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Friday, June 26, 2009

Maoist Rebels taking the Lalgarh area in India

There seems to be increasing military actions with the Maoist insurgency in India. Recent reports show that the government of India is becoming alarmed at the growth of the insurgents and have made their political party illegal. A large fight is going on in the town of Lalgarh, which the rebels now claim to run.

According to

As the state Government makes claims of having "liberated" the Lalgarh police station and its surrounding areas, groups of armed Maoist squads continue to roam around the area where the reactionary forces are posted at present. In Gaoltore and Lalgarh they are just half a kilometre from the police stations where the forces have set up base camps — holding meetings, taking positions.
The fact remains that out of 280 villages in the Lalgarh block, the reactionary forces have command over only three right now while of the 453 villages in Goaltore, they control only two. Maoists hold sway in the rest.
So, as they prepare for the second phase of the operations — which looks set to start from Friday — state and Central security forces expect it to be the toughest. ISRO's help has been sought for satellite imagery to track movement of people around Lalgarh and the troubled regions.

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