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Friday, March 18, 2011

Brazil--MFP celebrate March 8 - International Women's Day Workers

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Jaru, March 15, 2011
Nuclei of the MFP Jaru, Porto Velho and Corumbiara organized various activities to celebrate the March 8, one of the most important dates for the communists and democratic celebrated throughout the world. A day that celebrates women's participation in popular struggles, one day to wake up even more the rebellious women of the people.
Against the criminalization of abortion
The program began with two lectures at the Old Port of UNITE against the criminalization of abortion. Across the country the MFP and other democratic organizations have denounced and fought against a fascist global crusade against abortion, led by the Catholic Church, which has done a great pressure on the people and governments, imposing questions completely unrealistic. As the Status of the Unborn, ongoing project at the National Congress which is a setback to abortion rights, already so poor in Brazil. Abortion is not allowed here or in cases of fetal malformation incompatible with life.
An example is depicted in the documentary "Habeas corpus" displayed in the lectures at UNITE. The film tells a true story that occurred in 2005 in Goiás, with a pregnant wife of 19 years of a fetus of one victim syndrome that kept him from living more than a few hours after birth.
The justice that allowed abortion was initiated in a hospital in Goiânia. Shortly after, doctors stopped the abortion because of a habeas corpus handwritten by a priest.
Rather than say, the fascists did not defend life. They advocate the need for women to beget children to be cheap labor to be exploited in factories, shops and fields. And also argue that women's oppressed people follow at home, fulfilling their role in society: to be the incubator.
The MFP is a campaign against the criminalization of abortion and to defend women's right to decide over her own body, she can stop an unwanted pregnancy if that is your desire with a medical procedure legal, safe, free and guaranteed by the state.
In two lectures attended in all about 140 students of pedagogy, literature, social sciences, law and other courses. After the lecture there was debate. Some present asked about the origin of life and several spoke in agreement with the position taken by the MFP. The speaker sought to discuss and present the scientific and non-ideological and theological. This issue that affects thousands of women every day people have to be scientifically treated to eliminate the psychological pressure on women, based on obscurantism.

March 8: International Women's Day Workers
The celebration of March 8th is the tradition of the MFP. This year the venue was the Revolutionary Ze Bentão Area, the old Santa Elina in Corumbiara, taken by peasants in 2010. Upon arrival at headquarters could be seen rows of red flags from the MFP. The Assembly shed decorated with a banner with the slogan MFP "Waking the fury of the revolutionary woman" and the flag of Palestine extended alongside the flags of the MFP, PCL and CODEVISE marked the character's class and internationalist March 8. And in the center, welcoming to all, there was a picture of Joe Bentão mate, great martyr of the Agrarian Revolution, one of the founding leaders of the PCL. The ceremony was opened with chants of "The Internationale " anthem of workers worldwide, and "Fighter of the Revolution, " anthem of the MFP. Participated in the act about 50 farmers from the area and surroundings.

The representative of the MFP core of Belo Horizonte has a chatter presenting the principles and objectives of the MFP, followed by a discussion with questions and opinions of the session. Then, the MFP has a simple tribute to fellow democratic and popular movements. A resident of the area produced handicrafts which were presented to representatives of the LCP - Poor Peasant League of Rondonia and western Amazonia, the CODEVISE - Committee for the Defense of Victims of Santa Elina, the core of Jaru MFP, the MFP core of Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), the Popular School Orocílio Martins (from Belo Horizonte). Fellow Dina, Ze Bentão fellow widow, was also honored for his active participation in the Agrarian Revolution and the MFP. Another special tribute was made to partner Maria Helena, known as Nega. She was a resident of the area Revolutionary Ze Bentão and died in November 2010, aged 32, victim of neglect of the state with public health. In the short time he lived in the area, took an intense partner, was one of the coordinators of the festival's People's court of the land. She left her husband, a couple of kids and nostalgia among family and friends.
After the tributes, the act ended with the singing of the song "Vine Aroeira" presented by women.
Then, everyone eats cake and lemonade rain, was a T-shirt rifado Popular School Orocílio Martins and a book of MFP.
Propaganda and organization of the MFP
Comrades leaflets PFM Corumbiara, Cherry, Spike D'Oeste, Jaru and Porto Velho. In Corumbiara two companions spoke on local radio on the MFP and March 8.
Another activity was held meetings Nuclei MFP Corumbiara and Porto Velho. Several farmers, students and teachers have studied and debated the principles of the MFP and practical tasks, eager to learn more and to follow in building this strong organization for the advance and triumph of the revolution.
Arouse the fury of the revolutionary woman!
MFP - Female Popular Movement

Viva International Day of Working Women!

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