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Saturday, November 07, 2009

News from Peru’s Maoist war

This is a report from on recent scrimmages between Peru’s military and Maoist Guerrillas, the Communist Party of Peru.

Attack on Peru Military Outpost Leaves 1 Soldier Dead, 3 Wounded

LIMA – One soldier was killed and three others were wounded in a
Maoist guerrilla attack on a military outpost in southeastern Peru,
witness' said.

The military outpost in Vizcatan, in Ayacucho province, was
"harassed from afar," and that the troops' attempt to repel
the attack led to an armed clash that resulted in the soldier's

Reinforcements arrived at the post after making their way across
difficult terrain in that highland jungle region, acknowledged that
military casualties will continue in that area of the country.

Maoists of the Communist Party of Peru are active in jungle areas of the
country – in the northeastern Upper Huallaga Valley and in the VRAE.

The Maoists, launched
its people's war on May 17, 1980, with an attack on Chuschi, a small
town in Ayacucho province.

An estimated $25 billion in economic losses, according to estimates as a
result of people's war.

Gonzalo, known "President Gonzalo," was captured Sept. 12,
1992, an event that the ruling classes hoped was a "defeat" of
the people's war.

Since then, Maoist guerrilla bands have engaged in large activity in a
few regions and are growing.

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