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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Italian CARC comments on recent environmental disaster

Party of the  Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) – Italy;

Let’s support the popular masses of Terzigno and of Campania!
The territory and health are common goods, such as work, education, water!
To rebel against whom is devastating and starving is right!
Off with Berlusconi’s gang! A popular emergency government should take its place!

• Let all true democrats, progressives, the civil society mobilize and take a stand to stop the police violence against the masses and to support the thousands of people taking the streets in defense of their land and their lives.

• Let the largest and most influential popular organizations, starting from the Metal Workers Union and from grassroots trade unions, from organizations that defend the Constitution and the environment, call protests and demonstrations to break the siege of Terzigno.
• Let Landini, Cremaschi, Flores D’Arcais, Margherita Hack, Don Gallo and all the promoters of the great demonstration of 16th October follow up to the expectations, feelings and the will that hundreds of thousands of workers, laborers, women, youth, immigrants and intellectuals have expressed in that event, spearheading the mass movement to oust Berlusconi and build an emergency government of the people.

Their struggle is our struggle. Let’s support the people of Terzigno!
Let’s support it with demonstrations, pickets, stands, public statements: a movement in opinion and in the squares in solidarity with those who rebel against the speculations of politicians and criminals, which strengthens the struggle to oust Berlusconi’s gang, giving one single and constructive objective to the workers and people’s organizations that took to the streets on October 16th against the “social pact” of Marchionne, the FIAT manager, against the reactionary drift and the environmental devastation: to establish their own popular emergency government to remedy immediately the worst effects of the economic and environmental crises!
“When a social order is unjust, the disorder is the first step to establish a just social order”!

“It is civil war,” so the people of Terzigno define what is going on in these days and that the mass media, with few exceptions, dismiss as “clashes and skirmishes”: continued charges by police, Carabinieri and Revenue Guard Corps, raids, clubbing on women and children, beatings and even serious casualties, seizure of television cameras. The government has mandated to open a second landfill in the area and are trying to do it sending anti-riot units. The message is clear: you are condemned to live and die in the waste, and if you do not agree we beat you!
They are right: in Terzigno they are fighting a war!
On the one side there are the government and local authorities. Prestigiacomo, Minister of the Environment,, Caldoro, President of the Region,, the police chief Manganelli (the butcher of Diaz and Bolzaneto barracks in Genoa G8, when Carlo Giuliani was killed), refrain that “the law provides for the opening of the new landfill and the law must be respected” . IT IS NOT TRUE! The law to which they refer (Decree 90/2008) is no longer active and was a law derogating other national and European regulations! Berlusconi and his partners, accomplices and cronies are not the first to not comply with laws and trample on the Constitution, but they would like to impose on the masses an unjust, criminal and even no longer in force law with the planned and brutal violence! Anyway, especially if a law means devastation of a territory, death and disease, then the law is not good and to not respect it is an act of justice and civilization!
There are the instigators of this criminal government, there are the Impregilo, the company leader in buildings, and the Camorra, there are the high priests and the “Gentlemen of His Holiness the Pope,” there are the Masonic Lodge P3 and the whole race of criminals which Berlusconi has unleashed and who under his wing take the lion’s share in plundering workers and devastating the environment: they do not care to solve the problem of waste, they only care about what makes money, for them “rubbish is gold”, and it is important is that it continues to be gold.

On the other side, there is a population defending the territory in which it lives, the public health and its future itself by every means, with courage, determination and heroism!
This population is asserting its right to decide for itself about their land and their lives: what they are doing Bossi and the Northern League, the champions of “local autonomy”, apart from sitting down in the central government and persecuting immigrants? What is the Northern League Minister of Interior Maroni doing apart from sending police to beat up the inhabitants of Terzigno?
This population is doing the “defense of life” a guide to action and a way of life: where are the Cardinal Sepe, the Pope Ratzinger and all senior cardinals? If they are not in the square with the inhabitants of Terzigno is because their “defense of life” is just a tool to deny women the assistance in case of termination of pregnancy and to couples who can not have children the possibility to have them or to force-fed the terminally ill patients!
The struggle of Terzigno is the struggle of the movement No TAV, against the High Speed Trains, of No Dal Molin, against the NATO bases,, of FIAT workers in Pomigliano and Melfi, of the workers of Fincantieri and Indesit, of the Sardinian shepherds, of the short term contracts teachers, of the students, of the immigrants.

The ‘order’ that the Berlusconi government wants to impose with the police in Terzigno is the same that Marchionne and the bosses want to impose through blackmail and retaliation in Pomigliano and in all companies, it is the same that the imperialists and Zionists want to impose with the torture and “smart” bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq, in Palestine, it is the same that the Indian government want to impose with genocide of its people and environmental devastation of its land with the Operation Green Hunt.
It is the “order” against which thousands of workers and popular organizations took to the streets October 16, answering to the call by FIOM.

To rebel against an “order” of devastation, misery, war and death is healthy, just and legitimate! This is a precondition for building a future for us, for our children and for our country!
 ”When a social order is unjust, the disorder is the first step to establish a more just social order”!
It is legitimate everything the workers and the masses need to live and work in dignity, even if it’s illegal!
Solidarity with the struggle of Terzigno! Freedom for the protesters who were arrested!

The struggle of Terzigno is not only a battle against the landfill, is a battle for a healthy environment to live and raise our children, is a battle for freedom and civilization, for the future of us all!

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