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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

How does both the Marxist and capitalist philosophical crisis get stimulus from the each other

Part-2 .

By Ayub Mohammed

Origin and zeal the society;

While presenting any theory of human beings in ancient period, it is common to see from the point of present conditions, under which the presenters views directly and indirectly influence by the way of living relations of the present period in which the productive forces and their relation with the new findings and inventions upon which all these views influences the views in the presentation of the past and remote history of the present society. It further leads into past from the point where he started presenting the findings about anything upon which the social relations and its active players take a lead role in further finding the new on the old one in any field
Darwinian Theory of common origin was proved wrong in many ways by the findings of other scientists in later years. The humans while living in caves and in the forest they did not have any tools for their lively hood. Later they found tools with stones, later they further, iron they used in their lives which have found some sort of security to their lives within the adjustments as substitutes, casual participations in the collection of the food

The new social order they formed for the interest of all the members of the group in which one who was secured the power of leading the others within the command of duties he assigned regular production work, security work, observational work, searching of the resources works, the chief had been alienated from the productive work field. In order to assign these widened avenues in which all most all with high risky to low and simple works all the members were accommodated according to the capability and the interest of the members. This was the situation where the changes through the new findings and making to learn the adjustments with each other on the needs of the group have been habituated
In a progress and development of the living habits of the ancient humans there are at least five-seven branches have been originated during a small and short time of living from the caves and forest to the safety places for their living. In order of listing of the in findings on time line is not possible here because this kind of advancement and progress in a little time, it had taken thousands and millions of years.
1) Alienation from the productive work to commanding work which is non productive in its nature.
2) Casual work relief from the production work and the system of substitution in the work took place
3) Security work in protecting the fellow humans in the community taken place.
4) Service related and helping with learning to little were taken place.
5) The relations on the options among the male and females were taken place, from commonality to particularity were taken place.
6) Food storage they learned and they habituated to moderate use of the laborious bunts from wasting the excesses to needy in a time limit for next time hunting.
7) Learning and finding the season of rains, moon days and dark days.

There were many more things the inventions and findings they have passed over the period in protecting themselves from all sorts of natural disasters, and from the wild animals. The continuous process they had in their lives, through the new inventions and new findings from each of the branch.
In common the people have been divided in to different categories they needed to move according the new opportunities and new works on every new finding were they practiced. And on every change, and on every development, the new production tools from old one to new with type of relations on the working place they were practiced in their lives.

The new opportunity of the need on which the newly generated work was the rule of every system they had at that time. At the same time the work and the skilled work with the tools and without tools, productive works and non productive works were generated and the each and every section had its law to follow the principle and all those who were in their fields must follow the set of its laws which were generated and the learners had to follow the same laws on the maturity of gaining capability. It was essential to learn the hunting of some animals in the nights only and some animals in day only and some in rainy seasons only and some in all the time, they were compelled to follow as the laws and established rules to follow. In the same way, the food habits from ready made level to roasting system they increased in which the new learners or the weak or the casuals were to carry out in the interest of all the members participated.

All these developments and progress in the living system while producing the food through the development of the tools according to the needs and filling of the opportunities in every time, the common law of the societies were come up and all the members were to follow the laws without violations. In the same way, the human history passed through the intensive findings and practices again inventions and finding into practice as the activity in finding the useful and dangerousness of the animals they found and stated the domestication of animals, finding the new areas from the point of wondering to settlement for the regular and guaranteed food they compelled to provide to all through the widened work distribution they practiced

. Domestication of animals and settlements on the plane areas, and farming, as all these developments in the history of human progress confirms at least three things upon which the progress was taken place, which could be known as follows.
1)every new step towards new development on its old one confirms that the elements which took active role were the new ones, because in every historical development the role of individual in finding and in inventing the new could be only possible in one or two sections only in the life time of any individual.

Hence the human it is confirmed that the role of individual in every findings and its practices, the same individual could not see how the entire people were practicing the new inventions. It is not possible. Moreover the history has been come to know about its development and its progress with all the inventions and findings on the present system is based on only after the inventions of the writing system and its language. Language which has provided the knowledge in history of the progress and development of the civilizations on the scale of the time to find more than what we have in the written form through which we can say something about the controversial and unproved facts in the history to have some view about the future of the human journey from such cave dwelling to moon residing developments, the men achieved such a great adventures in all the states which were not identified with guarding the borders on which billions of dollars are spending without considering the needs of the humans and the poor and developing states. How the free journey of humans from the forest to plane areas with present’s advancements they were made themselves fixed with their own laws which were once framed for themselves in the common interest have now been turned to the nations and states like a cages and its rules once they formed in past now turned as prisons for the own children of the ancient humans. Of course it is another question to discuss some other time in different topic. And coming back to the emergence of newness form the old debris are nothing but the new only and no question of going back in to the past the lesson the humans have prepared the rule of law of the time, in which the old relations once took its new form on the name of new on the old ones.

Every new must become the old and the old is only old that would never be made new by any one in the world. No wonder the description about the past would become the past unless one more description about the same content comes either in its support or in its opposition, it is not a question. But the findings and inventions in the ancient times by the individuals and its practice by the ancients are divided as the active and passive forces including identification of the new productive implements with its new relations at that time in which all members were to take part in different works through different field by resorting to formulations the new sets of laws in each and in every field with perfect understanding and identification of the different works including the non productive avenues and its sections in coordination of the common command under whose guidance the society had to be seen sun in smooth ways

. In essence the ancient communities were well aware about the needs and fulfilling the needs of those dwelling conditions by bearing non-productive sections and the people who did not take direct part in the productive works as productive forces and non-productive forces mainly including the service related works as well as training to the children while doing the productive and non-productive works based on the only available food and their resources

. It means food for the non-productive forces including the service related world were allowed and found that the need of their service to all in their interest had the social sanctions. Social sanctions and its laws made them to opt the working options like a choosing pairs in the interest of all made them differentiate from each other among them. Consequently every one had reduced to the stage to get more results from the routine in allotted and opted duties in every new avenue; as a result the skilled and non-skilled were generated.

In every new finding in the productive tools with finding the new resources the option of the selector was turned key point in making the group with skilled and un-skilled basing on the results they secured in material form for making them group strong and efficient. In the process of all these developments, I do not claim that the peace and peaceful ways were they followed, because I do not believe in the theory of ‘absolute’, because in physics mathematics and even in chemistry there is no principle is absolute. So it is the history that too the discussing issue is about the past, and about the human nature and their needs with their progress and development in which the point is about the period which is not written in any book in clear way. If I go into the communication system of the past, I should start from the present communication system of e-mail, which in seconds I give my message to thousands of members with little effort. But in ancient times the man to man signing system, then language, then personal contacting system, and then in Indian and in Asian states the doves and other animals were used in the communication system, then sending a messenger and in later times the telephone the people used Now mobiles in use in a system of communication of the present times.

After that we know the letters and now this type of communication system. In India the pilgrimage centre, kashi for which the people used bullock carts as a system of transport which takes one to three months time from Andhra Pradesh. Now it has been available in all the ways of train, bus, flight etc. but no one like to go to kashi on cart even from remote and backward area of jharkhand or from Raipur of chattisgarh. No poor eat raw on the necessity. Hence the productive forces with the relations of the production tools of the age including service related implements would never go back to the past whoever wants to go back it would be an opinion of their own but it is not based on the principle of the social laws

A common beggar of the Delhi streets would never use walking from their native villages to come to Delhi in his profession. In essence the time with which the human mind lead the humans in entirety with some minor and negligible errors of the man kind from ancient times to the present times with the intensive findings in each field within its own laws have given the law of rime which would never go back with its developed implements of the productive system upon which the entire human society was depended and took its lead through the new relations on the basis of the need and social sanctions. And the human nature which is that once it is habituated, would never toll back but finds the ways to make it comfort for his needs of that during their life time, without going back.

Minds of the few in the society on any name of philosophies may go back but the productive implements and other mechanical tools of the society which were once invented on its old ones for the use of the service related works for the entire mankind would never go back.

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