Thursday, December 15, 2005

Kansas: still living in Bizarre-o world

For those of you outside of Kansas, Kansas Education Commissioner Bob Corkins regularly makes statements printed in The Wichita Eagle. His latest tid-bit of wisdom:
“State Board of Education member Janet Waugh raised a concern about school vouchers at Tuesday’s board meeting that many people share. She asked Corkins whether he would change his voucher proposal so that private schools would have to accept every eligible student and would have to comply with the same standards as public schools, the Lawrence Journal-World reported.”
Of course not, he answered. Many public schools wouldn’t take part if they had to do that.
I remember when this guy wanted to hire a consultant. I suggest he check out the monkeys and apes in the zoo. They have a higher IQ than this idiot.
Vouchers? Why not just take an ax to public education?
Also, some of us are not Christian and we don’t want our children’s minds polluted with this zombie escapism.

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