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Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Iraq really over?

Troops are leaving Iraq and the reaction from the US press is “ataboy” to a job well done. (We leave behind 50,000 troops).
Now that we are leaving, we hear all these self congratulating military people talking about how they “gave these people democracy and they will now have to make it work.”
Another way of looking at it is that we came to invade and leave these people with a mess to clean up and now it’s their time to clean it up.
We left them a democratic puppet government that will make sure only pro-American leaders get elected. They will make sure our economic interests are taken care of first. We get cheap gas, they get car bombs.
Below is an example of an article from The Wichita Eagle. This is the US take on US involvement in Iraq. Below that is an article from (MLR) of IRAQ. This gives us a look at how some of Iraq’s opposition saw the invasion and occupation of their country.
Many of us realize this was George Bush’s war, it was his personal attempt at creating his own empire, it had nothing at all to do with democracy and to even imply that is a bold face lie and an insult to the idea of democracy.
It has set the US on a path of constant war, and it is a war we will never see come to an end. It is the beginning of a war over Middle-east resources that no realistic Arab person will ever agree to. Worst of all, it is a scam that takes the lives of America’s young, ignorant and poor people to waist their lives so that a bunch of old men and women can drive large vehicles using cheap gas,
This has been a despicable scam on the American people and one for which some of us will never forget nor forgive. - សតិវ អតុ

From The Wichita Eagle;
Coverage of Iraq exit shows networks' differences
AP Television Writer
Maya Alleruzzo/AP Photo
The last in a convoy of U.S. Army Stryker armored vehicles leave Iraq at the Khabari border crossing into Kuwait, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2010. The U.S. Army's 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division is the last combat brigade to leave Iraq as part of the drawdown of U.S. forces.
NEW YORK - Nowhere was the difference between the cable news networks on starker display than in prime-time coverage on the night the last American combat brigade left Iraq following a war that started seven years and five months ago.
MSNBC devoted its entire prime-time footprint to the story, with Richard Engel riding with the troops in a specially equipped vehicle and host Rachel Maddow based in Baghdad. Keith Olbermann anchored the coverage from a New York studio.
Fox News Channel devoted just under 10 minutes to the story, much of it during Shepard Smith's 7 p.m. newscast. The network spent 45 minutes discussing the potential construction of an Islamic cultural center near ground zero, while that story wasn't mentioned on MSNBC at all. CNN, meanwhile, spent an hour on each story.

From the Marxist Leninist Revolutionaries of Iraq

Arabic to English translation (Google)

Show romanization
U.S. imperialist state before and after September 11 Domination and invasion of terrorism or democracy ...??? Of terrorizing the ... And the prey of??? Are people intimidated by the imperialists and predators or terrorize the people and the imperialists If terssounaa??? Capitalism inherently "dictatorship of terror" Is the list of Geneva, which was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in December 10, 1948 the so-called List of human rights practices are consistent imperialists or what, although the idea that human rights bourgeoisie Purely as Marx pointed out that as the theory of human rights in principle the idea of the bourgeoisie. America opens the appetite of distorting even the bourgeoisie, which codified the regulations signed by the order to comply with Will it give to America in order to conduct experiments on rats detainees secret prisons here and there and prison Abu Ghraib, as did its customer butcher Saddam Hussein detainees, as do customers in the entity Zionist Kurdistan through two Barractn Asayish personnel and criminals Barzani and Talabani As they do their customers Jahoush Badr Jahoush issued to prisoners in retaliation for refusing to myths, this America sponsor of democracy and the law of the so-called human rights and sponsors of terrorism, and these thugs are Customers and dogs and bin Laden is just a colt from Jhoucha, graduate schools, C-E any terrorist Islamist extremists that are advanced or Abu are the owners Yankee imperialist Yankee planting in Afghanistan They received their training there, and terrorist fronts opened their war against the government of Najibullah's pro-imperialist SSR at the time, even worshiped by the American hegemony on the Middle East and Asia. Is it to give us an example of the Islamic regime, or a national Aimarss terrorism??? Any system of the Middle East to Aistnd on terrorism and the suppression of his people is Iran Islamic extremism The infamous arrest of innocent people and that they are testing mice and then their attachment to cranes in the squares General Ballahoiziin as they do today, and brazenly is the stoning of women stoned to death and innocent skin The presence and under the supervision of the owners of the torturer turbans Almkrven ... That torture and terrorize surveyors became Normal daily things in the prisons of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Israel and Turkey Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states and Jordan, Alemraep in these countries, crushed the ball for her father and sold women As well as girls under the age of majority and deposits and backsides. Mwamrap America on North Korea by South Korea and Japan in cooperation corrupting Chinese To restore its hegemony over East Asia to divide prevented stability in the countries of East Asia, but has faced The steadfastness of North Korea, which stood her face, and shattered dreams of imperialists pursuing to develop its Taruchip nuclear without fear or fear of the imperialists, and the other hand, the Maoist Communist movement In Nepal fought a war in the contemporary experience of proletarian roots, which in turn shake castles clients Yankee imperialist, and rose as Asian and global proletariat, and in the light of the philosophy of the Communist Party Maoist Nepal and experience in contemporary popular to go to war and defeat of the proletarian equations revisionism Showing was a victory not seen in the twenty-first century, and in the light of the purity of the principles of the party Maoist Communist Party led by Comrade Prachanda, Seed Seeds of revolution of the proletariat, and left follow the example of revolutionary experience By others and in the light of this grand experiment began Mndmat parties and Maoist communism in the continent Asia and other spots of the world. No matter if the imperialists burned their people and the peoples of the world for that they get on Atmahm and safety of domination, and control of the oil. Thousands of innocent U.S. citizens were victims of the terrorism of U.S. imperialism and terror Boukzm grew up and graduated intelligence services, terrorist, statesman, what happened on Sept. 11 five years ago Happened in America and by graduates of schools (an AC E) and not outside its borders until the fire is moving The crisis to the outside of the U.S. border, the guilt of the people paying Vactorp the crisis between Islamic imperialism and its customers, people are not responsible for the Islamists, who American clients America is interested in prosecution, because they were creature is followed, that the reactionary superstitious theories of bin Laden And al-Zawahiri school graduates an AC E., schools, Zionism is a stumbling block in the U.S. The evolution and the emancipation of the peoples of the region of slavery and social backwardness, ignorance and superstition, this Legendary theory comes from the favor of America and global capitalism itself, and serve their interests and dominance Myths that bin Laden and Zawahiri and his gang escort vessels, is Kkravat Aflaq and Barzani and myths Shia turbans Nbarralsitrp capitalism religious, tribal and ethnic chauvinism on the Iraqi people The diameters of the peoples of the Middle East this Yankee imperialist, who intends to achieve. U.S. imperialism has undergone since that phase before H-terrorism inflicted on the nuclear Alguenbltien Population of Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nakzackhe, America Zmn enter a new phase and to begin preliminary Actual invasion of the target countries, and wholesale genocide of their people, as it did in Vietnam, and what it did to Iraq before Other customers with the cooperation of criminals from the Baathists and the Kurdistan and the Shi'ite turbans and tribal leaders Dropped when the lava at the top of nuclear isolation in the population of Hiroshima and Nakzackhe, I wonder if it was Of the objectives of combating terrorism, or is the whole entry imperialists transition from terrorism to the stage Genocide, which is under the sharp sword, which are resistant to invasion by all Lawynh, we dealt with on Hiroshima Nakzackhe and before touching on Korea, Vietnam and many other spots of the world map which were invaded by Colonial wars of aggression war hegemony of the strong over the weak. . Bush planned colonial roots watered with the blood of the proletariat Iraq and the Middle East countries to expand Areas of influence in the countries of the Third World to the plundering of the wealth of the genocide of their people, suggesting the first step The oil-rich Middle East and disrupting its map to a million fragments even easier for them to servitude and humiliation of the peoples of the The region and cutting the Middle East to (other Zionist entities) like Israel, which they have achieved in this Northern and southern Iraq, who made the Zionist entity "of Kurdistan and the Shiite." Bush meant when we say America, cartels, and cartels with Bush and America: Is this the Middle East today and tomorrow the whole world, as in yesterday's lifting of Adolf Hitler's slogan (today Germany Europe and tomorrow and then the whole world), and to divide the Middle East to facilitate the hegemony of them, have completed American map of new dividing Saiki Pico No. 2, that this map outbreak given the opportunity Imperialist intervention in preparation for the invasion of countries in the Middle East spot live parasites Alrasmalen Americans The misery, poverty, hunger and misery of the proletariat proletariat U.S. and third world countries. Imperialism means of exploitation, racism, sexual Excellence War, genocide, poverty, destruction, destruction of the environment The only solution is revolution here and around the world

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