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Sunday, March 20, 2022

For those US citizens who want to fight for Ukraine —they need to GET OUT!

By Steve Otto

There are too many Americans who just can't stay out of a war. They are almost always right-wing bullet-head mercenaries who want to fight anywhere they can. There are those who actually fought in Afghanistan and now that the US has left, they want to go to Ukraine to get involved in  their War.

President Joe Biden has so far, rightfully, kept the US out of directly fighting with Russian troops.  He is using sanctions (of which may be unnecessary and more destructive than necessary) and sending military aid. That is the kind of interference we don't need. It is imperialism pure and simple. The main point of this article is that the US and its people need to stay out of the Ukraine war. People have every right to protest it, but fighting in that country is unnecessary and it is wrong.

There are those who claim they are willing to die for the cause of freedom. BULL SHIT! They would do better to stay here at home and not die. It is simply not necessary and it is not the right thing to do. This war is bad enough, but to directly contribute is even worse.

According to Newsweek:


Thousands of American volunteers willing to defend Ukraine against Russia's invasion have signed up to join the International Legion of Territorial Defense, according to Military Times.

The legion was created by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to help strengthen Ukraine's military against the Russians. Some Americans who have signed up to join forces with Ukraine are on the ground already.

The country under siege has received more than 3,000 applications from people in the United States who want to fight, a defense official with the Ukrainian Embassy in WashingtonD.C., told Military Times




Pentagon spokesman John Kirby urged Americans to stay home and not travel to Ukraine as volunteers.

"I don't have an estimate of Americans who might want to be volunteering to go there," Kirby said, according to Military Times. "I would say what I said last week, if you're an American and you want to do right by Ukraine, the best thing you can do is find a way to donate to so many agencies that are trying to deal with what is now clearly a humanitarian crisis in the region, and certainly there in Ukraine. We still do not believe that Ukraine is a safe place for Americans to go. We urge them not to go and if any are still there, we urge them to leave."


So why does any person want to risk their life in a useless war that no one should be involved in. For those who live in Ukraine, it is patriotic to stay and fight for the homeland. But for those of foreign countries, they need to stay away. It is ridiculous for those who were fighting in Afghanistana country the US actually invaded and occupied, to turn around and oppose the same actions in Ukraine. The problems that others witnessed in Afghanistan were mostly created by the US invasion. Biden did the right thing taking US troops out of Afghanistan. If he keeps the US out of Ukraine fighting he is also doing the right thing.

It is time for US citizens to get away from war and let the people of the world fix their own problems.



 These people are ridiculous. They don't need to die for some one else's war. That one jerk is risking leaving his kids as orphans.  

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