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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nepal--Maoist plan to seize capital, Biratnagar

From Himalayan Times:

ITAHARI: The United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist has started training its cadres-including disqualified PLA combatants and the YCL-in the rural areas of eastern Tarai to seize sate power through urban revolution. A leader of the Maoist-affiliated Kochila State Committee revealed that the party is providing military training to its cadres in a manner not very different from the way they were trained before the people's war was launched. Requesting anonymity, the leader said that nearly 15 thousand Maoist cadres from Jhapa, Morang and Sunsari had recently received military training in Yangsila of Morang. He also informed that the participants had been directed to be ready for the last phase of the revolution. YCL chairman of Kochila state committee Hikmat indicated that Maoists were preparing for a war as the incumbent government was doing the same by instigating Nepal Army. He said, "We will win the war. So we are ready to go through any hardship," adding, "We cannot stay inoperative while the government prepares for war."However, Hikmat said YCL cadres were being trained to keep them physically fit. A YCL participant said the training involved use of weapons, strategies to take control over enemies and to bring state operations to a grinding halt on May 1 as per the party's policy of triple strikes. The Maoists have scheduled April 6, May 1 and the third week of May for their first, second and third strike. A source said the party has asked each of the PLA's seven divisions to send combatants to Kathmandu. He even informed that the combatants had already reached the capital. Anticipating use of force to suppress them, the party plans to use these combatants along with their weapons at the forefront of the Kathmandu-centred demonstration, the source said.The Maoists have planned to first capture Kathmandu, and then Biratnagar. The source also said cadres had been trained to lay siege to Biratnagar and capture the city.

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