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Thursday, December 30, 2010

The year 2010: Important news review

1 Afghanistan-This war drags on while President Barack Obama keeps pumping money and people into it. All year long this war keeps popping up in the news. Anti-war activist keep pushing for an end to this nation-building-empire-building war. The pundits for imperialism keep talking on how the US can win this war and keep coming up with excuses to continue until some kind of victory.
This will be a major theater of action next year as we try to shut this war down.

2. Indian revolution, Operation Green Hunt- The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has made major advances over the years in creating a “red corridor.” The Indian Government launched Operation Green Hunt to try and wipe the rebels out. They took some areas and cities, but overall the plan has failed to eradicate the rebels.

3. Nepal revolution- remains in a stalemate with the reactionary parties and the military. The United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is still working on a strategy to continue and expand their revolution. On the positive side they have not lost anything major in quite some time.

4. The Philippines- The New People’s Army and its political wing The Communist Party of the Philippines is expanding its revolution. It is not as advanced as it was during the Ferdinand Marcos era, but it has expanded since Corazon Aquinowas president.

5. Peru-The US and Peruvian government are worried about a resurgence of guerrilla violence. However, no one seems sure which faction is doing most of the fighting. There is the old guard which is still loyal to Chairman Gonzalo and another that is following a new group calling itself the Communist Party of Peru (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist).

6. Korea- There has been constant tension between North and South Korea. The North has actually fired some shells at the South, but so far it has not yet escalated to war. There have been arguments by leftist groups as whether or not to actually support the government in the North, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

7. Italy- Partito dei Comitati di Appoggio alla Resistenza - per il Comunismo (CARC) continues to build block governments and may be one of the most active Maoist groups in Europe.

8. Young Americans don’t hate socialism- according to a new poll by Pew. The anti-socialism attitudes of the Tea Party activist may be those of an era that is about to come to a close soon. This means the possibility of opening up new debates among the US youth as to the merits of socialism.

9. The mainstream British press noticed a rise in Marxism-

This came from an article published in Times Online.

10. Maoist and Marxist organizations appear to be showing up in more and more countries, including those of the old Warsaw Pact. We had a Trotsky group send in an article from Romania.
The main thing we need to do is promote Marxism, Maoism and socialism in general here in the US. A Socialist Party has formed at the local university, Wichita State University. We need to encourage all socialists in this area to keep active and keep open the debates for change. -សតិវ អតុ

For more local stories;

2010: the year in review

A number of items made big news this year. The top ten were;

Wikileaks released thousands of documents about US foreign policy. So far most of it is predictable and most of the information is more of an embarrassment more than anything else. But it will take some time for anyone to examine all the files.

The Tea Party Republicans captured much of the US House of Representatives this year, in a major election. They have yet to hold office and their impact on US politics is still a wild card for now. The Tea Party is a careful blend of populism with Herbert Hoover politics and a lot of quackery thrown in.

This year’s elections were unusually dirty. Extremist ran against moderate Republicans and the name calling and fear mongering took part on both sides.

Political activist were arrested for anti-war activities. Members of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization were accused of having connections to terrorist groups based on the possibility that some of their members may have met with groups that the US government has accused of being terrorists.
People who protested at the 2008 Republican National Convention were also prosecuted as terrorists. Several people were arrested for protesting that event and eight are still dealing with criminal legal charges against them.  

Arizona tried to pass an illegal immigrant law that the rest of the country saw as pure discrimination.

The War on Drugs got worse this year. Mexican violence over drug cartels has spiraled out of control. Here at home old people were being arrested for having marijuana and in Wichita a drug treatment center, Parallax, was closed down.

Abortion stayed in the news. Scott Roeder, who killed Dr. George Tiller, was found guilty and put away. Two new doctors, Mila Means and Greg Linhardt, are planning to take his place performing abortions in Wichita once again. This means a return to the political abortion wars.

Gays finally got the right to serve openly in the US military.

The Health care debate continued into 2010 this year. A bill was finally passed. It gave neither liberals nor conservatives what they really wanted.

The Islam center at ground zero of 9/11 was a major controversy. It brought out the worst of Americans.

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