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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Rally defends Dr. Tiller


Operation Rescue has been planning for a series of anti-abortion activities in Wichita, this weekend. They’re planned a prayer vigil at the Living Word Outreach Church Friday night.

Saturday, Operation Rescue planned to have a memorial service at Dr. George Tiller’s former clinic. Demonstrators from the Kansas Chapter of the National Organization for Women will held a counter-protest at the clinic in support of abortion rights. There were about 100 people who showed up to support abortion rights. As of 3p.m., Operation Rescue had not showed up at Tiller’s former clinic.

Many people there told members of the news media that holding an anti-abortion event was disrespectful to Dr. George Tiller and his family. Some said it was like dancing on his grave.

This video is available from KSN Channel 3.

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