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Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the Iranian left

Communiqué no 6

People Beware!
Moussavi is neither your brother, nor is he with you!

May be for many of you who are engaged in bloody battle with the enemy these words sound very unpleasant, but open your eyes and ears!
Mir Hossein Moussavi in his fifth communiqué called on you to “consider Basijis to be your brothers”! This means you should consider those who in the past week have mutilated the bodies of your dearest sons and daughters with knives and machetes, as your beloveds. Moussavi in his communiqué told people “not to consider Revolutionary Guard and the Army to be against you”! This means those who under the orders of Khomeini have taken up the task of smashing your uprising and shooting at our young people in different corners of country, should be considered as friends of people!

Young people be alert!

Moussavi claims that “the genuine call of Islamic revolution” is what has moved you! This is a blatant lie. He very well knows what has moved you is the incentive of “changing the status quo”. He is hiding the truths of the matter. You should know that change can only come through overthrow of the Islamic Republic. In his communiqué, Moussavi claimed that “the heritage of enlightened Imam Khomeini” [the founder of the IRI] is what has lifted you up. Another lie! How could, the “heritage” of such criminal, have inspired you? He, who just after seizing power lashed out against women forcing them into wearing veils and outlawing whatever meager rights they had. How could have such criminal inspired you? He, who right after seizure of power, sent the Revolutionary Guards to suppress the people of Kurdistan, Khoozestan and Turkmen Sahra.

Brave young women and men, pay attention to real demands of Moussavi!

He has come to invite you again to “the Islamic revolution as it was and the Islamic republic as it should be”. He has come to impose on you: “you should not defy the sacred system of Islamic republic and its legal structures”. And that, you should only seek a reform: “a reform with the goal of returning to pure principles of the Islamic Revolution”.

Beware! And ask about the true meaning of “pure principles of Islamic Revolution” from your parents, from those who just like you today, bore the wounds of thousands of lashes and swords on their bodies, those of the older generation who witnessed the stealing and beheading of a genuine and popular revolution by the Islamic counter revolution. Ask parents of tens of thousands of political prisoners who were massacred, ask the parents of hundreds of thousands of youth whose children were sent to the butchering fields of the reactionary war with Iraq, for nothing at all. Ask Kurds, Turkemans, Baluches and Arabs, whose homes turned into ruins, as the workers and peasants whose cries for justice was shut down with bullets. Ask women who still carry the wounds of blades and acids on their bodies and are forced into veil. Look at the society that is drowning in corruption, destruction, superstition, dark religious ignorance, in drug addiction and prostitution. These are the fruits of those “pure principles of Islamic Revolution”. “Principles”, against which you have courageously risen up. If Moussavi desires a return to “pure principles”, he must go sit with Khamenei.

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Communiqué No 7:

We Will Smash the State of Siege!

The scenes that played out in the streets and alleys of central Tehran on Saturday night, June 20th, made the events such as September 1978 [the first times Shah’s army shot the crowd of a demonstration in Teheran in the events leading to Revolution of February 1979)] look like a child’s game. The intensity of fighting, and the number of women and men who, with their lives in their hands, were standing firm in the front lines and driving back the armed herds of violent thugs, was unprecedented. The Islamic regime who is terrified of the rising tide of people’s protests gave the ultimatum (last warning) to people through Khamenei’s call on Friday prayers. In utmost desperation, the Islamic regime is heavily relying on security forces and military clamp down of the masses. Illusions have evaporated, the cunning religious preaching and the myths of Imam Zaman* can no longer fool the angry people; the lies of State media can no longer put to sleep the masses who have risen up. Instead its lies fan the flames of popular anger. The only things left for the murderous ruling gang to safeguard its rule are guns, batons, teargas, chains, and herds of anti-riot and law and order forces, basijis and finally the army.

The brutal attack that started since Saturday afternoon against scattered but numerous crowds not only did not succeed in ending the protest but rather helped to expanded it to various popular areas of Teheran. The units of basij and anti-riot used the tactic of separating (dividing) the crowd into smaller groups and then encircling and crushing each group. This tactic was working at the beginning, but it didn’t take long before the scattered masses re-gathered in the streets and alleys in the surrounding area and this time with a spirit and methods totally different from that of demonstrations of the last couple of weeks. In this scene of street war covered with clouds of teargas, earth and heaven were shaking with the sound of slogans and shouts. And this time slogans were directly targeting the Islamic republic and its leader: “death to Islamic Republic!” “death to dictator!” “death to Khamenei!” “Government of Coup d’etat, Resign, Resign”. There was not much room for Allah o akbar (god is great). A young person on the street corner wrote with blue spray painting: “Even Shah heard the cry of my revolution! But Jamaran is Deaf!” (Jamaran is the headquarters of the Leader) Streets were littered with shoes, handbags, mobile phones, and other things that were left from the demonstrators. Somewhat further, youth put fire on any garbage they could put their hands on in order to fight the effects of the teargas. Youth punished the forces of suppression with stones and sticks wherever they could. But the brutality of the thugs knew no bounds. Blood was flowing from heads and necks. Clothes were torn up, the forced veil was abolished in the heat of fighting and head scarves were being used as masks for covering faces. Those who were slowly arriving from different various part of Teheran towards Enghelab and Azadi (Revolution and Liberation, the name of two streets the fighting was happening – the names where put on these streets after 79 rev!!!) expecting the same peaceful and millions-strong demonstrations of last week, suddenly found themselves facing a war zone. Those who had come to demonstration with family (in family form, members of family) stood on side walks staring at clashes. But very soon they became the target of batons, chains and lashes of Basij for “unlawful gathering”. The reactionary violence was so widely applied that the idea of rightful violence rapidly presented itself among the many

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