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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

1979 Maoist Streetfighting: We Waved the Red Book in Deng’s Face

From The Kasama Project;

Miles Ahead recently raised our “No Cheap Shots” discussion, and rereading it I stumbled upon our August 2010 discussion of the 1979 Deng demo. Maoists in the U.S. engaged in street-fighting in Washington DC to protest the visit of Deng Xiaoping — to make a military alignment with U.S. imperialism. This was in the years shortly after the anti-Maoist coup in China, and at a time when revolutionary communists around the world were still scattered and often confused about the events in once-socialist China.
I would like to repost the comments on this Deng demo here… because (as you will see) it touches on many matters — and not just the history of the communist movement in the U.S. I am excerpting here from a series of comments made on this subject. (Respect to CWM, May 9, Hobgoblin, Alastair who engaged in the discussion below.)
If anyone wants to scan the incredible pictures from the following special issue of the Revolutionary Worker — we will gladly post them here as illustrations.
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