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Friday, January 14, 2011

Itally--Call for solidarity

The resistance the popular masses are carrying out against the crisis in Italy makes steps onwards the socialist revolution. It is the resistance of the workers, of the Federation of Italian Metal Workers (FIOM) and of those who supported them against the attack launched in the spring by Marchionne, CEO of FIAT, at Pomigliano, which resulted in the demonstration of 16th October in Rome. With that demonstration the FIOM has become the center of aggregation of the movement of all categories and classes of the masses to cope with the crisis, that is to say the movement that actually goes towards the creation of an emergency government, the People's Bloc Government the (n) PCI proposed and promoted since the outbreak of the financial crisis of 2008. The FIOM has been confirmed as the centre of aggregation of popular masses’ movement with the big demonstration against the Berlusconi government on 14th December, and even today in the struggle against Marchionne, FIAT masters and all the top leaders of the Papal Republic that rules Italy, Berlusconi, the President of the Republic Napolitano, Pope Ratzinger and their retinues. All of them are aware of and party to the plan that FIAT is pursuing against the FIOM, against the workers, against all the laborers and the popular masses of our country. The Plan Marchionne is the only real plan to deal with the crisis that the Italian imperialist bourgeoisie has managed to put in place, inspired by the reactionary right wing (Berlusconi government, masters, speculators, mafia and cardinals). It is accepted and supported by trade unions of the regime slave to masters and to the government (CISL, UIL, UGL). It has also broad support in the moderate right wing (Democratic Party), in the same CGIL [the Italian General Federation of Labor, that includes FIOM, Editor’s Note] and even among those who call themselves leftists. The measures of Marchionne and its instigators and accomplices not only do not lead us out of the crisis but, if they are passed, they open the way to greater barbarism, misery, war between groups of masses, environmental destruction and war between states and between peoples! Not only they do not save enterprises (such as Mirafiori, Pomigliano, etc..) from closures and relocations, but they lead to slavery, to the material and moral degradation of all workers and the masses.

The FIOM, for its part, is aware that the battle is political, that this attack is going on against the rights and freedoms and all what the working class and the masses have won in the war of Resistance against fascism and by the struggles in the following decades. FIOM leaders can and must become aware that the political struggle requires a political solution. Doing so they will interpret the will of the hundreds of thousands of workers and popular masses who took to the streets in response to their call, not only AGAINST the government, but especially FOR building a political alternative able to cope with the crisis. FIOM, COBAS, the Base Trade Union (USB) (which called a general mobilization of their members) and other organizations that promoted and supported the demonstrations of 16th October and 14th December can and should take the lead in a mass movement to build an emergency government in the service of Workers Organizations and People’s Organizations, composed of people who enjoy the trust of Workers Organizations and People’s Organizations scattered all over the country, who are determined to give shape and force of a statute to the measures which case by case Workers Organizations and People’s Organizations concerned will indicate, even if such measures will be detrimental to the interests, privileges, customs, institutions and to the will of the rich, the world imperialist system and its “financial market“.

Only such a government can put an immediate remedy for the worst effects of the crisis, prevent them from forming again even if the crisis continues to rage in the world, as long as other countries will take similar measures to those that we will take, start Italy going on a road of renaissance and progress along with the other countries that gradually will become free from the imperialist world system.

We can win: at Mirafiori and all around the country!

This is the title of the today statement of the CC (n) PCI, that says: “We are not alone! On the contrary! They are the bosses who are increasingly abandoned by the popular masses rising. The masters are increasingly isolated and hated!

Throughout the world, from Tunisia to Nepal, from Algeria to Afghanistan, from India to Palestine is all a flurry of fights and riots against the course of things that the imperialist bourgeoisie, the clergy and the Vatican, the imperialist system world with its “financial market”, NATO, the IMF, the World Bank and the ECB, the G20, their “international community” impose on humanity. There is no country in which the owners are safe: in no European country, nor in Germany or in the USA! All the workers, and most of humanity are against them. Even where none is rising, the popular masses are discontented and restless. They do not know yet which way to go. The countries that will go ahead, will pave the way to others. “
FIOM, COBAS and USB will mobilize on 13th and 14th January, against the referendum by which Marchionne seek to impose on workers his “agreement” signed by his accomplices rightist trade unions, otherwise threatening to move production elsewhere, and on 28th January, for the nationwide strike of metalworkers.

Details on the 'agreement' that FIAT wants to impose the workers are in the statement sent on the mailing list of the European Social Forum by FIOM responsible for foreign relations, Alessandra Mecozzi, here enclosed (Attachment 1).

We ask all parties, all organizations and individuals to send messages of support for the struggle that FIOM heads, to, with copies also to CARC Party mail addresses (,

We ask you to sign in calls in and in Alternatively, reply to this message indicating your name and e-mail address, and we will put your signature at the sites reported.

Long live the struggle of FIAT workers!

Long live the struggle of the masses, in Italy and around the world!

Long live international solidarity!

Forward to victory!

Party of the Committees to Support Resistance – for Communism (CARC) - Italy

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