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Monday, November 22, 2010

NATO is just another Imperialist facade

We have always been told that NATO was formed to protect us from the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact. Of course that was only part of it. It has also been used to control the countries under the NATO alliance. The US invaded Greece and Turkey to stop internal revolutions in 1947.
NATO not only put an army along the borders of the Warsaw Pact countries, it also crushed internal opposition rebellions in the capitalist Western European countries. Once the cold war ended, we saw that NATO was in fact an imperialist machine, which was far less interested in defense from a foreign power, but a control mechanism for Western powers, mainly lead by the US. Today NATO sends token troops to US puppet governments, such as those installed in Iraq and Afghanistan. As with the UN during the Korean War and the war in Afghanistan today, NATO creates the allusion that actions taken unilaterally by the US are supposedly actions taken by the western alliance of Europe as a whole.
NATO is an imperialist mirage. It was always about US hegemony and today it stands as a blatant and naked tool of the world’s last empire.
Recently NATO nations have discussed a “shield against Iran.” It is not a defensive shield but another attempt to bully or invade a country that does not support US interests in the Middle East -សតិវ អតុ

NATO shield against Iran is unnecessary, NATO is also unnecessary

Back in the cold war we were told in school that NATO was put together as an alliance to protect us from a Soviet invasion. The line was drawn between the Soviet bloc countries such as Poland and East Germany and the Western countries that joined NATO specifically to shield against an invasion by the Soviet Union or its alliance, the Warsaw Pact.
Now there is neither a Warsaw Pact nor a Soviet Union. The enemy is gone and yet NATO has expanded rather than being dismantled. Now nearly all of the countries in Europe are part of NATO, including the very countries we were supposed to be afraid of. So who is the enemy today?
According to the left-wing website Revolutionary Frontline;
“The recently concluded NATO summit in Lisbon, Portugal took place in the shadow of the deepening imperialist economic crisis in the US and the European Union. The same week as the summit, the EU and International Monetary Fund had to give Ireland hundreds of billions of dollars to save its failing banks, and Portugal may be next.”
So what does the economics of Europe have to do with a military alliance? The alliance is more of a club to share economic missions than to act as a military alliance.
According to the same Frontline article and the Sun Sentinel, NATO leaders announced a missile shield that will be deployed in stages beginning in 2011, against Iran. The entire thing deals with Iran and although much of this plan is worded as a “defence” shield, it seems to include the option of actually initiating an attack on Iran. Even if Iran is a nation of “unstable fanatics,” as the US has claimed, it is nothing like the heavily armed superpower in the Soviet Union that NATO was designed for. Also NATO was a defensive alliance during the cold war and there were no plans to attack the Soviet Union.
NATO has even invited Russia, the former Soviet Union, to join in this effort. The reality is that NATO is now a political alliance and is no longer needed for defence purposes. Iran, no matter how unstable, is not in any position to attack the US, Israel or any other of its neighbors. With Iraq already occupied by the US the Iranian government is more likely to fear aggressive attacks from the US or an ally rather than attacking one of its neighbors. It is not a super power as the Soviet Union was and to compare the two is ludicrous.
It’s time to put an end to NATO. Other organizations can be called on to carry out political or military missions of the US, which is the main country involved in Middle-east politics today. There is no need for a shield. It is pure politics and not a military defence. NATO is obsolete and needs to go.

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