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Monday, January 31, 2011

A message of support for the uprisings in Tunisia and Morocco from the (MRL) of Iraq

A Google translation from Arabic to English;

Greetings glory of the Maoist communist movement to the proletarian world Tunisian rebel

The Ria answer to proletarian Tunisian language of the uprising that was taking triggered cover angrily yards and streets of cities in Tunisia, the substantive focus in responding to adversity with the class enemy, it's a viable option for the decision of the proletarian Tunisian brilliantly, this is a natural product of class struggle and not a product of the approach to the revisionist liberal with Alantdhar negative, and a product of the plurality of flowing into their curricula caudal and strategy miserable in capital projects, it's not in the scope of competition temporary, but a revolution layers indigestible, which is fighting for bread and freedom, and the system of justice and equality of the order (the socialist system) necessarily result in the maximum at this critical juncture to pass the traditional method of uprisings that have not Down equations of reaction and commandments of colonialism in her career, as was the case in Iraq, Palestine and Iran, and were therefore driven towards the Ainsjm with the aspirations of the toiling masses, we feel it is necessary to handle currents of revolutionary from the class struggle, consciously and for the victory of the proletariat on the enemy class, until they become and Ahdta of the characteristics of the real revolution and leave the experiences of the proletarian example for the Middle East, even in combatting Ataathaon semi-feudal systems and religious and tribal, which produces the tragedy and injustice and terrorism in our societies.

In our countries these systems reactionary nationalism and Islamic (sleep on the side, which comforts) It is Atpali the anger of the people, in particular of the revolution excavated in the heart of the proletarian Nabz, where you sleep without being exposed to noise, public, and did not start any spark near the thrones dark even won a horror of their destinies and exposed to loss and then the subsequent extinction, this time I have been surprised dismay great proletarian uprising Tunisian shook the ground beneath their feet, took the bite their fingers and bashing. I rang uprising proletarian Tunisia and the Tunisian people to their destiny alarm after that jolt the castles of the reactionary regime Tunisian unjust, the data the next reflects the image of the intifada and reflect its inception in the Arab countries and countries with regimes opiates worn one they prayed the other, even to Atnfha theories of ethnic nationalism and opium of religion.

On the rebels and Althairat on the land of Tunisia fight Tgat remnants of pre-Islamic era who Aitvqon with the march of the times, the disappearance of historical inevitability, Valantfadat waged by the young proletarian Moroccan, was moved triggered towards the rear of Tunisia, we hope that does not blew out the wrath of the Intifada and the rebelling solutions moderation that marked depending on the forces change the path towards the caudal false solutions, which do not lead to the defeat of the semi-feudal system of Tunisia, has launched the proletarian Tunisian Cowley basics of the popular uprising that paves the way towards the transition of the intifada to the people's war to get rid of the reactionary regime Tunisian unjust.

Long live the proletarian Tunisian defeat of fascism

Glory and eternity for the martyrs and the martyrs who fell in the Revolutionary Suh Alnzal

The glory and the healing of the wound

Glory of the Intifada and rebelling

Long live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism

The Maoist and Iraqi Morocco Yin

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