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Monday, July 27, 2009

Dr. Tiller’s killer feels neglected by other local anti-abortion groups

Scott Roeder, the alleged killer of Dr. George Tiller, is now complaining he feels deserted by Operation Rescue. He feels the group owe him a debt of gratitude and they just ignore him.
According to The Wichita Eagle, Roeder told them in an interview he was disappointed with Operation Rescue president Troy Newman. According to an interview with the newspaper,
"He said that I never was a member and I never contributed any money," Roeder said. "Well, my gosh, I've got probably a thousand dollars worth of receipts, at least, from the money I've donated to him."
Newman claims he has no records of money given from Roeder. It would be interesting if Roeder can produce those receipts and other evidence that there has been contact between him and OR.
Roeder said he wrote Newman a letter from jail. Again, from The Wichita Eagle:
"I told him, 'You better get your story straight, because my lawyer said it'd be good for me to show that I was supporting a pro-life organization.' "
Roeder said he had done “sidewalk counselling” (another word for patient harassment).
Presently OR has tried to distance themselves from Roeder, with Newman claiming;
"We've worked 20 years in the pro-life movement to do things within the system," he said. "It certainly doesn't help us out when guys assassinate abortionists in their church — or any other place."
Roeder has complained he doesn’t get visitors from the “pro-life” community and no one yet has tried to post his bail.
But he said he feels elated that he killed Tiller. He said he was tired of the legal efforts to shut Tiller down and while the doctor was going to trial (which he twice attended) “approximately 300 more babies were going to die in two months."
Roeder bragged that Wichita is now abortion free and that is something Newman has also boasted about recently. So the pro-life (anti-abortion, anti-women) agenda advances, violently as usual, and the chief anti-abortion operator is left to defend himself. He talked of getting out in 25 years. He just doesn’t get it. His blatant murder of an innocent person has shocked most of this community and no one ever wants him out again.

Good luck Mr. Roeder….Youuuuure gonna need it.

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