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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

"Can You Pass The Acid Test?" a good history read

In the 1960s raves where held called “Acid Tests.” For a price a person could get in and listen to a group, such as the Grateful Dead and have access to all the LSD they would want. That wasn’t the beginning of drug inspired music. History if full of folk music, jazz, even classical music that has references to drug use. Here are two examples:

Cab Calloway - The Reefer Man (Original)

Varp in Mexico - La Cucaracha

This song is about a cockroach that smokes marijuana.

In Can You Pass the Acid Test?: A History of the Drug and Sex Counterculture and Its Censorship in the 20th Century, many books, movies, music and even comic books are analyzed to look at the history of drug use in our pop culture. References can be found clear back to the 1800s. This book is available from Barns & Noble for $22.45.

Click here and get the facts on this book. It will make a great Spring time read.

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