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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

A greeting to the Third Congress of the Class Youth League (LIJUC) of Mexico

Greetings to Third Congress of the Class Youth League (LIJUC) of Mexico

Dear comrades,
please accept our fraternal and communist greetings we send you on occasion of your third Congress.
We wish you could strengthen and widen your work in your country and on the international level. Founding yourself on Marxism Leninism Maoism, applying it to the concrete situation of your country, developing it in the debate on the international level, you will surely get the best success and give the best contribution to the International Communist Movement.

Your third Congress takes place as the general crisis of capitalism has gone in its terminal phase, the new wave of proletarian revolution is rising, the world communist movement is being born again .On occasion of the second Congress of the CARC Party, in November 2009, the (new)Italian Communist Party send us a message of greetings, writing that we were going to be involved in “an event (the entrance into the terminal phase of the general crisis of capitalism) with a huge, historical and world importance, and we have to avail ourselves of it for carry out our work to the end”, “the world will not be anymore as it was before”, “we are making history, mankind’s future is at stake.” From end to end of the world the popular masse are on the move for making history: 2011 is the heroic, glorious advancement of the popular masses to conquer their future!

In the Arabian countries imperialists’ puppets like Mubarak and Ben Alì are falling, there are falling the revolutionaries who betray, who collaborate with the imperialists and are trying to gain their favour as Gaddafi. No tyrant can resist to the force of struggling people, no regime is invincible, the popular masses can pull down every regime no matter how much tyrannical and fierce it is, the support of the world imperialist system is not enough to make them stand. Somebody call it the ’89 of the Arabian countries, referring to the fall of Berlin Wall and telling that the world will not be the same anymore. Yes, the world will not be the same anymore, but the reference to the fall of Berlin Wall does not hold good: the ’89 was the conclusion of the phase of pacific and gradual restoration of capitalism in the field of the socialist countries and the beginning of the phase of the imposition of restoration of capitalism by force and at all costs. On the contrary, today the popular masse are advancing in the democratic and anti-imperialist revolution, the one Mao Tse-tung called new democratic revolution. It is democratic, because it breaks the ties of personal dependence (feudal, slave, patriarchal, religious, etc.). It is anti-imperialist because it breaks the bloody chains of dependence and submission to the world imperialist system. The jump that a century and a half ago was directed by the revolutionary bourgeoisie in struggle against the feudal classes, cannot be done today by the people of the oppressed countries under direction of bourgeoisie and its parties. They must be directed by the working class organized in the communist party, because for strengthening and widening the democratic conquests and for maintaining the independence from the imperialist system they are obliged to nationalize the foreign trade, plan the economic activity, struggle against the inner forces allied to imperialists and by them supported, that is they have to take the way of socialism.” (see Manifesto Program of the (new)Italian Communist Party, ) The imperialist of the whole world, the US government, Israeli Zionists are trembling and are trying to salvage whatever possible, plot in the background and try to do so that the transfer of power, where is unavoidable, should be done “in the order”, that is under control of imperialist groups and powers and of the Zionists. But their attempts to stop the revolution of the Arabian and Muslim countries must come to terms with the revolutionary force of the popular masses that have grown and strengthened: in Egypt, for example, despite the calls to order by the Supreme Council of the Armed Force (that took the power for “guarantee the transition to democracy”), the mobilizations, the strikes, the struggles for conquering rights, emancipation and democracy are not concluded. On the contrary, the working class heads all those who want to go to the end: the 20.000 workers of the textile company of Mahalla, in the region of the Nile delta. On 15th February they began an all-out strike, despite the threats by the Armed Forces, they barricade inside the factory for prevent the managers, designated by the Government, to close the plant and ask to increase straightaway the minimum wage: “that is what we are asking for years and we shall not leave them aside now that Mubarak has finally gone.” In free Bengasi the popular masses are organizing themselves not only to direct the city, but also to help those of Tripoli that are fighting against Gaddafi’s mercenaries.
It is a fire started from Tunisia that is kindling all the Arabian countries: Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordania, Algeria, Morocco, and even Saudi Arabia. “The heroic struggle carried out by the popular masses of Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine and Lebanon and the many hotbeds fed with heroic determination in other Arab and Muslim countries, have shaken the prestige of the imperialist powers and undertake an increasing amount of their forces, though, given the weakness of the communist movement, the leadership of the heroic struggle of the broad masses is in the hands of traditional clerical groups that anyway by their nature cannot lead it to final victory on the world imperialist system. The example of the revolution in Iran clearly shows the potential, but also the limits of their direction: it gives some trouble to the International Community led by the US government and the Zionists of Israel, encourages and gives strength to the rebellion in some Arab countries and Muslims oppressed by the world imperialist system, but by no means has become a new basis of global anti-imperialist revolution. However, the anti-imperialist movement advances with courage and seeks its way in Latin America, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and in other countries: the resistance of Cuba and of the FARC in Colombia is paying off. The heroic struggle the popular masses in India led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) carry out against multinationals to which the Indian state has contracted out the looting of the country and the exploitation of the population, shows the way to the masses of other emerging countries sold by the comprador bourgeoisie and by the feudal lords to the multinationals for being looted and arouses hope all over the world. The example of the new democratic revolution in Nepal led by the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) shines and encourages the worldwide renaissance of the communist movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the third higher stage of communist conception of the world after Marxism and Marxism-Leninism.” (Statement by the (new)Italian Communist Party, 12 February 2011)

We Communist forces, and particularly we MLM forces, have great opportunities and great responsibilities. We, Italian Maoist forces, shall give our best contribution to the International Communist Movement, and therefore also to your Class Youth League, firstly making the revolution in our country, that is making Italy a new socialist country, and then bringing in the ICM the right conception, line and strategy, synthesized in Marxism Leninism Maoism.
To make the revolution in an imperialist country is necessary and possible. The Italian working class organized in its communist party can do it, carrying out the Revolutionary Protracted People’s War according to its particular laws valid in our country (you may see for more information Four Issues To Be Debated in the ICM,
The strengthening and unification of the International Communist Movement is necessary and possible as well: it is a need of today, it is a work to be started today. We invite your Congress to plan to give its contribution to this work, to build strong links with the other communist forces, firstly the MLM ones, to apply and develop MLM also on the international level.

We wish you the best success. With communist greetings,

CARC Party

¡Que viva la Liga de la Juventud Clasista!
¡Que viva el Internazionalismo Proletario!
¡Que viva el Marxismo Leninismo Maoismo!

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