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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


From El Diario International

Google Translation:

His second government recently enacted several legislative decrees clearly prejudicial against the most elementary rights of individuals to justice, preying on special dedication to the families affected by the death and disappearance of their loved ones (parents, siblings, children / as, etc) that they have been demanding justice for over 20 years with crimes against humanity committed by State agencies (military, police and others).

Garcia's obsession is to achieve by all means the release of all military and police officers accused in court of being directly responsible for committing these horrific crimes and found no greater collaboration in their obstinate purposes that the slow action and lack of interest of judges and prosecutors involved in prosecuting these criminals. Both the APRA and the previous government have maintained a clear and undeniable obstructionist attitude to the action of a few honest judges and prosecutors who have tried to accelerate their research by asking the necessary information the War Department over personnel who committed the massacres and killings, especially of those who ordered, mainly in remote areas of our mountains, and with insulting stupidity Cerradicas have refused to deliver it.

On the other hand García has not yet been brought to court for being responsible for the commission of crimes of state during his first term, several of which are precisely in judicial investigation, which has escaped the influence corrupt bureaucracy within the judiciary Apra. It is therefore entirely understandable concern to establish a legal framework that would allow him as a murderer and rapist to human rights, escape justice. But the impunity currently enjoyed will not last forever and will have to take responsibility.

What can we do the families of more than 15,000 victims of missing the vast majority of criminal action of military and police so far have no information about his fate and even less where they found his remains, on the one hand, and other undetermined number of people killed in front of witnesses, their bodies left, whose perpetrators are still protected by the state?

The simple answer is simple and organized to address the policy of impunity that APRA maintains, through joint actions and real, so that the public knows that the struggle for justice in our country is not over after the sentencing to Fujimori, many murderers loose, many truths which we must justice.

These rulers traffic in our grief, has turned to justice not as a means to remedy according to the principles of a civilized society but as a tool to prolong the torture and crime has been elevated to the category of untouchable institution for justice. But not very long way to scroll this impunity, nor taken away from the murderers in uniform seal such because society is repugnant to these measures and that becomes a potential victim of the recurrence of these serious crimes against humanity, both these DL no other destiny awaits the garbage bin, where they should go out anymore.

From Impunity Coordinator - CCI all Peruvians call especially to the families of victims of crimes of state to join efforts in the next actions to be carried out against these decrees, which bear the name of Garcia and every murderer , which he claims to defend.

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