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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Even the Super Bowl is not safe from the anti-choice liars

The Anti-abortion groups are non-stop in their attempt to infiltrate all areas of American life and culture. Now they’ve invaded the Super-bowl. This event has traditionally been non-political. So now CBS is going to break that tradition for the sake of money and put out a super bowl ad for the Focus on the Family. Is any part of our lives safe from the lies of these fanatics?

From The World Can’t Wait:

Why do Anti-Abortion Theocrats Get to Tell Women What to do Through a Super-bowl Ad?
Right now, the most media buzz about abortion centers around CBS's decision to reverse their policy of prohibiting all "advocacy" ads during the Super-bowl, and accept millions of dollars from Focus on the Family for a 30 second ad attacking women's right to abortion.
CBS's former policy extended even to an ad from the United Church of Christ, which tried to buy airtime for an ad arguing gay people should be welcome in church in 2005. CBS has also turned down ads from PETA and Moveon, but has suddenly had a change of heart and will allow Focus on the Family to tell women what to do about their pregnancies at the largest annual national audience of TV watchers... (read

And from the Kansas City Metro Chapter of NOW the National Organization for Women:

Bring NOW's CBS Protest to Your Local StationNOW is calling out CBS executives for violating their own policy by accepting an anti-abortion advertisement for airing during the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. Despite pressure from women's rights advocates, CBS still plans to run the ad. Not only that, CBS did an about-face on its policy so that the network would not look so hypocritical.We need to show CBS just how outraged we are. So, we're encouraging local NOW chapters to hold protests outside their local CBS stations any time from now through Super Bowl Sunday, Feb. 7. Get your friends and allies together, bring your NOW rounds and handmade signs, and stage a demonstration. If you can't get an action together, you can always call or drop in at your local CBS affiliate, and tell them how outraged you are. Ask that they pass your outrage on to the network.The ad in question was produced and paid for by the ultra-conservative organization Focus on the Family. According to their website, Focus on the Family aims to make abortion "illegal and unthinkable" -- and they are paying somewhere in the vicinity of $2.5 million to help further that goal. This ad reportedly promotes the decision of one woman to go against her doctor's advice to terminate an at-risk pregnancy. While NOW would never disparage any woman's reproductive choice, we believe that all women should be free to make the decision that is right for them.It's important to note that the Super Bowl is the most watched television event each year, with a broad audience spanning all demographics. In the past, CBS has turned down other advocacy ads it deemed controversial, including ads from; and the progressive United Church of Christ. Women are vastly under-represented in high-level decision making roles at the television networks. Despite this imbalance, NBC managed to make the right decision last year, refusing to run an anti-choice ad during the Super Bowl.
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