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Thursday, December 02, 2021

Father Christmas- The Kinks & Green Day

Every year I play this song. This year I've included a cover version by Green Day.

Conservatives have now created the culture of gun worship and political murder—So don't let a school massacre surprise you

From The Idiot Factor:

There should be no surprise that The Oxford High School, in Michigan, was shot up by a 15 year-old right after a jury sprang Kyle Rittenhouse, after he shot and killed two people and wounded a third. Rittenhouse was  also under age, 17. Along with politicians and gun rights groups trying to make a hero of him, we now live in a society in which killing their political opponents is now the normal thing to do.

We have seen Republicans, after gaining full control over our national government,  pushing gun rights to an extreme. I have nothing against gun rights, but there is a difference between defending the right to own a gun and the right to take a semi-automatic riffle to a protest and deliberately shoot protesters. And if the verdict was not bad enough, several republican office holders offered Rittenhouse an internship, or should we say a job, as a reward for killing protesters they don't approve of.

For example Rep. Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina, invited the Wisconsinite to become one of his interns. Another example; Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida also offered Rittenhouse an internship, at which point Rep. Paul Gosar published a tweet that read, "I will arm wrestle [Gaetz] to get dibs for Kyle as an intern."

No matter what kind of politics these leaders practice, they are acting like juvenile idiots. They are supposed to represent all of the people in their districts, not just the murderous right-wing crazies.

This is a major step in the so called culture war. Republicans want to reward those who deliberately kill their opponents. They are walling to embrace murder, by their followers, in order to stop protests and riots. While school shootings seem more and more common, instead of pushing for some kind of limitations on the purchase and use of dangerous weapons, the Republicans keep doing the opposite. They keep lowering the age for who can own a weapon and carry one. They have pushed for laws that defend owning guns and have practically outlawed any attempt to restrict gun ownership or carrying of such weapons.

To be blunt, Republicans and similar right-wing crazies, seem to want to create a culture of gun violence. They seem to be under the impression that only right-wing crazies as themselves will carry a gun. And they practice using them. The third protester that Rittenhouse shot had a gun himself. But he didn't use it and that seems to have been a mistake. He had a change and perfect right to shoot and kill the murderous brat.

People on the left need to get and learn how to use the, because as long as we are under assault by the right, we need our own guns and we need to how to use them. Their is now law to help us. The cops will just turn their heads and look away. The culture war is become more than  a metaphor. It is a real war. There is little doubt that many protesters will now be too afraid to go to a protest against police violence or in support of Black Lives Matter. Many right-wingers accuse BLM of being a Marxist front of some kind. Their hate against these people is obvious and they approve of murder.

It is not unlike the  Greensboro massacre of 1979. Members of the Communist Workers Party faced of with the Ku Klux Klan. The Klan was better armed and took the fight more seriously and they killed members of the CWP.

The American people need to get used to crazy people  and the murder the commit, such as the 15 year old who shot up the Oxford High School. If he gets the same lawyer as Rittenhouse, he should get off scot free. All he has to do is convince a jury his fellow students scared him. As long as people vote in politicians who have created this culture of gun worship and violence against political opponents, we should expect more of the same. We should also expect other consequences such as crazy children taking their fathers pistols and going to school for a massacre. This is little chance the father of that kid will be held responsible for leaving that gun where his kid could get it. It is what most people have voted for. 

Friday, November 26, 2021

Another not-so thankful Thanksgiving holiday

By Steve Otto

Yesterday was another Thanksgiving. I did not visit anyone. I did not have turkey dinner. And to be frank, this is one year when I have little to be thankful for. On a personal level I had many problems. My wife died last January. I had legal troubles and I do not have a drivers license. I also fell down a flight of steps, which in a round about way got me fired from my last job. I had to have my shoulder operated on and I am in rehabilitation therapy. Nationally, just a few days ago, a jury let Kyle Rittenhouse off scot free for murdering two protesters and wounding another. This gives other vigilantes a green light to kill legal protesters.

Among the many things I’m not thankful for are all the blather on the national TV news, this morning, on Black Friday and all the great sales that people can expect. I am thankful that I have no one to buy for this year, so, I can skip all the senseless shopping. I’m totally disgusted that shopping and making captains of industry rich is so important on this so-called holiday. Profiteers, political leaders and pundits seem to have made sure that every corporate stooge has his or her hands in the till. Capitalism could not be more grotesque or disgusting as it is this time of year.  

We can ad to all of this, the fact that this is probably one of our most politically incorrect holiday of the year. For a closer look see:

American Thanksgiving: A Pure Glorification Of Racist Barbarity


As usual, we need a good traditional Thanksgiving song:

Wednesday, November 24, 2021


By Harsh Thakor


Today we commemorate the 10th death anniversary of Kishenji. Without doubt he carves a permanent niche amongst the Maoist leaders who dipped their blood for the liberation of mankind. Kishenji would rank amongst the greatest of Communist leaders of India. Few were ever more dynamic, creative and determined. He blended all the ingredients which constitute the perfect revolutionary. Kishenji blended the creativity of a poet or scientist with the determination of a soldier and methodology of a surgeon. Since his school days he began to plant the seed to create the new man. It would be an arduous task to compile a biography doing justice to this legend. It was remarkable the manner he climbed the steepest of hurdles at every juncture of his political career, applying Marxist-Leninist ideology to stitch the most lethal wounds. His spirit still shimmers an inextinguishable flame


Born in 1954 in Peddapally town (in Karimnagar district, north Telangana), Kishenji was raised by his father Venkataiah (a “freedom fighter”, he called him) and his progressive mother Madhuramma. Inspired by the Naxalbari and Srikakulam movements,3 he became an active member of the Andhra State unit of the Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) [CPI (ML)] in 1974 and played a prominent part in the peasant struggles in Sircilla and Jagtial taluks of his home district of Karimnagar that were declared “disturbed areas” in October 1978. It was in the course of the struggle in Jagtial that both Mupalla Laxman Rao (“Ganapathy”), the present General Secretary of the CPI (Maoist), and Kishenji came to the fore in the Andhra Pradesh unit of the Party because of their excellent organising abilities.


Kishenji played an important role in weaving the movement in Karimnagar and Telenganan and then Dandkaranya. He was one of the major architects in enabling the Peoples War Group to enhance its striking capacity and build a big revolutionary movement.


We must credit Kishenji for being one of the principal architects of the merger of the C.P.I. (M.L) Peoples War Group and the Maoist Communist Centre of India. With meticulous skill he nurtured the party forces to establish this historic unity. It was a similar case in the merger of the C.P.I.(M.L)Peoples War with the C.P.I.(M.L)Party Unity.


In Lalgarh or Jungal mahal from 2000 Kishenji pioneered the building of the PACAP. He integrated mass movement and armed militia actions with subtle creativity, enabling the Peoples War group squads to travel like fish in Water. Under Kishenji's guidance the seeds were sown for alternative structures in literacy, health and housing and land distribution was consistently undertaken. An impetus was created for mass movement to turn from a spark into a prairie fire. Most humbly he sat and learned from the masses, like a pupil listening to a teacher. His guidance enabled armed squads to integrate with the backbone of the people's struggles and not substitute them. I very much doubt the mass movement would have flowered without leadership of Kishenji. Till 2009 the people's striking power was enhanced. Kishenji scaled new heights in waging a battle against the fascist repression unleashed by the rulers by formulating retaliatory mass actions of people. Intensity of state onslaught was comparable with the worst instances in the history of India. Most astutely and creatively he integrated mass mobilizations with armed movements, mastering mass line in important respects. Since Naxalbari such tremors or pandemonium was not created in the camp of the ruling classes.


Sadly from 2009 Kishenji failed to properly analyses the subjective forces and gave over emphasis to military work or armed squad actions. He also put the movement into a trap by forging an alliance with Mamata Banerjee 's Trinamool, to confront the CPM. It ultimately led to its demise. Tactics of election boycott were adopted, which was not in consonance with people's level of political consciousness. Trends of annihilating class enemies re-appeared, with the absence of people's participation.


Tributes by intellectuals


I recommend everyone to read the tributes by Saroj Giri, Bernard De 'Mello and Amit Bhattacharya. They are living proof of Kishenj's contribution as a Marxist and revolutionary democrat.


Bernard De Mello in most balanced manner weighs his merits and defects. He summarises how this valiant comrade planted the seeds to enable roses to blossom for a considerable period, before falling into the morass of opportunism or deviation. Most articulately he sums up the fascist essence of his execution. However, I disagree that Kishenji was wrong in confronting the C.P.I. (M), being a social fascist party. and should have utilised contradictions of the CPM against the Trinamoool.


Amit Bhattacharya sums up all the political achievements in Lalgarh and the mastery with which Kishenji formulated tactics. Still i am not in agreement with his comparing the movement to the state of Dandakarnaya and feel he should have highlighted it’s negative points.


Saroj Giri portrays the human element and touch prevailing in a revolutionary in Marxist light. I feel his is one of the most original and creative essays, bringing out the spiritual essence of Kishenji in possessing unique qualities of his own. He portrays that a model in an region cannot be mechanically copied, with each area having specific characteristics. Giri projected how Kishenji’s methods were imperative to ignite the spark of revolution.


 I am somewhat sceptic about the critique of Gautam Navlakha, who advocated participating in elections by the PCAPA, even though he does portray important defects.


Bengali journal ‘Aneek’ too made some valid criticisms but went overboard when alleging that the Maoists hijacked the Movement.


 “Lalgarh and the Legend of Kishanji” written by journalist Srigendu Bhattachary is a classic book in its own right. It gives credibility and criticism probing into the thick and skin of the leaders and cadres of the plains and forests of Jungalmahal. It delves on how the Maoists infiltrated every sphere of politics to convert a spark into prairie fire, with first hand interviews of revolutionary leaders and reactionary elements. The book did great justice to the ebb and flow in the Lalgarh movement. Great justice is given to the nature of neo-fascist repression and the creativity of the actions of the Maoists devised to challenge it. Srigendu was convinced that without the intervention of the Maoists the movement would never have confronted the ruling party’s. The author narrated to me how it was the Maoist Communist Centre who educated the Peoples War Group on his undertaking of the military line I appreciate his exposure of the fascist character of the Communist party of India (Marxist)The creativity of Kishenji in paving the path for mass struggles was illustrated. Most illustratively it projects how the C.P.I.(Maoist) operated a s a genuinely democratic revolutionary force and deeply penetrated in the broad masses and it’s dichotomy with parties like CPM and Trinamool Congress. A most poignant coverage is on how PCAPA leader stands as candidate for election, countering the Maoist line. However in the concluding stages he portrayed the fatal errors of Kishenji in trusting opportunist forces, and the Maoist forces working very openly. His conclusion is very pessimistic, giving leanings towards development of bourgeois democracy and no optimism in resurrection of revolutionary upsurge. “Kishenji has taken the movement to the grave with him. ’I feel it is wrong to assess Kishenji of blindly emulating Dandakarnya experience or that of Telengana earlier. Very illustrative chapters of this book are ‘War’, ’Confusion’, and ‘Death.’


Quoting Saroj Giri "Kishanji is not just a fighter against oppression, a brave and courageous soul. He presided over something unique in the history of resistance movement in the country – and maybe he was not even so aware of it. Several forms of resistance seem to have come together in his leadership – synchronizing armed fighting power of the people with open rallies, processions and demonstrations. If one is really serious about democratic mass upsurges then one cannot wish away ‘strategy’, the ‘use of force’ or ‘armed resistance’; that the life-veins of mass struggle extend into the zone of armed resistance – these otherwise old Leninist lessons were restated, reasserted, renewed afresh in the life and activity of Kishanji."


Quoting Professor Amit Bhattachary "Kishanji called the Lalgarh movement” “the second Naxalbari”. From the historical point of view, Naxalbari is unique—a watershed in the history of India. That movement was short-lived in the place of its birth. However, the message of that rising—that of the revolutionary transformation of Indian society through the path of agrarian revolution under the guidance of Mao Tse-tung Thought—spread far and wide. The Lalgarh movement spread throughout the Junglemahal region and was a qualitative leap forward after Singur and Nandigram. What we witnessed in Lalgarh is the blending between the democratic movement of the adivasis, dalits and other lower class people on the one hand, and the armed revolutionary struggle, on the other. A large variety of steps were initiated—such as the formation of the People’s Committee Against Police Atrocities(PCAPA), equal representation of men and women within the PCAPA, men and women youth wings of the PCAPA, fight for dignity despite brutal state repression, anti-liquor movement, fight for a new culture with songs and poems reflecting the struggles of the people and drawing sustenance from the past adivasi rebellions, fight against environmental pollution caused by the establishment of sponge iron factories, adoption of new methods of struggle, flexibility, and along with these, alternative models of development—land distribution, making of dams for irrigation, construction of roads, planting of tube-wells, setting up of health centres and free coaching centres—all these bear the imprint of the DK Maoist model of development. Whether historians or social scientists accept it or not, they keep a safe distance from those movements and are sustained in their intellectual pursuits by such movements and actually owe a lot to those who are the real creators of history."


Quoting Bernard De Mello "From December 2008 to June 2009, as long as Maoist politics was in command, what was really heartening were the direct forms of people’s democracy in practice: each village now had a gram (village) committee with five women and five men on it; two persons, a man and a woman from each village, were a part of the central coordinating committee; the manner of taking and ratifying decisions was utterly democratic; officials were made to sit on the ground on handwoven mats on equal terms to negotiate with the committees. “


Murder and Consequence


Kishenji was murdered in most unconstitutional or in the manner a fascist state would eliminate opposition. I feel he operated too openly with the social media, opening the party forces to the state. His funeral was simply heart touching, with Vara Rao collecting his body. The manner of his execution was landmark event of Indian neo-fascism and even the manner the Mamata led govt tried to cover it is a manifestation of it. It is still major challenge for the civil rights group to bring the culprits to justice, The events leading up to his murder could make a novel in itself. Itself


Sadly his death led to a reversal in the Maoist movement and built the breeding ground for a series of splits within the Maoist camp. Some sections were seriously critical of Kishenji's tactics as well as the Maoist party's evaluation of the mode of production in Bengal, as semi-feudal. Today virtually no section adheres to the military line of the Maoists in Lalgarh, even those who support the movement in Dandakaranya. No doubt his death was one of the most striking or back breaking blows the Indian Revolutionary or Maoist movement ever faced.


There has hardly been any self -criticism of the mistakes of the Lalgarh movement by the C.P.I. (Maoist). It needed a serious review. The setback brings to light that without the subjective factor armed struggle cannot ripen. Mass agrarian revolutionary movement is essential for launching an armed struggle. Past journals of People's truth very articulately defended the Maoists positivity but still failed to foresee the glaring weaknesses.


We must give great credit to the erstwhile Peoples War Group for fertilizer the embryos of comrades like Kishenji, who too creativity to regions unexplored..Infact some of Kishenji's contribution was extricating from sectarianism of the past .However certain weaknesses in respect to mass line and defective military line rang bells in the movement of the Maoists in Lalgarh. I contemplate how the movement would have developed if mass line was properly executed ,with mass democratic movement not linked with armed squads.



Saturday, November 20, 2021

I don't endorse executions—But!

By Steve Otto

Over the years friends of mine have accused me of supporting the Khmer Rouge (originally The Communist Party of Kampuchea and later the Party of Democratic Kampuchea). I have found some of their methods and ideas interesting. But I have never endorsed their kind of government. They killed nearly a million people. There is little doubt that they held executions—many executions. I have never supported that. I have never endorsed executions of people.

Many people I know, Marxist and non-Marxist—oppose those executions and they should.

However, there is that understanding that many of the people executed were innocent. They did nothing wrong. But is that true for everyone they executed? Well, in my opinion—NO!

In my own country, let ‘s look at predatory lenders. Here are people who figured out that they can legally trap and make money off of the poorest of the poor. They know that poor people are desperate for money. They are desperate all the time.  Those poor people live pay check to pay check and they don’t make much money. Most of them manage to come up with enough money for a car. AHH! So there is their week spot. These people always need money. So they (predatory lenders) offer them a loan, lots of money. And all they need is a car title. Now comes the real deal. The predators charge huge amounts of interest, as much as 200 percent or more. Not only do they have a person’s car title, but they can also use the courts to go after those who can’t pay the huge amounts of money they want by garnishing some one's wages. When that person goes to get their paycheck—surprise! There’s no pay. Their pay goes to finance their loans. Former President Donald Trump defended these people. As far as I’m concerned, getting rid of people like this just helps clean out the gene pool. These people drag humanity down. And let's include Trump in this mess. Getting rid of him would not bother me.

Then there are people as the Koch Brothers, Charles and David. They worked hard to knock out unions for working people. At one point they said they wanted to “knee-cap” unions. The bottom line is that they have lots of money, but their workers work for near minimum wages. If they (Koch Brothers) were dragged into the streets and shot I would not have a problem with that. So when I look at these examples, I can see the allure of executions. The people I just explained deserve to be shot. Maybe it is not the right thing to do, but if anyone is going to be executed, the above people are excellent examples of who would be best for the victims. Some people deserve to be killed. Their deaths save the gene pool from horrible humans who do nothing but cause other's misery.

I remember when someone told me that Fidel Castro killed a lot of people when He took over Cuba. After seeing some of the people who have left the Island for the US, I can honestly say—serves them right.

This is not tilting at windmills—I have a right to be heard—a right to freedom of speech—not the censorships of Facebook!

 By Steve Otto

Once again Facebook has censored me for my opinions. They are claiming that I violated their community standards. To put it in simple language this is what they said:

You can't post or comment for 2 days

This is because 3 of your previous posts didn't follow our Community Standards.

Nov 16, 2021

Your comment didn't follow our Community Standards

Jun 12, 2021

Your comment didn't follow our Community Standards

May 15, 2021

Your comment didn't follow our Community Standards

Here is my post for Nov. 16:

Has anyone seen those adds for cashnetUSA.comDo you know what the interest rate is on those loans--a little over 200%. That is a whole lot of money, and I do mean A whole lot of money-!!!!

I then posted a link to that ad on TV:

Their complaint is that I threatened people with violence. So where in this comment does it say that I encourage anyone to use violence? The answer is nowhere. There is no suggestions that people use violence against these lenders. In earlier posts I did say that these lenders are crooks, and they deserve much worse than what most activist want to do. I posted an article in my blog, the Idiot Factor: Corruption Folly which said:

I recently attended a Payday Loans Town Hall meeting. Most of the people there wanted to reform the predatory lenders rather than banning them. My personal feelings are that people who try to profit of the most vulnerable of people really belong in jail. I would rather see those institution banned. That is possible, but maybe not what is best for the people who live around them. Maybe the people who live around the Payday Loans and other similar institutions will be better off if those institutions simply treat them fairly.

I don’t blame the people in those areas for wanting reforms rather than bans. But I have a strong distaste for those who want to profit of off those in our society who are already down. They profit off of those who have problems finding a job that pays more than minimum wage. They profit off of those who may be living in sub standard homes, which cost them a lot of money. They  profit off of those who may be driving cars that are about to fall apart at any time. When they do fall apart they have to find money to fix them and that is not always possible.”


In the past I have suggested that some of these people deserve to be shot, “DESERVE,” but I never seriously suggested that people actually use violence against them. My latest comment said nothing about hurting anyone. I didn’t say anything about putting people in jail. So why was my view point censored?!

This is an obvious case of me being shut down simply because some one does not like my opinion.

Facebook is a monopoly that can control what ever they want in a public forum. We already have three major news networks, ABC, NBC and CBS. All of them are very biased. These three networks dominate what passes for news and what is accepted speech and what is not. If there are views they don’t like, they have ways to make them go away. They ignore them and make sure such views are kept from the public. They are very affective at doing this. Facebook is following in their footsteps. They are making sure that anyone who does not support the Bourgeois status quo, simply disappears—or at least their opinions do. For example, how many people in the public eye are able to disagree with our leader’s treatment of Cuba? Those who defend the Cuban government are kept out of the public eye.

The bourgeois press is fond of pointing out that America’s Communist Party can freely publish their newspaper. That is true. But how many people have ever seen it? If any American wanted to see that newspaper, for themselves, how easy would it be to find such a paper? How many people know where to get one? Unlike the old Communist run governments, we do not have official censorship—we have effective censorship. There are no laws on the books to censor people here in America and yet there are voices that are never heard. Thanks in part to the US Congress, and due to both parties, Facebook has become another bourgeois form of thought control. They are a monopoly; they are owned by $billionaires and those of us who cross their point of view get buried. Only the wealthy and powerful in this country can be heard without censorship. Others can be swept under the rug and never heard from again. There is no organization—no company that can rival Facebook. And they know it.  

Another important point is that Facebook is protecting people with unscrupulous practices that harm poor people, trapping them in debt and then squeezing out large amounts of money from them. Such practices used to be called extortion. But today these criminal practices stay legal thanks to such leaders as Donald Trump and institutions as Facebook!

I plan to appeal this to their censorship board. If that does not work, I plan to seek the help of those who are tired of a lopsided view of leaders who believe they can censor and destroy those who get in their way or threaten their agendas!  

As of yet, we are not beaten. We will be heard!

Friday, November 19, 2021

Kyle Rittenhouse verdict—this is war!

By Steve Otto

The Kyle Rittenhouse verdict has given rightwing vigilantes a green light to show up at our protests and kill us with semi-automatic guns—or any guns. This is an act of war. We on the left and people of color do not deserve to be shot down in the streets like animals.

I myself plan to get a gun and I will learn to use it. I have a 22, but I want something that can take an active shooter down quick. We are now at war. We need to be ready to shoot it out with vigilantes. It is not enough just to have a gun. We need to learn how to use them and fire at those bastards. Don’t just aim a gun at them and say “what are you doing.” We need to shoot! If that last victim had just shot Rittenhouse, he would not be a problem now.

This reminds me of the Greensboro massacre of 1979. Members of the Communist Workers Party faced of with the Ku Klux Klan. Members of the KKK shot and killed five members of the CWP. The CWP was armed, but they couldn’t shoot very good. We can’t make that mistake again. There was a trial and the KKK members were let free. That’s because they shot communists.

That was their defense and it worked. People on the left need to arm themselves.

This also shows that the jury system in the US is crap. Twelve citizens with no legal background and they decide some one’s fate. They often get it wrong.


Philippines- On the murder of Comrade Jorge (Ka Oris)

November 7, 2021 

Soon after the murder of Comrade Jorge (Ka Oris) Madlos and his medical aide Eighfel dela Peña (Ka Pika) on October 29, 2021 by the reactionary armed forces of the Duterte terrorist regime, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines and the National Operational Command of the New People’s Army paid the highest tribute to Ka Oris on November 2 and gave a comprehensive review of his long and fruitful service to the Filipino people as a revolutionary patriot and as a communist cadre and NPA commander. Once more we manifest our highest respects to Ka Oris in accordance with the declaration of the Communist Party of the Philippines that today, the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution, is the International Day of Remembrance for his outstanding initiatives, selfless sacrifices and great achievements as an excellent communist cadre and commander and fighter in five decades of revolutionary armed struggle. He is now in the pantheon of national heroes and martyrs of the Philippine revolution. He contributed greatly to the development of the people’s democratic revolution not only in Mindanao but in the entire Philippines and stood out as a Filipino Bolshevik in the continuing struggle for national liberation, democracy and socialism on a global scale. 

He was ever optimistic that the international proletariat and oppressed peoples will gain strength and shine light on the path for a new global resurgence of anti-imperialist, democratic and socialist struggles. He was proud of the fact that the Philippine revolution is contributory to the advance of these mass struggles. The counterrevolutionaries gloat over the death of Ka Oris after mutilating and cremating his body to insult his beloved family, friends and the people. But these fascist monsters do not realize that long before his martyrdom he had inspired and developed a great number of revolutionary successors and that his martyrdom continues to inspire innumerable revolutionaries of this generation and further generations to continue the people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. We convey our condolences and share the grief of Ka Maria Malaya, widow of Ka Oris and their children, as well as Ka Pika’s family and friends. We bear the weight of all mountain ranges in the Philippines in our grief. But the same weight prods us to fight for justice for Ka Oris and Ka Pika through intensified revolutionary struggle. We become more determined than ever to fight for the national and social liberation of the Filipino people against the semi-colonial and semi-feudal ruling system and the current tyrannical, terrorist, mass murdering and plundering regime of Duterte. Ka Oris started on the road of the Philippine revolution as a student activist in the early 1970s. He was motivated by the desire for full national independence, democracy, social justice and all-round development of the Philippines. Thus, he organized his fellow students on the Musuan campus of the Central Mindanao University in Maramag Bukidnon. He belonged to the Chi Rho and the Left wing of the Federation of Free Farmers when Marcos declared nationwide martial law in 1972. He was arrested in 1974 and imprisoned until 1976. His experience of repression convinced him to join the NPA. He joined one of the first squads of the New People’s Army that started the people’s war in Mindanao, particularly in Northern Mindanao. And he played a major role in the growth of the NPA in the 1970s and 1980s. The NPA grew to several companies as they carried out mass work, genuine land reform and armed struggle in guerrilla bases and zones constituting guerrilla fronts. The peasant masses and Lumad (ethnic minority) people welcomed the NPA and united to fight the armed minions of the reactionary state and big capitalist logging and mining companies and plantations which grabbed farms and ancestral land and plundered the environment. 

Ka Oris carried out the Party’s general line and program of people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. The Party, the NPA, the mass organizations and local organs of political power struck deep roots in the countryside. With the daily support of the mass organizations, the organs of political power administered the economic, political, educational, cultural and military affairs at the village level and upwards. The campaigns of military suppression unleashed by the Marcos fascist regime failed to stop the armed revolution. Ka Oris became one of the representatives of the National Democratic Front (NDF)-Mindanao in ceasefire talks with the Corazon Aquino government in 1986-1987. He was arrested after the collapse of the ceasefire agreement in early1987 due to the peasant massacre at Mendiola. While in prison until 1992, he suffered a urinary bladder infection. He was deprived of medical attention and his infection resulted in permanent damage, which he suffered from and needed to manage for the rest of his life under the difficult conditions of guerrilla warfare. Ka Oris followed for a while but eventually disengaged from the erroneous line of premature regularization and urban insurrectionism from the mid-1980s onwards, a period when Red fighters of the NPA were overly concentrated in companies and battalions at the expense of sustaining and expanding the mass base. Ultimately, Ka Oris noticed the contraction of the mass base and the growing failure to sustain the military victories during the latter part of the 1980s until the 1990s. Thus, he concluded that it was not the enemy who almost decimated the NPA in Mindanao but the policy of verticalization and self-constriction that led to serious setbacks and the panic of Kampanyang Ahos. Together with Comrade Antonio Cabanatan and other excellent proletarian revolutionaries, Ka Oris became a champion of the Second Great Rectification Movement which the Central Committee declared in 1992 to reaffirm the Party’s basic Marxist-Leninist-Maoist ideological principles and its strategic line of people’s democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. He stood firm and became a key figure against the revisionist subjectivists and “Left” opportunists among whom were former cadres in the Mindanao Commission who eventually turned renegades against the revolutionary cause. Ka Oris and other comrades successfully led the Party, NPA and revolutionary forces in Northeast Mindanao region, recovered the areas lost in the period of “Left” opportunist error and prevailed over the campaigns of military suppression unleashed by the Ramos and Estrada regimes in the 1990s and the Arroyo, Aquino and Duterte regimes in the last two decades. The people’s war expanded and intensified across the five regions in Mindanao island as the NPA carried out the line of intensive and extensive guerrilla warfare on the basis of an ever widening and deepening mass base. In 2015, Ka Oris became one of the leading commanders of the NPA National Operational Command. He was recognized for his successful leadership in waging people’s war in Mindanao. 

Together with Comrade Julius Giron and other cadres, he played a key role in bringing together around one hundred cadres from all regional Party committees across the Philippines to hold the historic 2nd Congress of the CPP. During the congress, he was elected as member of the Central Committee, the Political Bureau and the Executive Committee, and was tasked to be among the leading cadres in the Military Commission and the Mindanao Commission. He became responsible for the deployment of about a thousand battle-tested Party cadres and Red commanders from Mindanao to various key guerrilla fronts in Luzon and the Visayas. This is a clear demonstration of the outstanding character of Ka Oris as a patriotic leader of the entire Filipino nation and as a communist cadre who follows the principle that the advanced guerrilla fronts must support the less advanced. He was ever conscious of the fact that cadres had come from Luzon and the Visayas to assist in the development of the people’s war in Mindanao since the 1970s and he was ever willing to do what was needed to advance the over-all development of the revolution. According to the CPP Central Committee, Ka Oris avidly read and studied Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and applied this theory to revolutionary practice. He read and reread classic military writings especially those of such great communist leaders as Mao Zedong, Ho Chi Minh and Vo Nguyen Giap. He studied closely the history and successful experiences of waging people’s war in semicolonial and semifeudal countries. He was inspired by the epic struggles of the oppressed and exploited classes throughout history in various countries of the world. The CPP Central Committee commends Ka Oris for training and guiding so many young Party cadres and Red fighters in the art of guerrilla warfare. He wrote manuals and training courses for the Red commanders and fighters of the NPA and enriched them by drawing positive and negative lessons from the past and new experiences in waging guerrilla warfare. He made it a point to gather Party cadres in big and small meetings, consultations and conferences where he intently listened, learned new experiences and discussed them with comrades. Despite his health condition, he trekked long distances from one guerrilla front to another, to observe first hand the work of Party committees and NPA units. Over the past years, unknown to the enemy, he took risks to go around the archipelago to inspire and impart his knowledge of waging people’s war. He always said that to be able to gather cadres and assess their revolutionary work amid intense military operations is a feat in itself. The CPP Central Committee takes special note of the fact that Ka Oris was a staunch defender of the environment. One of the first demonstrations he organized as an activist was a protest action against a logging company. For five decades, he led units of the NPA who fought against big bourgeois comprador companies which ravaged the environment. He led the enforcement of the ban on logging for export and he was fiercely opposed to the proliferation of open pit mines all over the country. In the struggle to protect the environment, the NPA became known in Mindanao as the green guerrillas, as depicted by the film of the New Zealander Rod Prosser. Every year during Earth Day, Ka Oris issued a statement on the worsening environmental crisis brought about by monopoly capitalism. He defended the NPA’s actions against the logging and mining companies and monocrop plantations that ravage the land and lives of the people. In evaluating his life and deeds, the CPP Central Committee has summed up not only his major contributions to the growth and advance of the revolutionary movement but also to the endearing personal characteristics of Ka Oris. As spokesperson of the NDFP-Mindanao and later of the New People’s Army, Ka Oris made a lot of friends among reporters and writers because he was always mild-mannered, reasonable, cordial and courteous to them, even to those who made known their animosity to the revolutionary cause. 

The CPP Central Committee points out that, through his efforts, not a few journalists saw how different the revolutionary movement was from the image of “terrorists” persistently being painted by the real terrorists, the fascist reactionaries who red-tag people for abduction, torture and murder. He engaged journalists in calm and serious discussions with the aim of reaching out to the public and clarifying the views of the revolutionary movement. Reporters who had the opportunity to join the press conferences organized by Ka Oris would attest to both his charisma and humility. Despite his high public and organizational standing, Ka Oris was a humble revolutionary who did not seek the easy life. He chose the difficult and arduous life of a Party cadre and guerrilla fighter. He was undeterred by his repeated imprisonment, chronic illness and advanced age. To the end of his life, he took the difficult road of people’s war. He served as inspiration for the young Red fighters and revolutionaries. In his private life, he was deeply devoted to his wife, Ka Maria Malaya, and their two children as they endured long periods of separation and the constancy of the risks to life, limb and liberty. He had the highest respect for Ka Maria, who is herself is a brilliant Party cadre. The CPP Central Committee attests to the fact that Ka Oris always treated comrades with warm affection, especially the younger ones. His love and concern for comrades and the masses was boundless. He made it a point to ensure that everyone was well taken care of. He had a dry sense of humor, making him easy to get along. Ka Oris was a comrade beloved by Red fighters, the peasant masses, Lumads, and workers, as well as by various sectors in the cities. To many, he was a loving fatherly figure who was concerned with the comrades’ big and small concerns. The love of the broad masses of workers and peasants for Ka Oris is matched only by the hatred for him of the big landlords, the big bourgeois compradors, the mining companies, plantations, the bureaucrat capitalists, the tyrants and dictators like Marcos and Duterte, and all the fascist terrorists who perpetuate the oppressive and exploitative system. They have used resources to demonize and blacken the image of Ka Oris. The cowardly and dishonorable fascists are beyond themselves in celebrating their murder of Ka Oris and yet express fear of forthcoming offensives of the NPA and the masses. They are only fooling themselves in thinking that the murder of Ka Oris will put an end to the revolution. As Ka Oris himself said, the revolution will continue because it is just. So long as the oppression and exploitative system persists, the Filipino people will continue to wage the people’s democratic revolution under the leadership of the proletariat and attain the stage of the socialist revolution. The so many revolutionary successors that Ka Oris himself trained and developed and the innumerable toiling masses inspired by his martyrdom will make sure to continue the revolutionary struggle of Ka Oris until total victory is achieved. Long live the memory of Ka Oris! Uphold the torch of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism! Advance the people’s democratic revolution until complete victory! Long live the Filipino people!

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Red Salutes to the Leader of CPI (Maoist) Comrade RK—Akkiraju Haragopal

We are now getting some tributes in over recent massacres in India. -Steve Otto

The Indian oppressed classes have been continuing their struggle for a long time with a great hope to dethrone exploitative and oppressive ruling classes and to achieve a change in the system itself. The emergence of Naxalbari peasants struggle/revolt reflects the aspirations and fighting spirit of the people. It is a turning point in their struggle. From that time onwards, in order to get political power and to establish a new democratic system, the revolutionary forces and the fledgling youth came forward by leaving their families and friends to mingle with people and to struggle along with them. They further shaped their lives accordingly. They sacrificed their lives. Still they continue to sacrifice their lives. Among them the place of Comrade RK is safe. Though with several differences and enmities the organizations of communist revolutionaries are active in exposing the deceptive exploitative policies of the ruling classes and to achieve the democratic aspirations of people like land, food and equality and a better life. Comrade Akkiraju Haragopal – RK—as a student started his work in social and revolutionary spheres and afterwards took up higher responsibilities in CPI (ML)-PW and CPI (Maoist) parties. While recovering from the pandemic COVID 19, which was thrown on the people by imperialist and comprador ruling classes and by longstanding diseases and their after-effects Comrade RK breathed his last on the morning of 14th October 2021 as announced by the leadership of Maoist party. We hereby pay tributes with red salutes to Comrade RK (Akkiraju Haragopal), who left the people to revolutionary ranks and the essence of ideal life to his fellow comrades and to revolutionaries. 

Viswam, General Secretary, CPI (M.L.)

Tuesday, November 16, 2021




By Harsh Thakor


We may disagree with tactical or strategic line or even Maoism but unanimously any revolutionary democrat must recognize the Communist Party India (Maoist) as a revolutionary democratic force. Waging one of history’s most sustained armed movements. We cannot question that they have penetrated very deeply into the lives of the tribals to build up organizational structures. No force has so much embarrassed the oppressive social order of the ruling classes as he very roots as the Maoists. The surgical operation to destroy the base of the Maoists has to be condemned, leaving no stone unturned. It is a manifestation of the neo-fascist social order prevailing. It is simply repetition of history of the massacres in Orissa and in Gadricholi in recent times, taking the Maoist cadres by surprise. Whatever mistakes we must recognize that the C.P.I.(Maoist) is systematically working towards a protracted Peoples War against death defying odds. Countless times they resurrect from the grave like a phoenix from the Ashes, moving like fish in water. In Gadrichli the C.P.I.(Maoist) has deeply enhanced the peoples striking power and delivered many a knockout punch to the enemy.

Today any rights of tribals have been won in Gadricholi only as a result of the sustained struggle of the Maoist squads. Like a surgeon stitching a wound they have confronted contractors, money-lenders and goondas who were patronised by the landlords and politicians. Adivasis or tribals toady in India, remain deeply discriminated even from the peasantry. The Maoists have set up alternative schools and hospitals for the Adivasis, The Ruling classes gave many a deaf ear or no heed to many of the genuine grievances of the Adivasis. Land reform was not democratically undertaken nor were minimum wages paid.


We may not agree with the line of people’s war as a strategy, disagree with the methods in terms of practice of mass line, excesses, and be critical of weakness of democratic functioning, but still recognize that state repression or violence is our main enemy. Maoist violence is in response to that with many an Adivasi enrolling the ranks of the Peoples guerrilla Army. It has also drawn sympathise from many an Adivasi worker in the adjoining mine areas to the forests.


All the martyrs are morally amongst the best sons of our land, considering til their last breath they have fought for liberation. Milind Teltumbde 's martyrdom should be inscribed in golden letters. He was the younger brother of Anand Teletumbde who is now languishing behind jail bars, originally working as a union leader of mine workers.


I would love readers to refer to the chapter in Maoist Road-Gates of Heaven, on Gadricholi, which has a detailed account of the socioeconomic conditions prevailing. It summarise how semi-feudalism is so deeply penetrated in Gadricholi, the marginalization of the tribals and the impact of the work of the Maoists in sowing seeds to flower.


The Maoists undertook the action to avenge the massacre they suffered in March wnen four of their cadre was assassinated, given poison in the meal. However, the authorities covered it up as an encounter. They left a note claiming that the Bhotka family was responsible.


With death defying courage in Mardintola in Dhanera they held the security forces to bay.


The manner the massacre was undertaken was like a mere combing operation, like a tiger leaping from an ambush on its prey. It is proof that the Maoists have hardly properly insulated themselves to counter the security forces and the intelligence is deeply penetrating their network. No doubt we must respect the intensity and relentlessness with which they have challenged the security forces. I strongly feel the party needs to make a review of how the security forces are infiltrating their secret structure and rectify defects in military line.


Sadly, in recent times journals like 'Frontier Weekly ', Intellectuals like Sumanta Banerjee, groups like C.PI.(Marxist Leninist)Red Star and blogs like ‘the Wire’ class the Maoists as terrorists or roving bands. Whatever praiseworthy work Countercurrents blog does it evaluates the Maoist movement with terrorism. They fail to recognise how the Maoists are confronting Neo-fascism so seriously, whatever aberrations. To me it is un-Marxist to brand the C.P.I.(Maoist) as a terrorist group. We must confront the trend in the Indian civil liberties camps that labels Maoists as anarchists:


I was overjoyed to see C.P.I. (M.L) Class Struggle led by Viswam and C.P.I.(M.L)) New Democracy led by Yatinder Kumar pay a martyrdom homage to latest Central Committee leader, Ramakrishna alias Akkiraju Haragopal, I am looking forward to militant protests by the Democratic Front against Operation Greenhunt of Punjab, which has undertaken such creditable work in recent times’ deeply miss blog ‘Democracy and Class Struggle’ that unanimously upheld the resistance waged by the C.P.I.(Maoist).


With death defying courage in Mardintola in Dhanera they held the security forces to bay. I am convinced they have the potential to avenge this attack and their reservoirs still have vast resources, The grave condition of the masses will play a firm role in the survival of the Maoists. and new lotuses will bloom.

Al democrats must be sympathetic to the bandh called on November 24th.

The second in command for the most secretive revolutionary party, the CPI Maoist, Prashant Bose aka Kishan Da was arrested by Jharkhand police, according to sources on Friday. 

Kishan Da, is one of the senior most maoist leaders and was the chief of the Maoist Communist Centre of India (MCCI) before it merged with the CPI-ML (People’s War) to form the CPI (Maoist) in 2004. He was one of the ideologues, who oversaw the reunification of the revolutionary forces, that led to formation of the most-dreaded Maoist outfit CPI (Maoist).

Kishan Da’s wife Sheela Marandi, another senior most leader of the Maoist party and the only women member in the decision making Central Committee (CC) of the CPI (Maoist) was also arrested along with him, sources said.

Such arrests are nothing short of illustrating the proto-fascism prevalent in India.

 I expect significant qualitative protests in cities like Kolkata, Delhi Hyderabad and districts p of Punjab of front s of democratic Organisations.

Below I am reproducing some notes in Chapter ‘Maoist Movement and Socio-economic zones’ by Amit Bhattacharya. Which is most insightful work. No doubt I disagree that they are in the process of forming a base area or doing complete justice to mass line. We should adopt a balanced vie win light of lack of sunjective forces for undertaking armed struggle. The Maoist practice has many similarities and dissimilarities to that of the Chinese Communist Party under Chairman Mao, but one must respect the variable factors in Chin and India.


Significant achievements of Maoists in Gadricholi are healthcare, changes in the Marriage system, changes in man-woman relations, improvement in the living condition of the people, rise of the petty bourgeois class at the village level, changes in the relations between landlords ,landless farmers and agricultural labourers, development in Market and Commercial activities, abolishing of bonded labour and forms of non economic exploitation, economic changes  and changes in rural loan facilities, money lending and bank loans The main achievements were handing over peasants new lands, enabling all new lands to be tilled and installing fundamental changes in land relations. A transformation was initiated in the realm of superstructure in the life of the peasantry. I recommend everyone to read the chapter titled “The Maoist Movement and Socio-Economic Changes: A Case Study of Gadricholi in Maharashtra (1980-2000).

The Maoist squads mobilised farmers with the slogan “land to the tiller’ which ignited the masses to challenge the forest department for rights over agricultural lands .Earlier till 1980, state governments gave pattas for tribal land (land rights)By 1980, issuing of Pattas stopped, 150,000 acres of and in the Etapalli taluk alone in Gadricholi was outside the purview of the patta system. Every peasant was eager to have land rights, which gave them a feeling that they are not windependent and free from exploitation of forest officials. Local political leaders extracted money from the peasants, promising to provided them patas, but they pocketed the money and deceived them.

Before 1980 landlord families inherited a higher social status. They held the posts of police Patel, Bhumyal Shendyal, etc. They controlled the village having absolute say in matters. In case of any problem sbetwen tribal heads or problems related to more than more village, they used to meet in a large gathering and declare judgments.

The mass organisations of the Maoists obtained control over Panchayat martyrs as well as contradictions between tribal heads and people. With meticulous patience the squad members listened to the problems of Adivasi families. Now the poor peasants, labours and middle peasants, asserted themselves over the exploiting classes. With the exploiting classes stepping down from the leadership of the villages, broad sections of the oppressed peasantry, seized power. Amit Bhatachary felt it was similar to what William Hinton described in the ‘Lomg Bow village in Revolutionary China, during the Yenan days.

People obtained proper rice in food, More oil, drinking tea, increases in Soap, Increase in Vegetables, facility to Fish Breeding, Proper Clothes Brick Housing. People earlier lived in grass houses, hardly wore clothing worth its name, were unable to irrigate land due to scarcity of water, eat only rice soup or boiled horsegram, unable to drink tea etc.

The spread of the revolutionary movement trapped exploitation. The Maoist called for famine raids during 1989-90. People rose to the hour by attacking the house of Sala Kanakaya. Tremors were created in the camp of the Sahukars. However the party allowed normal traders to continue with their business, but with adopting preventive measures to curb the greed for unlimited profits.