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Monday, January 31, 2011

The New American Century in the Middle-east?


Not long ago there was a document that some Republicans called The American Century. It set the ground work for changes in the Middle-east, starting with Iraq. They wanted governments that reflected US values. They may now be sorry for what they wished for.
Egypt and Tunisia have been governed by dictatorships for a long time. But these were staunch American allies, so there was no apparent need to change them to democracies. The people have seen otherwise. They are tired of backward governments where nothing ever changes and are now pushing for change. The US gave US style democracy to Iraq, so why not Tunisia, Egypt or Yemen? At least that is the way people there are seeing it.
According to the BBC;
“At least 13 people were killed in Suez on Friday, while in Cairo, five people died, according to medical sources.
That brings the death toll to at least 26 since the protests began on Tuesday.”
The report went on to say that President Hosni Mubarak has sacked his entire government and tried to form a new one to quiet the protests. But so far it hasn’t worked. People are calling for him to step down.
This creates a great uncertainty for the US. Democracy may come to these countries, but they may not be the kind the US wants and they may be more interested in their own resources than taking care of the US’s. Also Egypt may not be the end of all of this. Tunisia is already creating a new government and the unrest seems to keep spreading.


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