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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

US Elections are the same all over

In Kansas, our primary is not until August. But the political ads are popping up everywhere. The amazing this is how much they all sound alike:
“I’m the pro-life pro-family candidate.” “I’m a leading conservative in the senate (or house).” “Congress is out of touch with the American people.” “I plan to take back our government.”
So who isn’t all of those things? Nothing they have said is new. They all claim to be open to new ideas. Yet they campaign on old ideas. And who are they taking the government back for?
A lot of people are already getting sick of seeing Wink Hartman campaign TV Ads. The ads run every hour on most TV stations, Hartman tries hard to look like a serious business leader who is “just like you” and wants common sense solutions to the problems in Washington. “I’m not a career politician,” he said in a recent ad.Some simple questions come to mind with this guy immediately. How many of us have an arena named after us? Hartman does. Were is all that money coming from for all of those ads? The TV is saturated with them and they are not cheap. If he is against spending money so much, why is he spending an exorbitant amount for these ads? If he’s not a career politician why is he paying more in advertising than this job will pay him?
These politicians just assume we are all pro-life. But at a gathered for a memorial for abortion Dr. George Tiller on Memorial Day, Kari Ann Rinker, had a lot to say in favour of legal abortions.“This is not just a choice issue,” Rinker said. “This is a medical issue, an issue of women’s safety. It is a need.”
The real wild card in all of this is the Tea Party. What do they really stand for? There members have pushed for everything from an armed insurrection to ending the department of education and ending social security. Is all of this really in the best interest of the American people?
Rep. Todd Tiahrt was the nimble brain representative of the US House to introduce Sarah Palin to a Wichita crowd a few months ago. She is known for her slogan “drill baby drill,” as a cry for deregulating the drilling of off shore oil wells. After the spill in the Gulf of Mexico, who takes such a stance serious today?

Today’s results call into question what the Tea Party movement will mean if they actually start to win in
According to Fox Forum:
When you see Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reid standing on the Senate floor this morning congratulating his Republican challenger for the Nevada Senate seat, Sharron Angle, don't be fooled. In Sen. Reid's Machiavellian mind -- and I say that as a compliment -- he is the lion congratulating the lamb on arriving in the jungle.
It was a good day for Democrats on what’s been dubbed another “mini-Super Tuesday’ and the outcome in Nevada illustrates why. Sen. Reid can't get his re-elect numbers over 50 percent as an incumbent, power player with big campaign money, the federal budget at his hand and the White House on speed dial. His state has a big hangover from the excesses of the recession in the form of
foreclosures and declines in tourism.
If Republicans had nominated a mainstream Republican with name recognition to capture independents and conservative Democrats it was game over, craps for Sen. Reid.

But can we really be so sure that a moderate will beat someone so far to the right. Sharron Angle mentioned Ronald Reagan on the TV news. She said that a candidate need not worry about being too conservative. What if she is right? Can she win? Can Democrats just expect an easy campaign? This would not be the first time the center-left has underestimated the far-right’s ability to elect the most repugnant people to office. Get rid of Social Security? This should scare the devil out of seniors who have learned to rely on such services. But the voters have voted in some strange people before and we can’t count on folks to vote what is in their interest.
-សតិវ អតុ

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