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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good-by Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy is dead now. While I’m a Marxist who believes the entire system is a rotten sham and needs to be replaced and overthrown, I think I’ll still miss Ted. He was an old time liberal. He came to office during the cold war and no doubt he was a cold warrior himself. So he was the enemy to us Marxists. However, for the working people in the US, he was one of their few allies they had. He was one of the few real liberals left in the US Senate. His main concern before he died was seeing health care reform pass and he wasn’t able to do it.
He was the last of the Kennedy brother politicians, one a president, the other a presidential candidate expected to win and both gunned down. Both were far to the left of today’s common Democrat.
While in the senate he was a front ranking Democrat, in 1987 who torpedoed one of President Ronald Reagan's Supreme Court nominees, Robert Bork. Bork was a fascist anti-woman, anti-abortion, anti-evolutionists, anti-free speech judge.
As with all Democrats he had his faults. In later years fellow Democrats complained that his political touch had failed him, and that he was too eager to strike a deal with President George W. Bush on education and Medicare.
Many conservatives will probably celebrate the passing of their liberal nemesis and many on the hard left will be quick to point out all the anti-working and imperialists laws he supported.
But still, I’ll miss having Ted in the Senate.

For an Associated Press story see:
Ted Kennedy: Family senator, patriarch, dead at 77

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