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Monday, February 08, 2010

Coming soon: Sarah “Barbie Bimbo” Palin, to a state near you

By 史蒂夫 奥托

Sarah Palin is coming to Wichita May 2 as a fundraiser for Bethel Life School, a Christian school serving prekindergarten through eighth grade. She will also be welcomed by most of Wichita’s Republican Party and their Pachyderm Club.
There’s no doubt that Palin has her supporters here in Kansas. But this is the same state that gave us the simpleton-snake-oil-salesman US Representative Todd Tiahrt. There seems to be a stark resemblance between the two. Both seem to do well with the Christian right and their religious cults. There also seems to be a new breed of Republicans that are anti-intellectual. If scientists say the artic poles are melting due to global warming, these simpletons stand out with their Tea Party Legions and yell “Global Warming is a scam.” They also insist that all facets of evolution are unscientific and against the Bible.
These are the minions that clamor to see Sarah “Barbie Bimbo” Palin. She knew nothing of foreign affairs when she ran for office as vice president against the Barrack Obama Team. She’s run a state with a very small population. She is not even governor material much less presidential material. Her quippy sound bites such as comparing a soccer mom to a pit bull, are designed for that “I’m just like you” vote. Unfortunately those like her just aren’t too well educated or smart.

The press has done its best to make a celebrity of this dumb-as-they-come clueless Barbie doll. From The Wichita Eagle:

“Palin became an overnight political celebrity when presidential candidate and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., chose her as his vice presidential running mate in 2008.
Since then, she's resigned her Alaska governorship and has begun to write, speak and provide commentary on the Fox News Channel.
Her book, "Going Rogue: An American Life," became an instant bestseller when it hit the shelves in November.
Palin's conservative views, perky good looks and folksy manner have made her a hero to Republican conservatives and put her on the short list of possible nominees to challenge President Obama in 2012.”

Having her for president would be like having George W. Bush all over again. His simple logic got us in two wars and drove the economy in the ground. There is plenty more damage for this buffoon if she gets into office to finish Bush’s work.
Palin has also been to Salina, KS, just recently. According to The Wichita Eagle:

“Sarah Palin assailed federal bailouts, stimulus spending and the Obama administration's handling of terrorist activities before a record crowd at a Salina Area Chamber of Commerce meeting Friday night.”

In reality bailing out large corporations is the job of the Republican Party. She claims she could do better on terrorism? All she can really do is mock the President Obama for putting faith in this country’s judicial system. The Republicans want something like fascism to fight the war on terrorism. The other day, on local TV, she went as far as to mock those who want to fix this country with “Where’s your hope now?”

We don’t need another George Bush who looks like a Barbie doll.

Sarah Palin-Caribou-barbie

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