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Monday, July 27, 2009

Military problems for the CPN(M)

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is still having problems with the military. A new government security strategy requires the removal of all roadblocks on the highways. The new measure claims it is for security measures against criminals, but the roadblocks are usually manned by the CPM(M).

According to

"Govt adopts new security strategy
The political committee of the Council of Ministers has approved a new security strategy that aims to crackdown on highway blockades and organised crimes Sunday.
The strategy tabled by home minister Bhim Rawal proposes an addition of 16,000 security existing force to be deployed in the Terai and eastern and mid-western hills. Nepal Police alone will have 10,000 new security personnel, Kantipur daily reported.
The security strategy categorised into five basic points stresses on the smooth functioning of essential services and highways.
The government has adopted a policy of enforcing compulsory third-party insurance to all vehicles in order to prevent road blockades due to accidents. In case of any accidents, the government will ensure compensation to the victim through the insurer immediately and use force if any one still tries to block the roads, according to the new security strategy.
The other points included in the security strategy are curbing organised crimes, a special security plan for Kathmandu valley, strengthening of the security situation in the Terai and the eastern and the mid-western hills and raising awareness among the public for effective implementation of the strategy. "

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