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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

EPA cracks down on Kansas--it's about time

From Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner;

Many rural Kansans have hated the Environmental Protection Agency for the last 30 years. Many of Kansas Republican legislators have listened to their constituents and fought any kind of EPA regulations. The EPA is now making demands on the State of Kansas to cut greenhouse gasses.
According to The Wichita Eagle;

“Federal officials told Kansas legislators Thursday that the state will be expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions as it considers air quality permits for power plants, large factories and oil refineries. If it refuses, the Environmental Protection Agency could step in.

Regional EPA Administrator Karl Brooks said the state must revise its permitting program to cover manmade greenhouse gas emissions, which are blamed for global climate change. And Mark Smith, the regional office's air permitting and compliance chief, said the EPA could impose changes if the state doesn't comply.”

For a long time rural people in Kansas have treated the EPA as if it was the Stasi of East Germany or the Gestapo of NAZI Germany. They are seen as this government agency that bullies them and tells them what to do against their will. Naturally, those who get elected from such districts have to be sympathetic to these people.

But while many Americans have hidden their heads in the sand and tried to deny the obvious, real scientist are alarmed at how fast global whether changes are taking place and the EPA will have to get serious with the buffoons in the Kansas legislature who are pandering to the anti-environmentalists.

Again in The Wichita Eagle;

“They made the statements during a meeting of the Legislature's Joint Committee on Energy and Environmental Policy. While Brooks defended the new rules, taking effect Jan. 2, as "commonsense" standards for limiting greenhouse gas emissions, lawmakers vented their frustration about their inability to prevent the upcoming changes.

"I don't like it," Rep. Carl Dean Holmes, R-Liberal, said during a break in the committee's meeting. "We're going to be forcing our manufacturing — what we've got left in this country — overseas."

Holmes and other Republicans will say anything to combat the EPA. While they blather on about economic issues, the rest of us in Kansas worry that scientist might be right when they warn that this state will eventually become a desert unable to grow anything during the summer.

In other words we can’t just ignore the dangers for a quick buck. Holmes and those like her are willing to bring the state of Kansas down in a natural catastrophe for a short-term gain. It’s time for the rest of us to stand up to these people and let them know we’ve had enough of their non-sense.

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