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Monday, September 06, 2010

What can we expect from a Tea Party take over of the Republican Party?

Wichita Peace and Freedom Party Examiner

So far polls are predicting that the Republican Party will win next November and they will win big. According to The Wichita Eagle;
“November is looking bright for Republicans. According to a new Galluppoll, Republicans lead Democrats by 51 to 41 percent in a generic ballot of congressional voting preferences. The 10-point lead is the GOP’s largest so far this year. What’s even more favorable for the GOP is enthusiasm.”
This is not surprising considering that jobs are the main issue and the economy is terrible. Ironically the economy went sour in the George Bush years, so it was not a question of Democrats causing joblessness and a shabby economy. It was a question of fixing it and they haven’t.
We only have two political parties in this country so if voters are unhappy with one, they can vote in the other. If things don’t improve after that they switch back. It’s kind of like a yo-yo.
If there is one big difference this year it is the Tea Party and its influence on the Republican Party. We know what to expect for the ordinary, traditional Republican candidates, but this new group of yahoos are from the wacky far-right, following such controversial figures as Sarah Palin.
According to The Wichita Eagle, several long term Republican incumbents and some open seats are now filled with those who openly have aligned themselves with the Tea Party;
“Is the tea party the new Republican Party?
The network displayed its power in its biggest triumph of the election year: the toppling of Sen. Lisa Murkowski in Alaska's GOP primary. Political novice Joe Miller is the fifth tea party insurgent to win a GOP Senate nominating contest, an upset that few saw coming.
With that outcome, the fledgling tea party coalition and voters who identify with its anti-tax, anti-spending sentiments proved that the tea party has taken hold in the Grand Old Party, unseating lawmakers, capturing nominations for open seats and forcing Republicans to recalibrate their campaign strategy and issues agenda.”
Some of these people make Bob Dole and Ronald Reagan look like far left liberals. It’s as if they want to roll back every form of progressive change in this country since before Franklin D. Roosevelt. This is no exaggeration. Sharron Angle of Nevada, has proposed either doing away with or privatizing social security. She also favors cutting unemployment at a time when this country has a problem with its citizens finding work. Other Tea Party candidates, such as Ron Johnson, the Tea Party-backed Senate candidate challenging Russ Feingold in Wisconsin; and Senator Richard Burr of North Carolina have agreed with her.
Cutting benefits to the jobless workers at a time like this is both irresponsible and dangerous. People who lose their jobs will lose their homes and a lot more. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Tea Party. I plan to write more on this in later blogs.

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