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Monday, March 01, 2010

The Earthquake in Chile

From Nueva Democracia:

A Google Translation

Communist revolutionaries taking the initiative

Chile has been affected by a major earthquake and tsunami. All the major urban centers of central and south have severe damage, virtually all rural villages between Santiago and Los Angeles are largely destroyed. Our country is located in a seismic zone and surrounded by active volcanoes. Every so often large earthquakes and eruptions occur, heavy rains also flooded some area of the country almost every winter. We know that these events can not be controlled, but the enormous suffering that our people carry can not be attributed solely to the forces of nature. The earthquake was caused by nature, but the disaster is caused by the miserable living conditions of the vast majority of our people. Not all buildings will collapse in earthquakes, but only those built with inferior materials, not all stocks are flooded with the rains, but only those that cut costs without adequate drainage systems. If the adobe buildings still exist is for no particular love for old houses, but because the masses can not afford good quality buildings, if families have no savings and resources to cope with the destruction is not their lack of foresight , but because they must live day to day with what is right. Today our people suffer, but the anxiety is far more acute among the poor who lost everything, who are homeless or property or savings, and semi-proletariat in the cities and countryside came to suffer long indebtedness, of unemployment and the high cost of imperial recession and now homeless must survive with the post; artisans and small traders who barely held workshops, warehouses under the pressure of monopolies and now destroyed, no savings are forced to borrow few usurers to replenish its capital, poor farmers into debt with the banks to produce on their little land and are now less able to achieve acceptable prices for their crops damaged, the fishermen who came to suffer the restrictions on their shares fishing and now also lost their homes and boats. The communists and revolutionaries share this suffering, we owe to our people and we have enormous tasks that develop among the masses, particularly among these poor masses.

Communists and revolutionaries more than half the country must be rebuilt and know we can not expect anything from this old rule that benefits our people. Protect the interests of the people is the goal of government-or the coming out or the entering-or congressmen, or mayors or mayors, not judges, the police or the army. They are due solely to imperialism, the big bourgeoisie and landlords and their narrow class interests. We must take the initiative to organize masses. As part of the people, have the unavoidable task of promoting the organization to address the immediate problems of food, shelter and reconstruction and to defend the interests of the vast majority of the nation against the onslaught that already preparing national and foreign operators. Even when we are very few, even when we are alone, we must develop our business without delay between the poor masses. In each place we meet we should encourage popular mutual aid brigades aimed at solving immediate problems. In populations must be organized to residents for debris removal and repair of housing, higher education students should be organized technical teams to assess the housing, electricity facilities and also support the cleanup and repair, teachers secondary schools can help by secondary students to be part of work teams, particularly from vocational-technical high schools, while basic education teachers can assist in activities that keep young children busy during fishing operations; health workers can organize campaigns attention to the most remote areas and education in disease management that will result from the poor sanitary conditions that will be forced to live our people. Among the rural poor should also organize the repair of ditches, canals and wells and assist the work of harvesting. Among the fishermen should organize the repair of boats and docks. All this should primarily be made using our own forces and not asking but demanding resources of the old state is not required to be restored but that this takes us. While these brigades are preparing the necessary struggles against the onslaught of the big bourgeoisie, landlords and the imperialists who will use the more precarious for the people to revive their attempts reactionary. The reconstruction will try to be loaded onto the backs of the masses. We will have to resist the onslaught of big capital to speculate on the prices of food and energy will have to resist the usury of the banks in loans for reconstruction, will be resisted labor flexibility and precariousness that try to impose on jobs; be to resist banks also in their attempts to grab land from poor farmers who are prevented from paying their mortgages.
We must build these organizations under the guidance of our mass line, serving the people wholeheartedly, practicing and promoting democratic centralism and self-criticism. Our tasks of propaganda and political agitation should be developed simultaneously. We must sustain a permanent claim for operators seeking to exploit the situation of our people, to its old state that defends its interests as also to all kinds of revisionists and opportunists who try to take their usual perks electioneering. We must demonstrate to the masses that the organization in a democratic and revolutionary line is the only way beneficial to our people The country needs to rebuild itself and not the state nor the large employers who do so, we will also work. And this reconstruction can be done on a new basis for organizing the masses, revolutionary perspectives an organization, uniting all honest activists in the political tasks of rebuilding the Party and people preparing for war. Communist revolutionaries taking the initiative.
Promote the unity of the people of Chile!
Organize mutual aid brigades popular!

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