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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The labor rebellion spreads

From the Kasama Project;
from The Wisconsin State Journal

Labor group calls for general strike if budget bill is approved

by Steven Verburg
The 97-union South Central Federation of Labor voted Monday night to prepare for a general strike that would take place if Gov. Scott Walker succeeds in enacting his budget repair bill, which would strip most bargaining rights from most public employee unions.
The strike would call for union and non-union workers in large swaths of the workforce to stop working, said Carl Aniel, labor federation delegate from AFSCME Local 171.
It was unclear Tuesday how many workers would take part and how the strike might work.
Walker’s proposal, part of a bill to close a $137 million budget shortfall for the year that ends June 30, sparked days of massive protests at the Capitol and a walkout by Democratic state senators that has stalled action on the legislation.
The strike could affect schools, governments and private businesses, but crucial life-and-death services would not be interrupted, Aniel said Tuesday morning. Read the rest of this entry »

This is from American Majority, a right-wing Tea Party group;

Friends --

Right now, Wisconsin is ground zero in the nationwide fight against statism. Public sector unions on the one side and supporters of liberty on the other are locked in a fight for the heart, soul, and future of America. The rally in Madison was the first physical showing since November's elections of the struggle between the tea party and the pro-government growth forces, but the fight is on.

This battle will spread and states once locked in a chokehold by public sector unions will be freed. Our elected leaders need to know that we not only support the actions of Governor Walker, but urge similar action in our own states. If we lose in Wisconsin, the unions will be empowered to take this battle across the country, employing the same strong-arm tactics and calls for bused-in protesters in each and every state capitol.

Although we had incredible success (as you may have seen on TV), we’re not holding hundreds more events like Saturday’s 10,000 person rally in Madison. We’re asking you--real hardworking grassroots Americans--to stand together in your communities, with your neighbors, and in support of this fight against public sector unions. We're asking that wherever you are, whether it's Boston or Los Angeles, you hold an event in support of Scott Walker and the rest of our leaders fighting to do the right thing.

In an era of runaway government, what is being done in Wisconsin by Governor Walker is both responsible and right. After bailout after bailout by government, enough is enough. State and city employees across this country cannot reasonably expect taxpayers to keep contributing hard-earned dollars so union members can have job security and benefits for life--especially during a time of economic difficulty.

It bears remembering also that Wisconsin is the place where the most liberal and anti-capitalistic "reforms" were put into place a century ago. This current clash between ordinary Americans and organized Labor is the inevitable result of decades of overreach by the unions. It ends now. The 100-year-old Progressive Experiment can be stopped, and right in the place where it was born.

Please visit for additional information and resources. Events are being planned right now. Join us. And spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you for all you do.

For Liberty,

Ned Ryun

P.S. 2012 is right around the corner. Check out this straw poll:

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