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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Inerview with Alessandro della Malva- Leftist activist arrested by the Italian Government-part 2

From the Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) – Italy:

A continuation of the interview with Alessandro della Malva, arrested by the police while facing the fascist patrols promoted by Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's government:

The comrades of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party of Turkey North Kurdistan (MLKP) asked us for an interview with one of the comrades arrested on latest July by the police while they were opposing the fascist patrols established by Berlusconi's government. Below the comrade Alessandro della Malva answers to the questions of Turkish comrades.

6- How did the event in July happen? Could you share this experience with us?

The proletarian patrol was announced to mass media already some days before, and this roused a mobilization about the matter, most of all because in Massa it had been organized a fascist patrol called SSS (clearly referred to the Nazi criminals). The proletarian patrol started from the park where CARC Party and ASP held their National Feasts. It was more than a patrol: it was a demonstration of 60/70 people who ran through the main street near the coast. When the demonstration arrived at the bar where usually some notorious local fascists used to meet, there was the police ranked to protect that scum. The fascists, feeling sure that police were protecting them, began to provoke, with fascist songs and Nazi hails, and when comrades approach them, they throw them chairs. The comrades reacted and accused the police to be there just for supporting the provocation. Then the comrades closed the demonstration going back to the park where they started. Nevertheless, fascists continued to provoke, going around near the park, some with sticks. So two comrades came back for seeing what was happening where we found the police ranked one hour and a half before. There they have been held by the political police and by its chief Valentini. The comrades warned the police about fascists' threatening attitude, but the police did not care of it. On the contrary, they asked the comrades to show their papers (even if they know them very well). The comrades did not do it, as they understood that they were plotting something for hitting us, and called the other comrades for telling what was happening. We arrived quickly protesting for such a fascist behaviour by the police. The result has been four comrades dragged in police headquarters, kicks, and blows by batons.
However, at the headquarters the police realized that it would not be easy at all to keep us quiet: we protested because they did no let enter an ambulance for a comrade blown at the head with a baton and outside as well there were the comrades immediately come for protesting. All night long, the demonstrators stayed out of the headquarters hitting the gate. The police was very troubled by what was happening at Massa and in other cities (Naples and Pistoia). P-CARC and ASP promoted railways blocks in Massa and Naples and a sit-in in Massa asking for liberating the comrades. Seven hours after two comrades were liberated and two stayed under arrest: the mobilization went on and police's switchboard became clogged by people calling to protest and to ask for news about the arrested.
Within the head quarters, the policemen showed friendship: they realized that outside thing could get worse and that the mobilization could grow.
The mobilization continued the day before at the tribunal. There the judge decided restrictive measures for the two comrades (to sign every day in carabineer's barracks until the day of the trial fixed on 9 October), but did not dare to confirm the arrest, thanks to the mobilization of the comrades who have been continuously to the attack and turned the repression against the police itself.

7- What kind of mistreatment did you face with under police custody? How was your attitude?

Firstly the police tried to use rough tactics, beating us on the road and trying to frighten us in the barracks, even stopping the aid for the wounded comrade, but when they realized that this could have been used against them they changed their attitude. Ad I told before, in front of us who were in the cell, hearing shouting and slogans by the comrades outside) the attitude was aimed to keep low the level of the clash: many of them told that they were on our side, that they knew we were not criminals. All of them were astonished by the mobilization so quickly aroused.

8- Has there been any change in the state's policies concerning the fascist patrols?

After the proletarian patrol of Massa there were stands also by members of the Government. Minister Maroni could not withdraw, as its party, the Lega Nord, has fighting migrants and patrols as warhorse, but Bossi, the leader of the Lega, had to justify himself. Berlusconi itself admitted that patrol are an act of mistrust for the Government, the members of the main leftist parties go so far as declaring that the Government is carrying out a wicked politics that creates further tensions, instead of giving security to the citizens. The leftist Major of Massa, who until then had condemned the SSS patrol very softly, decided to stand firmly and established a sanction of 400 Euros to be paid by who organizes patrols.

9- What will be the future of the antifascist struggle? Is this question still on the agenda of democratic forces?

As regards us, we shall use repression as an opportunity for creating mobilization: the trial against the arrested of Massa will be an opportunity to create mobilization. It has to become in the trial against the measures the Government adopted for facing the crisis and for security. We shall bring the Minister Maroni, fascists, and racists of this government in the box of the accused. Our struggle will be a concrete step for developing the self-organization of popular masses, The masse be the protagonist of building a People's Block Government that will open the way to socialism, the only way out of this rotten system.
The rank and file members of the parties of the bourgeois left sympathize with the experience of the proletarian patrols. Many people by now cannot stand any longer the fake antifascism of the corrupted leaders of their parties: facing the popular antifascism, those leaders unmask their true will and many of them will be obliged to follow us in our field.

Alessandro Della Malva
Secretary of Tuscan Federation for the CARC Party

-CARC Party - International Department
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