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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Anti-War Offensive for Afghanistan and Iraq

From World Can’t Wait:

March 19-22: Anti-War Offensive

Virtual Fund Drive

Help students say no to recruiters!

Despite 7 years of "shock & awe" for the people of Iraq, the nightmare of U.S. occupation is not close to ending. People in the U.S. put their energy and hope into Obama's "change you can believe in," but instead we get the brutal Bush wars of aggression spreading! Humanity is paying a terrible price for the occupations, as the US offensive in Afghanistan is expanding and killing more civilians. Visible protest, inspired by the energy and passion of youth, was needed under Bush and it is needed even more critically now. You have the ability and the opportunity to help create an ANTI-WAR OFFENSIVE. The We Are Not Your Soldiers Tour is ready to take the reality of the occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq to thousands of high school students, telling the stories of the veterans themselves. $10,000 is needed to enable Iraq and Afghanistan vets to exponentially spread this resistance among students. Imagine if military recruiters were reluctant to walk onto a high school campus… if the centers of recruiting were shut down - driven from the ghettos and the barrios… a new generation taking to the streets chanting, "We will not kill and die for empire," and inspiring others to join them… What would it take to make this happen? Don't just imagine, make it possible. Help bring We Are Not Your Soldiers to students and youth in the crosshairs of military recruiters across the country. Donate, join, spread: ANTI-WAR OFFENSIVE March 19th-22nd
Emma Kaplan talks about We Are Not Your Soldiers

Debra Sweet, Director, The World Can't Wait
P.S. If you're not already convinced, hear what some of the students who've participated in We Are Not Your Soldiers have to say.

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