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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Italian Maoists plan future actions

The following report gives the general direction of the CARC organization which works with the new Communist Party of Italy (n)PCI. The CARC has been a very active organization and seems to be serious about making revolutionary changes in a developed country. Not many Maoist organizations seemed to be near a revolutionary stage to become a serious political force, so if CARC and (n)PCI can make some inroads in the Italian political landscape, it will be the first time revolutionary politics has made such an impact since the late 1960s and early 1970s.

From the Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) – Italy:

National Direction - Statement of 3rd November 2009

2nd National Congress of the CARC Party- Let's change ourselves for winning!
Let's build the Popular Bloc Government for advancing towards socialism!

On 31st October and 1st November in Viareggio it was held the 2nd National
Congress of the CARC Party. We took stock of the work done in last two years
and we decided how we will work in the coming years to create the conditions
for establishing a Popular Bloc Government and so advancing in the struggle
to make Italy a new socialist country.

The issues on the agenda were two.

The first was the need to "change ourselves for winning," for being equal to
communists' tasks in the new situation brought about as the crisis entered
its acute and terminal phase. In fact, reality puts socialist revolution on
the agenda, but it does not happen spontaneously (it does not "break out").
Socialist revolution can effectively take place and prevent reactionary
mobilization and imperialist war only if communists will soon be able to
overcome their political and organizational limits. They have to be able to
adopt a conception, a strategy and a working method corresponding to the
situation. On this basis, with creativity, determination and courage, they
have to be able to carry out an aimed and effective action for mobilizing
and organizing the masses on path of the struggle to establish socialism
(that is the revolutionary mobilization of the masses).

The second issue at the heart of the debate was the goal to "build a Popular
Bloc government", an emergency government. It will be form and expression of
popular and workers' organizations in our country. We talked about the
conditions Communists must create for establishing it (propagandizing its
necessity, multiplying popular and workers' organizations, strengthening the
coordination among them, raising their aspirations, goals and ability to

The crisis has come to a head, but communist movement is still weak. In this
situation the establishment of a government of People's Bloc meets the
immediate needs of the masses. It is the only way to avoid the most
destructive effects of the general crisis of capitalism, to fight mistrust
and demoralization among the masses and to drive them to be protagonist. At
the same time it will serve "to advance toward socialism": the establishment
of the Popular Bloc Government, and the struggle to consolidate, defend and
extend the measures it will adopt, will be the practical, intellectual and
moral school of communism the masses need to do for going to establish
socialism in our country.

Many Italian and foreign parties, committees and organizations joined the
Congress and give their contribution.

Those who directly intervened, bringing their greetings and contribution to
the debate, were the Delegation of the (n) PCI, the Struggling Workers
Union, the Association of Proletarian Solidarity, the Collective Iqbal Masih
(Lecce), the Women's Committee Estella (Milan), the Women Group Bellaciao
(Pistoia), the Bolivarian Circle (Naples), the Association Legami d'Acciaio
(Turin), the Labourers Communist Party of Massa Carrara (who has read the
message sent by the National Executive of the Party), Critical Left of

All those present demanded the immediate release of comrade Alessandro Della
Malva, Secretary of the Tuscan Federation of CARC Party, jailed in Pistoia
since October 11 because he is anti-fascist and communist. They expressed
their solidarity and rallied around his family and his partner, who spoke to
bring greetings by Alessandro to delegates and participants in the Congress
participants and to communicate a clear, strong and simple message to those
present: "What happened opened my eyes, and I have no intention to close
them anymore. I am determined to do everything possible for others like me
to open their eyes! Just two weeks are gone since the arrest of Alessandro,
but I realize the change that this produced not only in me but also in many
other people, when Alessandro's father came to the streets in Pistoia and
told me that as a father he would want it at home, but as a man he would do
what his son is doing! "

The presence of many young people and women members and leaders of our
party, their speeches filled with courage, enthusiasm, seriousness and
determination have been a source of joy and pride for the whole party: they
are the best fruit of the work done in these years! Even the guests in their
speeches to Congress have greeted with excitement and hope the presence of
these young people and women who have embraced the high and noble cause to
which today every man, woman, young and elder of the popular masses can
devote his life: the cause of communism!

The delegates expressed their pride in being part of the caravan of (n) PCI,
thanked (n) PCI for its role of leadership and driver of the rebirth of the
communist movement of our country and finally sent a heartfelt salute to
Comrade Giuseppe Maj, an example of determination and dedication to the
cause of communism for all. B. Brecht wrote: "there are men who fight one
day and they are good, others that struggle a year and they are better,
those who fight many years and are still best, but there are those who
strive a lifetime: they are the indispensable." Comrade Giuseppe Maj is one
of them!

This Congress strengthens our Party (and the communist movement of our
country) and makes it more determined in his will to contribute to build
step by step the road that will lead the masses to wipe out the barbarity of
capitalism and open a new era of freedom, peace, civilization and progress
for all humanity, the era of socialism.

For the attention and participation of parties and Communist organizations
of other countries, the Second Congress was also an important occasion to
strengthen the proletarian internationalism and the rebirth of the
international communist movement.

Freedom for the anti-fascists arrested and prosecuted!

Long live the CARC Party! Long live the (n)PCI!

We shall make Italy a new socialist country!

We have a world to win!

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