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Thursday, March 13, 2008

If your Bible school lesson is taught by a drunken prostitute, then it is justified to question the lesson.

I’ve said that many times about our leadership in the US, especially when they try to take the moral high ground. It seems those that expect the highest moral standards can’t even live up to them. We see this once again with Eliot Spitzer, governor the state of New York.

He went after the sex industry with un-relentlessly and in the end, he was caught in his own spider web. How many more phoney US senators, governors and even presidents do we have to catch having sex or taking drugs before we realize they are no better than the rest of us and in some cases, even worse.

A person sexual practices are their own business, straight, gay or otherwise, as long as children are not involved. As This country tries to clean up its image, it only seems to bring out the worst in us and expose it to the world. -


According to CBS News:

(CBS/AP) Investigators say Eliot Spitzer was clearly a repeat customer who spent tens of thousands of dollars - perhaps as much as $80,000 - with the high-priced prostitution service over an extended period of time.

A death watch of sorts began at the state Capitol, where whispers of "What have you heard?" echoed through nearly every hallway of the ornate, 109-year-old building.

And Spitzer announced Wednesday that he is resigning, completing a spectacular fall from power for a politician whose once-promising career imploded amid allegations that he paid thousands of dollars for high-end prostitutes.

Spitzer's Sex Scandal Battle:

Once known as a moral crime-buster, Gov. Eliot Spitzer assembled a legal team to defend his involvement in a sex scandal that could spell the end of his political career. Jeff Glor reports

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