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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

How does both the Marxist and capitalist philosophical crisis get stimulus from the each other

Part 1

By Ayub Mohammed

While making any statement by any individual or any philosopher about the things of present, past and about the up coming issues in future, they were very informative about those things upon which they wanted to speak something differently from the previous statements of others, very differently, to the people in any country through any way of the available sources. Hundreds of philosophers have told about the origin of the world and its laws of working in which the way of living of the people from ancient times to present. The language itself the people invented for their convenient to the ancient people who have given the new life to the people, through which they learnt from each other and continued their lives from the caves and forests to the habitations under the protective measures and finding the new needs according to the time demanded for implementations and inventions in the life of the primitive people.

Every human being have the work of feeding themselves wherever they lived with one another before forming the families and divisions from the groups to the individual based groups. While every step into the advancement from the old to new there must be a lead of any one or two who were held responsible for every such step. And at the same time in the absence of implements in helping their day to day lives they were helpful with each other and dependable upon the other individuals of the society,

The collective idea and living together as a primitive society in ancient times was based on the theories and ideas of many anthropologists and social philosophers including Engel, in the similar way of the living nature of the humanoids, apes and champagnes only. But it is a fact that it is an idea, and an opinion based of the evidences of the living nature of the animals that have some additions to the evidences what they could produce in support of the claim at the time the presentation of their ideas which may be true, or partial true, and not true. These ideas or opinions if related to the up-coming events in future, the people call them fortune tellers, palmist or foretellers. They have their place in the present society and they lives as usually whatever the way they like to live, for which no body could have objection about them

. Because they people those who believe them, would approach them and give some tip or whatever a gift on the demand or their will the action of telling about the future of individual who attended him and receiving it the present or gift have been completed. Here why was the individual approached to him to know about the future and why the foreteller did was opted to work of foretelling without participation in the work of the production in any way is not a question to the entire society of any time and the people who have no way related to each of them like doing the same work for pretty gifts, in order to avoid the hard work for himself when we was found the work on his own for just living. This question is more applicable to the ancient times of our past than the present now, because the number of such visitors is less and their source also has found no guarantee to depend upon it.

While discussing about the fact in market places in Greece at the time of Aristotle, and Plato the essentiality of the argument upon any thing there must be two persons who has a zeal to know from each other’s views upon the things which were mostly related to the society, people, limitations of the state, duties of the kings, responsibilities of the citizens, taxation affairs of the states, formulations of the rules on the slave, female slave, free-men, half-freemen, rich people, and about the participation of the most rich people at their time of discussions.

There was the system to bring out the facts through the arguments with each others and made their own identifications about who was the actual knowledge man and who were not. The second condition and the essentiality of bringing out the fact through the argument were the equals and equality for the argument. So that every one wanted to argue with those, had knowledge about the issues which were very important at that time to know about.

Where as the present condition upon which every one have a definite opinion about functional areas and its feasible applications in the present society. There is no need of argument with anybody who have the knowledge about the society, state, people, castes, religions, faiths, beliefs, practices, skills professions, fields, knowledge, sources, name of the products production centers, governments, its rules, number its subjects, classes of the people, rich classes middles classes, lower classes, employees, professionals, companies, manufacturing units, financial institutions, state’s personnel, judiciary, legislative bodies, societies, banks, political parties, political philosophies and about the global rules with its new proposed order by the competitive and advanced states. Hence the way of argument through which bringing out the facts is obsolete.

This system of arguments in the judiciary represents the two parties. The accused, charge, and the complainant as these are the subjects upon which the judgment normally delivers by the judge by either proving the change or acquittal of the case filed by the complainant.

These are the principal players in the set of a specific system in which all these have to play their role. Here the charge which have the basic information of the offence the accused committed with some relevant evidences, witnesses and with support of some material occurrences were taken place. So the democratic system in which the judiciary is functioning in the most democratic manner unlike the dictatorial states where there is no rule of separation of executive from judiciary and awarding a liberty to the accused by choosing a defense counsel to represent his case in the court. So we the people are in general agreed and allowed to practice.

It is the subject to discuss about the days of primitive state of human beings when they have no language to communicate each other while living on the trees of the forests, and in caves to leaning the walk on foot to the present stage of internet chat system, covering the establishing the civilizations through agriculture, domestication, building some huts, to the use of stones, and from the use of stones to the metals in their needs of the progress and development of the civilizations, from the entire period of their journey from the slavery to the present capitalist system through the feudal system including the changing productive relations from time to time to present in detail on the opinions already in use by the Marxist philosophers, Karl Marx,. Engel, V.I Lenin, Stalin, George Plekhanov and lastly on the views of Moa Se Tung on the topic of the dilectics, dialectical materialism, dialectical and historical materialism, as all these are extensions and additional contributions to the popular philosopher of the idealism, hegel once again in the interest of its applicability to all the states in present condition of the crisis of both capitalism and Marxism

. It is an attempt to present an opinion about the Marxism in which the dialectics, dialectical materialism and dialectical and material histories as all these forms a greater part in the Marxism, I already feels that it is in great crisis and need to come out in the interest of the poor, lower, working class’s majority people in India. At the same time the capitalism has shown its hollowness in serving the people through the role of state. It is very strange to note that in all these writings of the greatest philosophers could not find the role of many factors of the society in forming a shape from ancient days to present.

While living in the caves and in the forest the humans were compelled to fight the wild animals, natural disasters, and dangers from other individuals for which they were in the protective form of their system while living together. The primitive humans while living much prior to the finding the stone implements either for their protection or for killing the animals, there were in arrangement of working divisions in which all the members were not worked, but all the humans were to eat along with those who were collected and brought to their place where they were decided to live for time under the assured security purposes. It means all the humans were not assigned to work collectively in killing the animals and collection food from the plants like fruits etc

It is that where the males and females were used to stay collectively in the secured place they were distributed the works of collecting the food for all by few members of the community there. And some others were took the role of guarding the remained incapable humans who were identified as there was their use in a group by serving the other works of adjusting the times and places of collection of the foods. The work and its implements in use while living they used to bear all the members including few who casually share in the productive work. It was their need in the commune to bear them even without regular work of collection of the food. So the principle of not working all in all times in all the work what they had at that time within the relation of the productive forces with its implements for the productions where the productive forces and partial non productive forces were allowed to live together as members in the interest of the whole group

The need of protection and collection of the food from far and distant places were made them to guard the remained in the commune, that have created the new opportunity of the work to which another individual needed to attend. Hence the new need which made them to bear the casual worker along with the other workers in their food sharing too. It is further made them attend the new work with new understanding on the new need which was once again made them to come on new terms to live together. All the humans directly could not perform all the works regularly because the distant journey in collection of food, and providing a security to all while living in the protective place, and searching the new and nearest resourceful places like all these works made them to follow the work division by allowing the casual work, search of new resourceful places, and allotting a protective duties to them frequently with changing duties were the way of living in the ancient time

. It is clear that the duty of protection was unavoidable thing in the society. At the same time work division and bearing all the members in common food sharing with casual work in production and participation of other service related works were the striking features besides protection of the women, who directly responsible for taking care of their children till the age of helping the males in their direct and service related works.
In the primitive societies the weak individuals, strong individuals, and some others were engaged in the work of production or collection of food in practice in the similar way of animals like mammal and apes. Women some times were not allowed due to the affiliation of the male to whom they were in contact, and they were allotted to see the work of the children. Consequently, the question of power of protection, collection, search of new resourceful areas, making arrangements for shelters was raised, then the lead role who resumed in collection of food, and protections of the others including assigning the service related works in coordination of all in successful manner, came in lead role.

Consequently the role coordination of all with provision of food and maintenance of women along with the children were vested in the hands of one person of the community and all were to oblige the instructions of the one individual in the interest of the community. It has quite well till the new invention in the food habits in raw. After finding the taste of baked food, again the working avenue was widened and all need to have the work of such food. At the same time, storage, of fruits, and other eatables were caused great changes in the history of the human beings. The storage, and security of it was the major contribution in their lives, they followed the practice.

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