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Saturday, January 01, 2011

From Bolivia: From the FRP

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Dear Colleagues
We sent a statement of the People's Revolutionary Front in relation to the pro-imperialist reactionary measures taken by the reformist government of Evo Morales. The Bolivian people have risen against the policies of Morales and his struggle is on the rise.
Revolutionary Greetings

People's Revolutionary Front Except power, all is illusion! Lenin Email: Website:
Combat pro-imperialist policies of Evo Morales

The old landlord bureaucracy got in the period 2000-2005 by a major crisis. This is being overcome through a restructuring process by the shift manager Evo Morales and his Movement Toward Socialism in management pompously called "cultural democratic revolution. " Morales implemented policies of conciliation with imperialism through renegotiation of contracts with oil companies, a policy it called nationalization.

The government has said many times that is building a sovereign state, but there is no sovereignty when there is submission to imperialism. The gasolinazo launched by Evo Morales to the Bolivian people through their year-end holidays are the most concrete evidence of this submission, as we have been pointing out, is also a reaffirmation that Bolivia is a semi-colonial and bureaucratic capitalism develops in the country is under foreign domination.

On 26 December the government of Evo Morales announced in the most artful, through the Vice President Alvaro Garcia Linera, the rising price of petrol and diesel by more than 80% giving a real blow to
the local economy.

This has been justified as necessary for MAS government officials, due to smuggling fuel to neighboring countries is "bleeding the national economy." While the smuggling problem is real and the government is unable to resolve for their complicity in it, the main problem lies elsewhere. Evo Morales has been recognized with some diffidence, has to do with the low production of gasoline by the small "investment" of transnational corporations. The problem is that "there has been no incentive for investment companies", the euphemistic language in simple terms means that TNCs were not wanted and the prices why not invest. Now with the imperialist companies gasolinazo double their income (from $ 27 to $ 59 per barrel), this is the real reason for gasolinazo.
The touted "nationalization" has no impact on fuel production, industrialization is pure demagogy. The old Bolivian State

simply have to bow my head against the requirements of imperialism and Evo Morales as a good servant is fulfilling this function.

Morales and his ministers have the gall to deny that this is a gasolinazo, a measure monetary fund, but the reality denies. The weight of this paquetazo fall on the backs of the poorest sectors. Compensatory measures to gasolinazo Morales announced in his message to the country on 29 December are for the protection of agro-industrial production (small, medium and large), ie to agribusiness, which is for export, for small farmers only promises uncertain irrigation projects, crop insurance inapplicable to its economy and a promise of "tractorisation." The Bolivian peasant lived and the introduction of tractors Venezuelan 2006-2007, was more a propaganda and benefit for MAS leaders. The small and poor peasantry only demagogic promises that something will be in the best, finishing in 2011.

For the urban sector, Morales announced a 20% increase in salaries for health and education, and how could it be otherwise for the murderous military and police forces. They will benefit most, particularly the officers who has a series of "incentives" from the government of Evo. What will the rest of the economically active population, which is not employed and represents over 70% of the population, the promise is to create jobs, how, when, do not say anything about it. Again, the poorest bear the gasolinazo. And they say that it is a measure neoliberal!

These offers can not even cover increases in commodity prices that have already been registered. The passenger climbed more than 50% (the government authorized 30%), some foods nearly reach 100%, the government has raised prices in its trading business by 15%. Need to see the effects in other areas because of the new rates. The government also ensures that companies do not fire workers under the pretext of not being able to increase salaries.

More than five years of government of Evo Morales has not significantly changed the country's economic reality, the base salary is around $ 95, that is, live with some $ 3 a day, but a large percentage of the population earns this salary. Self-employment, outsourced, with traces of servitude, with no benefits and in the worst conditions are the reality of most Bolivians. Poverty rates have not improved nearly 30 years, agricultural production, particularly in the areas of small farms, is delivered to their fate, while the government encourages begging through their bonds financed by the World Bank. The sector that has benefited Morales has been the financial, banks have been offered big money to invest in the government. TNCs also continue to have good earnings, especially transnational mining companies still working with a mining code adopted in the regime of Sanchez de Lozada.

Nothing new has announced the demagogue Morales on December 29, just old promises. If anything has served to expose the gasolinazo is the label of socialism and revolution that the self-styled "change process" is passing on all the time with millions propaganda. He has also served to expose all the political clientele of trade union official in the government environment in exchange for privileges and money, leaders who traffic with the wishes of the people who do not hesitate to deceive their bases and connect them to the government project ; eternal leaders who have specialized in meeting their personal desires gamonalillos true that betray every day the hopes of the poorest people and exploited.

The government of the Movement Toward Socialism bureaucratic capitalism deepened the country intensifies its policy of alliance with imperialism satisfying the interests of imperialist companies. Since this is not what the government said "we want partners, not bosses, this time Evo Morales, his party and the whole pack of managers that accompany it have shown the pro-imperialist servile attitude to the detriment of the poorest population. It also reaffirms its commitment to the big bourgeoisie and landlords through its support to agribusiness.

The indignation of the people is great and it went, but without political leadership, decisively in various protest actions where Evo called traitor and calling for his resignation. The fight against pro-imperialist actions of this government is on the agenda, the struggle for better pay, which has now been beaten severely, is urgently needed. But we must not forget that the economic struggle should be linked to political struggle. It is necessary to construct a class line in the popular movement, to expel from the ranks of the popular movement leaders traitors sold to the government, exposing the opportunists and revisionists who are supportive of the government responsible and take care to justify ideologically unfit defense "process of change."

The Bolivian people need to build your dream forefront of a lot better than the demagoguery MAS, a revolution to liberate the Bolivian people, create a new society and bury the old.

Down proimperialist gasolinazo Evo Morales!
Down with the traitors union leaders sold to the government of Evo!
Fighting for a real line in the popular movement class!
Building the Party to make the revolution!

People's Revolutionary Front
Bolivia, December 2010

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