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Monday, September 06, 2010

The Republican Party—the system is broke and We’re screwed

So far polls are predicting that the Republican Party will win next November and they will win big. According to The Wichita Eagle;
“November is looking bright for Republicans. According to a new Gallup poll, Republicans lead Democrats by 51 to 41 percent in a generic ballot of congressional voting preferences. The 10-point lead is the GOP’s largest so far this year. What’s even more favorable for the GOP is enthusiasm.”
While there are plenty of actual legitimate complaints about our present government, such as bailing out failed banks and other large corporations while common working class and middle class persons lose their jobs or homes. But returning to the Republicans is just switching back to a set of values and principles that have already proven to be a failure. There are only two parties to this political system so the electorate just yo-yos back and forth between two failed parties. After 2 years in office President Brarack Obama has gotten a watered down health reform bill that fails to do what is really needed, while the real creeps, such as Sarah Palin, want to roll back even the modest of reforms, no doubt to give back all control of our health care to insurance companies.
Ever since Ronald Reagan, the American electorate has stuck to the Republican Party like flies on shit. Occasionally they put in a Democrat, then quickly give the congress to the Republicans so that Democratic presidents (Bill Clinton and now Obama) have no chance of getting any substantial change through. Health care failed with the Clintons and there is now a good chance everything Obama has done will be rolled back when the Republicans return.
Every time the system fails to solve the nation’s problems, the Republicans turn further to the right. It almost resembles a comedy of errors, except it is getting harder to laugh at people who are out to destroy what few benefits this country has to offer its citizens.
While Americans continue to try and escape into the past, they become nastier, mean spirited, selfish, egotistical, and down right hateful. Gays, illegal immigrants and Moslems have become the latest scapegoats. Rallies held by the Tea Party or anti-Moslem groups, such as those in New York, have become ugly mob scenes as conservative bigots scream at people, insult them like bullies on a grade school playground and some have even tried to engage in fist fights. They are like a bunch of children throwing tantrums because they can’t get what they want.
At present, these people are the ones shaping our future. Palin and her allies seem to want to roll back every progressive measure since the beginning of Franklin D. Roosevelt. They seem to want to return to the days of Herbert Hoover and the Hoovervilles, the slums of tents thrown together overnight for those who lost their homes, jobs and pretty much everything else they owned at one time. Socials Security and unemployment insurance is in danger of being cut or ruined through some type of privatization scheme.
We keep wondering, how far to the right can this country leap before it rips apart into open class warfare. The Democratic Party can’t seem to grasp a clear message or workable alternative to the Republicans. They are still a party dominated by incompetent fools.
The system is broken down. Socialist revolution is the best alternative, but right now the older generation uses words such as socialist, liberal and communist as if they are interchangeable and the ultimate insult. The one thing they can’t see happenings is that younger people don’t see these labels with the contempt of the older generation. Now is the time more than ever to push for real change. It may take years to actually generate, but it is time to tear the country apart they way the New Left did in the 1960s and early 1970s. -សតិវ អតុ


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