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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We can’t ignore the ignorance and absurdity of the Tea Party – Part 1

While I occasionally support some local Democrats here in Kansas, this blog is officially independent of any political parties. I also consider myself to lean toward a Maoist political philosophy. I do support the parties of the Revolutionary International Movement (RIM) and some like minded parties. But there are many on the Marxist-Leninist left who feel we should NOT dwell on the right-wing antics of the Republican Party.....

But seriously…..Can a site such as this one really ignore the outright ridiculous arguments of the US right-wing. That especially goes for the Tea Party.

They get plenty of coverage from the mainstream media as if they were universally loved and supported by nearly every US citizen……..which is a load of crap.
Their latest stunt is to erect a huge billboard. Members of this group have a full size billboard posting a so called community service announcement. in Mason City, Iowa.

Just take a look. Click on it to make it slightly larger.

This is typical of the absurd arguments this group continues to make. There’s his likeness to V.I. Lenin. The Tea Party keeps making the absurd accusation that President Barack Obama is a communist.
That argument can has been covered before on this blog in the past and here is another blog-site that exposes the absolute non-sense behind these accusations:

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner :
“Tea Party Billboard absurd and offensive”
The NAACP has complained the bill board is racist.
This argument, that these backward rednecks are racist, is covered on Barack Obama Legacy Examiner by Dexter Rogers:
“Tea Party members erect racist sign linking President Obama to Adolf Hitler…..”
Otto's War Room does not officially support Obama, but at the same time we are in agreement that he is not a socialist or a Marxist. He doesn’t want that label and those of us who do, don’t want our politics to get confused with his.
This is just part 1 of exposing some of their absurd arguments. I hope to continue with a look at global warming which they say is a “scam” and some of their other more ridiculous claims they make. -សតិវ អតុ

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