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Monday, December 29, 2008

It’s past time to Criticise Israel

For most of its history Israel has been a spoiled child of the US. Like a 5-year-old brat in a candy store screaming for what it wants, the US has never said “no.” The Israeli lobby has made sure that Israel gets what it wants. Few politicians are willing to argue with the Israeli lobby. Few politicians are willing to take the heat for scolding the spoiled brat Israel, but as with a real child, there has to be a line set of what is acceptable and what is not.

The Israelis get more military aid than any other country except Colombia. The Israelis use tactics that no other civilized society would accept, except possibly the US (since it went into Iraq as part of the phoney “war on terrorism”).

The Israelis have robbed schools and conducted mass punishments that go after the innocent Palestinians as well as the guilty. They have kidnapped, assassinated and tortured and imprisoned people without due process and the leaders in the US have never said “don’t do that.” So far our new President Elect, Brarack Obama, has backed Israel, as all the presidents before him. Nothing will change with him taking office. We expect the failed-lame-duck President George Bush to do nothing constructive about the new out break of violence.

The real irony is that these harsh tactics don’t really work. Israel is still one of the most dangerous places to live in the world. Two Israelis have died in rocket attacks and now doubt as the fighting intensifies, more will die. In the end the only thing Israel can hope to accomplish is to anilelate the entire Palestinian population the way Hitler tried to get rid of the Jews.

The US is like a parent who refused to even criticise their bratty child. By always giving into Israel and backing them 100 percent, they have prevented past and present escalations in both terrorist attacks and military strikes from their Palestinian foes.

With the recent declaration of war by Israel against Hammas, we are guaranteed a viscous and bloody beginning to our new year – 2009.

Our local Peace Center is planning a demonstration:

Also, from:

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) - Italy


olidarity to Palestinian people!

The Zionist State of Israel, vanguard of imperialism in the Middle East,
killed more than 200 people at Gaza. Israeli reprisals against Palestinian
secure for this State a place in history as heir of Nazi Germany.
They remember to Italian people's masses the Nazi slaughters in the occupied
country during the Second World War, the slaughters at Marzabotto, at
Sant'Anna di Stazzema, at the Ardeatine Graves in Rome, and in hundreds of
other places.

Condoleeza Rice blames Hamas for Zionists' slaughter. So, in Italy, the
reactionaries of all kinds have dared to blame Partisans' Resistance for
Nazi slaughters of civilians. If there were not Resistance we should not
answer with violence, these worms say.

Leftist intellectuals, as the film maker Spike Lee, tell the same words. He
came in Italy for making a film on the slaughter of Sant'Anna di Stazzema,
where the Nazis killed 560 men, women and children. He came here to tell
that "Partisans were taking refuge in the mountains, and left the population
at the mercy of German reprisals".

Palestinian people's Resistance is the same Resistance of Italian people
against Nazism and Fascism. Both the Resistances are among the most glorious
facts in the history of the last century. They express our peoples'
greatness, and show that, against imperialists, Zionists, Nazis, Fascists,
war is the necessary answer. Therefore we honour Palestinian fighters, and
the people who supports them.

Who carries out politics of extermination against Palestinian people belongs
to imperialist bourgeoisie, the class that all over the world carries out
this politics of extermination against people's masses, imposing starvation,
misery and war. The ongoing economical crisis undermines imperialist
bourgeoisie's power system everywhere in the world, and this class can only
answer increasing and extending such politics of extermination. That is why
today at Gaza they do a slaughter as the did not do for fifty years.

We learn from Palestinian people's Resistance, from their heroism and
determination. The imperialist bourgeoisie ruling our countries will not
hesitate to use the means that Zionists are using when it will not have any
other means for ruling the situation, when it will be no more able to secure
the material needs, the rights and the future of the people's masses. The
people masses will rebel, as they do today in Greece, and the bourgeoisie of
our country will answer with the repression and the army, as they already
did against the people's masses struggling for defending their health and
environment in Naples. In view of it, Palestinian people's Resistance, that
has been able to face Zionists for decades without surrendering, will be a
precious example for us.

Palestinian people's Resistance will win. All over the world, in oppressed
and in imperialist countries, the resistance of people's masses develops and
will inflict lethal blows to imperialism and its economical and political
system, that is doomed to disappear.

The CARC Party wishes Palestinian people and the peoples of the entire world
a new year of victories, a revolutionary year.

CARC Party - International Relations Department

Via Tanaro, 7 - 20128 Milano - Tel/Fax 02.26306454

e-mail: - website: <>

National Direction - International Relations Department

Tel. +39 0226306454 - e-mail:

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