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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A year after Dr. Tiller murder, supporters gather to remember him

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

More than 150 people gathered for a memorial for Dr. George Tiller on this Memorial Day, at Old Town Square on North Mead.
It’s been a year since Scott Roeder shot and killed Tiller, the only late term abortion doctor in Kansas and one of the few left in the country. This was a major loss for women who need care in the late stages of pregnancy and a gain for the anti-abortion people (they prefer the term pro-life even though they are responsible for several abortion doctor murders in the last 10 years).
“The abortion opponents are disingenuous when they say they are sorry about the killing of Dr. Tiller,” said Kari Ann Rinker, a Kansas National Organization for Women (NOW) Lobbyist. “They firebombed his clinic. He was shot in the arms. Who can forget all the crosses (they put on his clinic grounds).”
Rinker was one of the main speakers at the evening gathering. She also talked about all the anti-abortion bills mean to slow down and harass abortion providers here in Kansas.
“This is not just a choice issue,” Rinker said. “This is a medical issue, an issue of women’s safety. It is a need.”
She reminded the crowed that the Supreme Court has guaranteed women the right to legal abortions and we must stay vigilant against those who try to take that right away.
”The future Tillers need you to defend them,” Rinker added.
Others in the crowed talked of Tiller and many people had signs calling him a hero. No opposition groups showed up this time. Some people wore pink clinic defence shirts as well as the yellow vests that were worn by clinic volunteers who help women get pass the harassment of the anti-abortion activists.
Kari Ann Rinker speaks on Dr. George Tiller

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