tried to create a Socialist country through democratic means, President Richard Nixon was just fine with a military dictatorship to oust and replace him. That was probably the first time I realized how phony US democracy in South America rally was. And from that time on it just got worse.
So today I get a taste of our phony foreign policy in action. The US created a coup to oust the Bolivia’s President Evo Morales. He was an honorable president, who was very popular and did nothing wrong. But he as not a team player for the US as a part of President Donald Trump’s attempts to eradicate socialism from the western hemisphere. From The Associated Press:

“ Bolivia's interim president met with a U.N. envoy to discuss the country's crisis Saturday, a day after security forces fired on supporters of former President Evo Morales in a clash that killed eight people and raised fears that violence could escalate.
On leaving the meeting with interim leader Jeanine Áñez, U.N. envoy Jean Arnault said the United Nations is concerned about the violence in Bolivia and hopes it can contribute to an accelerated pacification process leading to elections.
U.N. human rights chief Michelle Bachelet issued a statement earlier in the day calling the deaths "an extremely dangerous development."

The Interim leader Áñez was not elected. She and her right-wing follewers claimed Morales committed voter fraud. But he was removed before any of these charges could be made to stick.
This is the US up to its old tricks. It would be easy for everyone to just blame Trump on this fiasco, but he is only the tip of the iceberg. There is no doubt full support from nearly every member of congress, Republicans AND Democrats. There has been one exception and that is Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar:

“Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar has called on Americans to condemn the removal of leftist Bolivian President Evo Morales, who was forced to resign by the country's army following weeks of unrest over disputed elections.”

In the next few days I’m sure she will find she is alone on that. Conservatives, such as those at Fox (or Faux) News, will accuse her of being anti-American, along with other nasty accusations.
As I look back at my grade school, middle school and high school education, she may be the only member of congress who I feel is pro-American. I was raised to believe that people have a right to choose their destiny. The phonies in congress just believe in their right to a system that allows them to make as much money as possible, at the expense of people who live in what has been described as the US’s back yard.
Under real democracy the people of Bolivia would have the right to elect their own leader and if it were for real, the US would respect that decision. That is not hat has happened.
Interim leader Jeanine Áñez has already made big changes and they include changing to the US side on such issues as Venezuela. Our government has what it wanted all along. Bolivia is now a US team player. Through violence and deceit this country now has what it wanted. Bolivia is now a US team player and Omar is the only person in congress who feels it as unfair of this country to do that. The UN is concerned about the violence there and we can be sure the rest of congress and our idiot president don’t care at all. Capitalism is about is about making a lot of money at the expense of others. The real lesson I learned years ago is that capitalism and real democracy are incompatible.

Friday, November 15, 2019

For the death of Comrade Quibian - founding member of the Network of Communist Blogs (RBC) a representative of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama

People die and that is just a part of life (and death). when an important person dies, we can put out memorials for them. For many of our heroes this is a time to acknowledge their contributions to people’s lives. This is the case of Comrade Quibian . –SJ Otto
This is an important message From Network of Communist Blogs:

We received with pain the news of the death of Comrade Quibian, a founding member of the Network of Communist Blogs (RBC) five years ago, as a representative of the Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) of Panama, a coherent and firm revolutionary in his fight for the rights of the Panamanian working class and peasant, American and international, loved and respected by theirs and their fighting partners as a brother or a father.

His commitment to peace and his dedication to the struggle for Socialism made him a teacher of Panamanian youth, an example for revolutionaries throughout America and a full-time activist for the international unity of the communist parties, from his convictions Maoists and anti-revisionists, but without falling into sectarianism or closeness, they will never be forgotten and will inspire all those who aspire, organize and fight for the end of all exploitation and the breaking of all chains.

Comrade Quibian! Let the earth be mild! Your fight will be ours until the final victory! Up the poor of the world! Workers of the world, unite!

Self-Organization in the Chilean Revolt

We are seeing revolts all over the South American continent. The mainstream press may not be interested in covering these revolts, but here at Otto’s War Room we are interested. Finally the US puppet regimes and their far right capitalist regimes are getting their just reward! –SJ Otto

In Antofagasta, the port city in the north of Chile, workers and students have come together to form bodies of self-organization. These are known as Emergency and Protection Committees. We offer a detailed, first-hand account of how this committee works. 
More than two weeks of mobilization by millions of people in Chile have posed a serious challenge to Piñera and his government. The huge demonstrations across the country against the living conditions faced by working people all point to the same root cause: the repressive and neoliberal regime inherited from the Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1989). Government coalitions of the center-left and the Right have administered this regime in the interests of big business for the last 30 years. The chant “it is not 30 pesos, it is 30 years” graphically demonstrates how all of this is now being profoundly questioned.
Right now we are up against the attempt by the government, with the support of the center-left parties of the former Concertación coalition, to save itself—and the regime as a whole—through a policy of “social dialogue,” throwing a few crumbs to the population. But this has not managed to get the hundreds of thousands of protestors off the streets. Joining this attempt to derail the movement are the Frente Amplio (Broad Front) and the Communist Party. They are counting on Piñera’s claim that he “will not exclude anyone” from negotiations. In the case of the Frente Amplio, they have already sent off a letter requesting a meeting with the new Minister of the Interior, Gonzalo Blumel. In this way, they open the way for dialogue with a government that violates human rights and is responsible for murders, torture, rape, beatings, and other humiliations.
This situation poses the question: which road can we take in order to confront the traps of the government and win every one of our demands? In this respect, there are some examples of coordination among sectors of workers, young people, students, and professionals that deserve to be known and shared among the working class and the population as a whole.

Strengthening Self-Organization

In Antofagasta, the Comité de Emergencia y Resguardo (Emergency and Protection Committee) was formed on the initiative of the Teachers’ Association (CdP) and the Union of Teachers and Education Professionals (SIPPE). In the offices of the Teachers’ Association, teachers and education workers, health workers, industrial workers, students, artists, and professionals such as doctors, lawyers and psychologists all participate. They seek to make this space available to demonstrators who have been affected by the repression, and also for discussion, organization and coordination.
The Committee aims to be a place where different ideas for actions are discussed in assemblies in order to respond to the national emergency. One of the first points that members of this space agreed upon was to fight against the repression that the government has brought down on us, first with the state of emergency, and then with the curfew and the brutal deployment of the Carabineros [military police] and military against demonstrators.
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This space has also hosted assemblies of university and high school students, who have sought to organize themselves, especially since after several days of national mobilizations, their leaderships have not taken the lead in promoting the organization of students.


It is sad that the progressive government in Bolivia has been over thrown by rightist in a coup. There is no doubt the CIA helped in this and it is one more victory for the capitalist and imperialist monster of the US, lead by the tyrant President Donald Trump. They may use elections to create a false sense of legitimacy, yet they are acting in Latin America as fascist who push their will on all and except opposition from no one. when they are unable to manipulate the systems, they use military coups. -SJ Otto

This is from a Facebook post by Alexia Fuentes:
Admin · 4 hrs
( International League of Peoples StrugglesILPS SOLIDARITY STATEMENT ON BOLIVIA
14 November 2019
'We are not afraid!'
Support Evo Morales and the people of Bolivia against US imperialism!
Evo Morales was forced to resign by the mutiny of the armed forces and police backing the local elite class interests of the right-wing political opposition and supported by the U.S. through the US-headquartered Organization of American States (OAS). More violence is threatened but the people are not afraid. The struggle against U.S. imperialism continues with greater fervor and intensity.
Morales had called for new presidential elections despite having been declared the winner of the October 20 elections with 47 percent of the vote, and a 10 percent margin that removed the need for a second round. However, the right-wing opposition supported by the OAS refused to recognise the results and subsequent violence left three dead.
On 10 November 2019, after 19 days of street protests and violent police attacks following the election results, the military and police of Bolivia called for the resignation of President Evo Morales. In Resigning, Morales declared that he did so under duress by the military, even as there was no proof that he rigged the elections as claimed by the rightist opposition and he was still the incumbent president up to January 2020 by virtue of his election prior to the recent election.
Since Morales was forced to exile, many Movement for Socialism Party (MAS) elected officials have resigned, saying they are doing so for fear of their own and their families’ safety. Morales’ house was ransacked and there were police abuse of power in the last several days. The far right vice president of Bolivia’s Senate, Jeanine Anez, swore herself in as an un-elected "interim president", to a nearly empty legislative chamber, which if legally convened still has a majority of members from Morales party MAS.
The Washington DC-based Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR) published a statistical analysis of the vote count which showed no signs of fraud or irregularities in the recent elections.
The Plurinational State of Bolivia rose from radical street movements against privatization of natural resources. Two neoliberal presidents were overthrown through mass extra-parliamentary mobilisation in under two years — Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada in 2003, and Carlos Mesa in 2005, now the opposition leader. Morales became Bolivia’s first president of indigenous origin and won re-election twice before the disputed election this year. At least 65 percent of the Bolivian people identify themselves as indigenous, with the rest identifying themselves as mestizos and whites of mostly European origin.
Morales expelled the U.S. military bases in Bolivia, as well as the presence of the DEA and USAID along with the U.S. ambassador. The U.S. presence in Bolivia, through military advisors and bases, was part of Washington’s “War on Drugs” policy in the region that historically allowed it interference in the internal affairs of Latin American countries.
For over 13 years, he and his people have shown that a better world is possible through the clear rejection of neoliberal policies and U.S. intervention. The Bolivian people championed “social community production,” supported by a strong participation of the state in strategic sectors and key industries. Instead of privatization and austerity measures espoused by the IMF, Morales has retaken control of key parts of the country’s economy from foreign corporations and the local oligarchs.
Through nationalisation policies, not only of gas and oil, but telecommunications, water, electricity and a number of mines, Bolivia has massively increased its state revenues. These resources were invested in a range of state programmes to modernise the country’s infrastructure and raise the standard of living for Bolivia’s poor. There were improvements in nutrition, health care, education and a decline in inequality.
As a result, the economy has more than tripled in size, had record economic growth levels and made it the fastest-growing economy in the region. The US does not want this to be a model for other peoples and nations. It wants to reverse the nationalisation of the economy that was carried out by Morales and it aims to gain control over the newly discovered vast resource of lithium in Bolivia.
We, the ILPS reaffirm our unwavering support for Evo Morales and the people of Bolivia. We are in solidarity with them in their ongoing efforts to carry out a counter-offensive of mass protests against the rightist coup instigated and financed by US imperialism. We look forward to the return of Morales to Bolivia in a stronger position. If the people’s mass actions are suppressed, people’s war is justified to contend with a reactionary army servile to the US imperialism. We laud the peoples and governments of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Argentina including progressive movements in Asia and Africa and other continents for standing against the US-instigated coup.
Long live the Bolivian peoples’ independence and resistance!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


By Harsh Thakor

Tribute to Comrade Chandra Pulla Reddy on 35th death anniversary on November 9th
On November 9th a few days ago we celebrated the 35th death anniversary of Comrade Chandra Pulla Reddy, one of the greatest Communist revolutionary crusaders ever in the history of India who developed resistance struggle in East Godavri district. Till his last breadth he combated revisionism like a boulder and shimmered light of Mao Zedong (泽东) thought resisting the most fierce gale. Sadly there was no all-India function to celebrate his birth centenary on January 19th, in 2017. Morally this tribute should have been delivered in commemoration of birth centenary of Comrade C.P.

No doubt he made serious errors of left and right variety but strived to practice mass line to the best of his understanding. He was branded as a revisionist in the Vinod Mishra mould by the Communist Party of India(Marxist Leninist) central Team in 1978 who failed to uphold any of his revolutionary credentials, which was major blunder in the revolutionary camp in sectarian approach. 
Few Comrades worked as tenaciously to unite the party or project such an All-India perspective. His group also led the biggest trade Union movement within the ML-camp. His line and practice corrected many of the left adventurist errors of Charu Mazumdar In agrarian revolutionary practice the movement led by C.P. Reddy contained greater content of massline than what the Peoples War Group practiced in subsequent decades.
He displayed utmost humility even rejecting the offer of being general secretary of the party in 1975. His language had a subtle flowing style which could easily be comprehended by readers and common folk.
With dialectical methodology he strived to build a programme adhering to the mass-line His thesis and guidance of resistance struggle was remarkable, which bore many similarities to writings of Telengana armed struggle and that of CPC in revolutionary struggle. He strived for maintaining party secrecy till the end and was at horn in the flesh to the brand of Vinod Mishra revisionism.
With deep Marxist-Leninist precision he analyzed aspects of Nationality like Kashmir and Punjab as well as revisionism in China and Soviet Union.
C.P. Redy gained his baptism to Communist Movements from Puchchala palli Sundaraiah.,going on to actively participate in the student movement in Gindi engineering college for which he was expelled from the college. He went on to become C.P.I's Kurnool district secretary and state Committee member in 1946.This paved the path for his integration with the armed squads of Telengana in the armed peasant struggle complying with the party request of working in Mahbobnagar forest. He was here arrested and imprisoned .After release from jail he contested from the Nandikotkur Assembly Constituency and elected for Madras Presidency. C.P. became one of the party's sub-committee member to get the indefinite fast onto death struggle of late Potti Srimamalu withdrawn and also fought for bringing water to Rayalaseema from Srikakulam project on River Krishna.
In 1964 he was arrested under the Defense of India Act for supporting China in 1962 war. C.P. was one of the pioneers with T. Nagi Reddy and D.V. Rao to demarcate Communist movement in Andhra Pradesh from neo- revisionist Communist Party of India (Marxist) path. He wrote many an article in organ Janaskti denouncing Nikita Khrushchev (Никита Хрущёв), and illuminating the path of Joseph Stalin (Иосиф Виссарионович Сталин Russian იოსებ სტალინი Georgian) and Mao. He waged a sustained struggle with other comrades to re-educate the rank and file of the party to refute the revisionist 'Madurai' document of the C.P.M. The majority of the rank and file of party members rupture from CPM revisionist line towards the revolutionary orientation of the Communist revolutionaries ,who gained a significant victory in the Palakollu plenum.
CP was the equivalent of a sculptor or architect as a Marxist crusader against revisionism. He compiled a masterpiece "World Communist Movement-It's evolution along with other state Committee Manikonda Subba Rao. It very vividly and dialectically assessed the root causes of revisionism and deeply enlightened cadres to make a rupture from revisionism. During the period of the Great debate he made an intense study of the 9 comments published by the CCP and published the book 'The polemics between Russia-China." Here Khrushchev's revisionism was attacked in its very belly and the Sword of the Great Debate sharpened to the last core. Few Comrades ever in India hit revisionism so deeply in the backbone or delivering it such a critical blow.
With the skill of a surgeon stitching wounds or architect designing a building he built the movement in East Godavri district after 1970. No doubt he was erroneously critical of the mass-line of Nagi Reddy -DV Rao accusing them of legalism and surrendering from jail itself in 1969 where the party split. Still some of the most articulate actions of self -defense were displayed by the armed squads giving echoes of the planning and organization in the Telengana armed struggle. Forest areas of Khammam ,Karimnagar, Warangal, East and West Godavri were encompased. in a span of 7 years. Great emphasis was placed on rectifying errors of left adventurism of Charu Mazumdar.
A review was made of the Forest movement in Godavri. which summed up the legal work explaining politics of armed struggle .There was mobilizing people on forest issues, on landlord exploitation, usury and contractors exploitation, seizure of surplus grains from the landlords, and illegally seized lands from the landlords.
In Murugu and Parakal taluk people came forward to ocupy forest lands.and illegally seized lands under the occupation of the landlords. In Bayyaram area of Ellundu Taluq people seized the surplus grains .In Yathalkuntha area of Palvancha Taluq, girijan mobilized themselves for the seizure of landlords which they had previously lost to them, defying the police and seizing their crops. In Pagideru area during famine conditions people came forward for the seizure of surplus grain. In Nugur Taluq people resisted the exploitation of Vajedu landlords.
The party won many militants combining the politics of armed struggle with the mobilization of people, immediate issues and resistance to landlord goondagiri, It paved the path for organizing village committees. Politics of armed struggle was now extended to a large scale traversing areas of Ellundu, Burgumpada, Palvancha, Manthena,Nugur and Prakala taluks.
In 1972 November-December, in Lothur Zone of Sompeta area ,about 200 people including women and children from 10 villages ,armed with traditional weapons seized crops from 19 areas and sowed crops on them. By 1974, 250 acres of land encompassing 30 villages’ standing crops were seized by the people. It was a shot in the arm to spread the people’s movement in neighboring villages giving great encouragement. The party gave the call on the Andhra-Orissa border and the Logam area of seizing the crops and the lands. In July August the Girijans occupied 25 acres of such land from the landlords First the party formed village committees .By 1974 250 acres of land encompassing 30 villages standing crops were seized by the people.
Most dialectically C.P. Reddy assessed that the people were not ready to participate in agrarian revolution. However subsequently great repression was unleashed and a sustained movement could not be built to combat it. Mistakenly the party thought it was ready to wage guerilla armed struggle—and depended on the strength of the armed squads.
We must give C.P. Reddy for making such bold criticism of the mistakes of the party in practicing the mass-line highlighting how often squad actions replaced people's initiative .It felt that though it's basic political line was correct the mass-line was not consistently practiced ,in formulating the demand of the people, in running the agitation on them, in conducting strike struggles, in organizing the mass organizations at the village level, in organizing the village youth in volunteer organizations, to sending the village youth to secret propaganda in the surrounding villages, in involving people in actions against the peoples enemies ,it could not say that all the zonal committees and squads implemented the line of the party on all occasions. There were times when implementing the above tasks, comrades depended mainly on the squad and not mainly on the people. When police repression was not so severe from 1970-72 left mistakes affected mass mobilization and mass work suffered .Only after the 1973 conference was the task of forming secret village committees and legal and illegal mass organizations like youth leagues or girijan associations undertaken seriously.
Overall the successes achieved were
1.In all areas where squads were functioning people mobilized themselves to occupy the forest banzars both barren and arable. 3 lakhs of banzar lands were occupied
2.In forest areas strike struggles were consistently carried for increased wages for all kinds of work.
3. In areas of work exploitation of patwaris, patels and forest contractors came to an end.
4. Tank binds and night schools were successfully constructed. Canals were dug to create water facilities to irrigate land..
5. People's initiative consciousness and resistance power gas grown with girijans being roused for politics of armed struggle and agrarian revolution.
6. Political level and striking capacity of the squads was enhanced. Great emphasis was placed on political education. with regular political classes conducted. In 1974-75 at the peak of police repression the squads heroically launched a counter offensive which greatly boosted self-confidence of members. The party and squad members escaped with virtually no casualties.
7. A stable mass base for the movement was constructed .The party line in forest are spread in 7 months from Etunagaram in Warangal district to Polawaram in West Godavri district with many village committees formed. In spite of 7 years of prolonged state repression the solid mass base sustained the movement, with squads and committees continuously operating.
8. Inspiration to the plains movement. The forest movement inspired a peasant movement in the surrounding plain regions of Telengana. The consistency, solidity and success of the movements in the forests to defy the administration shimmered its spark to the plain regions to boost struggles there.
However by 1975 repression intensified and movement in Warangal received a major setback. It caused may comrades to desert the squads .It was predominant in Khammam ,Warangal and Palvancha areas where many turned into police informers.
After emergency C.P.Reddy strived for unity with other sections. Like Kondapalli Seetharamiah, Devullapali Venkateswara Rao and Anand but failed to build a new re-organized party.
At one time in the late 1970’s CP Reddy group  led the biggest All-India movement .It  was reflected in the All-India rallies at Delhi in 1989 and 1990  led by what was the C.P.I.(M.L.) Resistance group, which mobilized over 70000 people. They literally illuminated the capital with the flame of red resistance reverberating slogans paying homage to C.P. Reddy and many other martyrs.
Seeds were also sown for the development of mass organization sin all spheres of society and the most remarkable one was the pioneering the 1st women's revolutionary organization called the 'People's Organization of Women. "One can never forget the days the Progressive Democrat Students Union thrived, particularly in mid 1970's. He also pioneered the formation of India's first revolutionary trade Union Centre-The Indian Federation of trade Unions. CP was also popular in Maharashtra where students Organization PRAVIS supported his line which was earlier PROYOM. No revolutionary party made a greater dent in the working class movement than the group led by C.P. Reddy. Mass organizations were built all around India. Examples are the Anuyodhya, Progressive Democratic Students Union and Progressive youth League in Andhra Pradesh, the Kirti Kisan Union and Punjab Students Union in Punjab, the Bhoomihan Kisan Sangharsh commitee in Uttar Pradesh,the Indian Federation of Trade Unions, the Pragitisheel Vidhyarti Sanghatana, Navnirman Sanskritik Manch and Kashtakari Sanghtana in Maharashtra etc.
However C.P.Reddy made serious errors in the course of his political career .It had it's origin in the violation of mass line of T. Nagi Reddy -D.V. Rao from 1969 itself in the APCCCR. In the main they were participating in parliamentary elections, economist practice in mass organizations, opportunist merger and split with Satyanaryan Singh and earlier advocating left adventurist squad actions in the time of Nagi-Reddy-DV Rao .In 1969 he carried out actions without the consent of the leadership of the Andhra Pradesh Committee of Communist Revolutionaries (APCCR) led by Nagi-Reddy-DV Rao He hurried unity with S.N.Singh in 1974 and supported a liquidationist position of supporting movement of Jayaprakash Narayan. In 1977 he pushed for electoral participation without adequate development of the party organization which was the breeding ground of right liquidationism. Towards the end of his life he was unable to combat personality cult trends from infecting the party which led to revolt of comrades like Pyla Vasudeva Rao and thus splits.
After death  of C.P. in 1984 K.Ramchandran was elected the new secretary of what was now called the C.P.I.(M.L.) Resistance group. Sadly right opportunist trends cropped up amongst with the  group which pursued Semi-Ambedkarist path, resorted to open party functioning, established opportunist mergers and splits with other sections of the revolutionary camp often resulting in slandering genuine revolutionaries. The right opportunist formation and practice of C.P.I.(M.L.) Janashakti was an ideal illustration of this, reminiscent of cake being baked and then cut up into slices. In contrast to rectify errors the C.P.I.(M.L) New Democracy group is making an invaluable contribution to genuinely upholding the positive aspects of C.P.Reddy's line and practice. It is combating fascism in its very backyard and innovating movements to liberate dalits like the Zameen Prapti Sangharsh commitee in Punjab. as well as consolidate all-India Organizations of peasants and workers.
I recommend readers to critically read the works of Chandra Pulla Reddy whatever the aberrations which is part of the Marxist-Leninist treasure house. I cant forget my enthusiasm to study his work as a student and the interest of a fellow girl comrade to borrow a set of a volume of his writings. I am sorry not to have attended a single meeting commemorating his birth centenary. I also recommend readers to read the centenary tribute of C.P. Reddy in Rising New Democracy of the New Democracy section led by Chandrama and the tribute in organ 'New Democracy 'in 2013.
We should inscribe in golden letters the names of the martyrs who upheld C.P. Reddy's legacy. They include Neelam Ramchandriah, Ram Narsayya, Jampala Prasad in the 1970's. Linganna, Ravi and Rama Rao were martyred in recent times but till their last breadth although expiring over 3 decades after C.P. Reddy's death pledged to tread his path. Many martyrs also dipped their blood valiantly against the Khalistanis in Punjab like Baldev Singh Mann, Jaimal Singh Padda, Sarabjeet Singh Gyan Singh Sangha etc.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Let’s honor our own REAL military heroes this Memorial Day

By SJ Otto
Today I celebrate the military heroes from the left—those who lost their lives but had the courage to take on the capitalist government of the United States of America. Most of these military groups were loosely organized and they didn’t last long. Their leaders and members were often captured, and in the past, some were executed. Some of them where killed as they were captured.
The group I want to celebrate the most include members of the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA). It was a small leftist guerilla group made up of about 22 active members and they had a following of about 30 people, who gave them logistics and support. Their basic ideology can be found today online. The group is long gone, and there is one former member still in prison today. Almost all the survivors of that group spent many years in prison. They were in prison because police and political leaders wanted to see these people punished severely. They wanted to send a message to any group of leftists that standing up the US government means severe punishment. They don’t want any leftist group to ever take up arms against the US again.
For our part, as leftist, we need to celebrate these people and make them out to be our heroes. That is the only way we can stand up to a system that relies on terror and fear to defend itself against revolution.
For many years leftist have pointed out the SLA and similar groups have made big mistakes. That has been true. It may be that such a revolutionary movement is just not possible, at least not right now. But we can agree that honoring these people and their efforts is a way of saying to our present government and system that they can never whitewash these people’s efforts and their courage. They were courageous. It is really hard to take on the US government, with armed conflict. No one on the left today is brave enough to do that now and that includes me. But I can make heroes of these people and give them the honor they deserve.
Today there are people across the country honoring those who fought for this country and also its empire. “War is an honorable profession” according to many pundits and politicians and although many civilians (including children) across the Middle East and in such countries as Afghanistan, have been accidently killed, US soldiers are honored and glorified. We are told we owe our freedom and way of life to these vets. Most politicians and pundits don’t care that civilians in other countries die from accidental bombings, drones and gunfire. It is OK with them that the US has conquered, plundered and stolen people’s sovereignty. Today, the scum politicians that run our country come out from under their rocks to honor people who actually fought the wars many of them started.    
It is interesting that Newsweek pointed out the difference between Veterans Day and
 Memorial Day:

“Veterans Day is commemorated in November and honors all those who have served their country, including those who have passed away. However, it's primarily focused on thanking those who have served who are still alive.
Memorial Day, on the other hand, is designed to honor those service members who passed away, especially those who gave their lives in the line of duty.”

This is relevant since most our heroes of the militant left are now dead.
There have been other militant groups taking on the US government with arms. One of the best known is the Weather Underground, from the 1960s through the 1980s. There has also been pro-Puerto Rico independence groups. One well known group is The Fuerzas Armadas de Liberación Nacional, (English: Armed Forces of National Liberation, FALN). There were also military groups in the 1950s. There have been anarchist groups that fought the US government in the last part of the 1800s and early parts of the 1900s. During the mid 1800s and before, we had the US American Indian wars.
The important point of this article is that we on the left here in the US will keep the dream alive that someday memorial day will honor those who REALLY fought for our freedom—and that freedom includes the freedom from the capitalist class that oppresses us today.