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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How does both the Marxist and capitalist philosophical crisis get stimulus from the each other?

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By Ayub Mohammed
Many ancient human settlements have been emerged, existed, and taken its directions either on its own to exist for many centuries with its internal subjective developments basing upon its specialized principles in each and in every sphere against its external threats which were always tended to assimilate it into or to be mixed into it by its own ways under leading strategical movements besides bearing the natural disasters and calamities including internal conflicts but necessarily showed its form either in winning, or in merging into its another apposite units on the form for another new shape in the global world. And many were destroyed either by natural disasters or in aggressions of other societies in wars in many parts of the world.

Every one had its own cases and in each case the reasons were different and it is not possible to apply the common philosophy in its growth and in destructions. In such a way many societies and settlements were emerged, existed and merged with one another is the case of generality of the issues in the history by finding the special qualities of its own in its particularity which could not be found to see it from far and distanced stand without showing any interest about its changes occurs bit by bit in its every sphere from time to time like the waves in ocean in the history of ancient civilizations .this article covers from the period such origins of settlements to the period emergence of Christianity only with usual indications about Indian history in which many blank periods I can say have to be patched up by many inventions in the lines of other historical time lines on the global scale.

It was the king Manes, whose name was known in uniting the two parts of the Egypt as he was belonged to the first in the pharaoh's list and it had been associated in mythology and the real human's lists under demigods in the Egyptian mythology and in archaeology. So that his role of this first king in the list of pharaoh's of Egypt could not denied either in any way for the proof of his existence at that time or in the list of demigods in the minds of the Egyptian, and Ethiopian people even present now in uniting the two parts of the Egyptian kingdom. According to a traditional belief, he found the city Memphis in the island of Nile. He builds the first temple to the god Ptah there and made good relations with cannons and Byblos. He was buried in Saqqara in Memphis at the age of sixty three. His son was next to throne of his father after attaining his age according to his wife at that time.
There was a custom for building temples in the memory of the kings and royal dignitaries at that time too in the remote past of the Moses period in the area of African region. In the depth of finding the relations between the king and the god in such a remote area of time and at the nearest point of human origins were found the thin line between the two factors religion and the state was erased and leading un to the mix in the form of demigods and king gods in the semi human and half or in less human forms we could see there and the commonality about the existence of physical humans were available on the pallets, clays, and on the animal skins at that time. at the same time the kings identification was made available with the picture in drawing the wild animals such as bulls, lions, beasts, and some other such animals which indicated that the kings were identified with such wild animals by killing them or defeating them for their needs and demands in that civilizations.

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