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Monday, February 08, 2010

Italy – Fighting racism and fascism and developing strategy

From Party of the Committees to Support Resistance - for Communism (CARC) – Italy:

1. La lucha contra el razismo y el fascismo en Italia.

2. Coming back from the Preparatory Assembly of the European Social Forumin Berlin, our comrade Marco Lenzoni of the Proletarian SolidarityAssociation was protagonist of an episode told below. We thank you for the story he told us but mainly for the lesson he gave.

3. The Anti-Imperialist Network for European Social Forum in Istanbul On 29-30-31 January in Berlin, it was held the European Preparatory Assemblyof the European Social Forum (EFS) that will be in Istanbul from 1st to 4th July 2010. The Party of CARC is interested in the initiative, which will be joined by wide masses, in particular because it takes place in Turkey, wherethe revolutionary mobilization of the masses is extensive and advanced, as we may see already in the ESF preparatory phase. The party of CARC does not participate in EFS, because this does not allowsthe participation of parties. However, we have knowledge of the process thanks to reports by comrades of Struggling Workers Union (SLL), Proletarian Solidarity Association (ASP) and of the Publishing House Rapporti Sociali,who took part in it. They report the ferment of masses' mobilization against oppression, fascism,racism, imperialism, chauvinism, that in Turkey and North Kurdistan extends and expresses itself today in advanced mode in the struggle of workers of TEKEL and in the resistance of the Kurdish people against Turkish staterepression.In Turkey and North Kurdistan, the mobilization of the masses canarticulate, to extend and to express in this EFS as well, due to the existence of political anti-imperialist, revolutionary and communist formations, some of which are looking for new answers to the problems the communist movement of the last century has left unresolved. All this weighs in this EFS and in its organizational center in Turkey. It is therefore a Social Forum in which the anti-imperialist connotation is stronger than in all the previous ones. This too is a sign of the rebirth of the international communist movement. We therefore invite all organizations active in defending the rights and interests of the masses, who strugge to defend workers, to defend theenvironment, to empower women and youth, for peace, against imperialism,fascism, racism, and war, to take part in the Social Forum in Istanbul, to bring their contribution and to experience the rebirth of the communist movement and the movement of struggle of the masses in the world. Within the Social Forum there are several networks on specific issues. Here there is the report of the Anti-Imperialist Network, one of those which was attended by comrades of ASP, SSL, and Publishing House Rapporti Sociali.

4. Revolutionary Protracted People's War and participation in the elections and in the bourgeois political struggle in ItalyRecently we wrote a letter to Alastair Reith, a comrade from New Zealand, in which we talked about the participation of our Party in the bourgeois political struggle, and particularly in the elections, quoting a thesis of the Second Congress of CARC Party (October 2009). Our explanation, anyway, was defective. Here we complete it indicating which is the most important aspect that, here in Italy and in this phase makes the participation in the bourgeois political struggle and particularly in the elections a revolutionary mean. As the matter regards an issue debated in the international communist movement, we spread this communication widely.


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