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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Opt-Out Notice for Military Recruitment, HS Juniors and Seniors

If you are the parent or guardian of an 11th- or 12th-grader enrolled in publicschool, please read on.

August 17 at 2:00pm - September 20 at 3:00pm

According to the No Child Left Behind Act, your school must release your child's contact information on demand to military recruiters. But if you act now, you can stop these recruiters from invading the privacy of your home by trying to convince your child to join the military. To say "no" to the school's release of your child'...s information, you must inform the school in writing of your desires no later than Sept. 20.

If your children are enrolled in the Wichita school district, there is a simple form that should have been provided with their enrollment materials; if not, it should still be available at the school. Last school year, 57 percent of the parents of 11th- and 12th-graders in Wichita high schools signed this form to opt out of releasing their children's information to recruiters.

If you have problems getting this form from your school, or if you live outside the Wichita school district and need help with what to write to opt out, call the Peace and Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas at 316-263-5886.

Print and sign this generic form if you do not have a form available in your enrollment packet:

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