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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More kookiness from the anti-health reform debate

Chris Matthews To Town Hall Protestor: Why Did You Bring A "God Damn Gun" To A Presidential Event? (VIDEO)

And further, Here in Kansas:

August 12, 2009

Congresswoman Jenkins defers to special interest groups

Topeka meeting offers no solutions to health insurance crisis

TOPEKA –At a public appearance in Topeka today, Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins yielded her duties to special interest groups. On hand to answer questions for the Congresswoman, who has yet to even read recent health insurance legislation, were five panelists representing the healthcare lobby. This panel mis-characterized the proposed reforms before urging Congress to “take it’s time.”

Following the meeting Kansas Democratic Party Communications Director issued the following statement.

“There are now 350,000 uninsured Kansans and everyday another 70 Kansans lose their health insurance coverage. These Kansans need relief now. They can’t wait for coverage while special interest groups play politics with health insurance reform.

The public supports health insurance reform that builds on the current system to preserve consumer choice, expand coverage, and reduce costs. Despite claims otherwise, these goals are precisely what every major health insurance reform bill would achieve. Today, Lynn Jenkins deferred to her friends in the health care lobby, allowing them to spread misinformation, while she offered no solutions of her own.”

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Anonymous said...

I wonder if their health insurance problems are due to
drugs. Lets hope not