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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A written version of the Prachanda speech, from the post below

This is a written version of the London Woolwich Town Hall, London speech by Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) leader Prachanda.
This was posted at the Kasama Project Page. According to the introduction:

Props to OSP who transcribed this based on the video. OSP notes,
“There are a few words I could not catch, and it may contain some minor mistakes. So we should be clear this is an unofficial transcription.”
Most of Prachanda’s speech that day was in Nepali. We do not yet have a translation of that. This is a transcription of a short part, delivered in English.
And the Speech

Prachanda speech at Woolwich Town Hall, LondonAugust 10, 2009

We are completely aware, we are fully aware that we have a very big responsibility and we have real historical opportunity and challenge right now we are facing. And we understand the concern of our fraternal comrades in other parties and institutions, that they are very much concerned about the future of the Nepalese revolution.
Either it will go ahead in a very creative and a very scientific way, or it will deviate from (inaudible) fundamental theory and fundamental ideology. I am very clear in my mind that we will not deviate because we are trying our best to apply this theory according the conditions of 21st century.
We understand the whole dynamics of 21st century, and we in Nepal, together have leading a very special, very specific type of revolution. Although there are so many ups and downs, and twists and turns in the process necessarily, but ultimately we are trying to lead this revolution according to the changed condition.
And we derived, I think when we were in the war, (inaudible) just after 5 years of the initiation of people’s war, we tried to understand the whole lesson of 20th century, all the revolution and counter-revolution, all the positive and negative lesson of the revolution. And we came to a new understanding. We came to a new conclusion that, we had to develop some new strategy and tactics we cannot copy the insurrectionist strategy of Lenin, and mechanically we cannot copy the whole theory of protracted people’s war according to our conditions.
Therefore, we tried to develop something new, and we tried to something new although in fundamental sense, in basic sense.
We are clear that we fighting against feudalism and imperialism, and we are leading the New Democratic revolution. We have not any kinds of doubt in these basic questions.
But to lead this revolution, we should have to develop some new strategy and new tactics according to the (inaudible) situation, therefore we developed this competitive politics, you know?

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