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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

US government used dirty tricks against Maoist in Nepal

For some of us, the Maoist revolutions, taking place in Nepal, India and Bhutan are an inspiration at a time when the world seems to be a dark place led by greedy people who care nothing for the poor, working class, or the environment. Especially in the US such people have a solid grip on power, and internationally they have a never-ending thirst for keeping us at war to get and keep what they want.
So it is not surprising that Wikileaks has come up with documents showing the US has done everything possible to derail the attempts of the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) of setting up any kind of government. An article in the Kasama Project reveals that former US Ambassador James F. Moriarty could not believe that the Maoist would actually accept a peaceful solution involving the other parties and he could not believe it when they won an election.
According to Moriarty;
“A Maoist victory would energize leftist insurgencies and threaten stability in the region. It thus behooves us to continue to do everything possible to block such an outcome.”
And that is not surprising. A country that invaded two smaller countries to put in puppet governments and a country that has allowed corporations to become the equivalent of feudal lords, whose subjects, their employees, are totally powerless and completely subjugated--does not want to see any alternative for others to emulate.
The Maoist will show us a much better way to live and for workers, real empowerment in place of absolute dictatorship of our employers. It is for this reason we should do all we can to expose and stop our government from interfering in the affairs of Asia. The Kasama article goes into much more details as to what Moriarty has said and what our government has tried. -សតិវ អតុ

This report comes from Himalyan Times.
KATHMANDU: The UCPN-Maoist on Tuesday announced that it has formed a new youth front–People's Volunteers Mobilisation Bureau– and said it will focus on "development work and people's security."
Maoist Politburo member Netra Bikram Chand is the coordinator of the new organisation that has been set up taking up members of Young Communist League, Maoists' student wing and the disqualified Maoist combatants. Maoist central leader Devendra Poudel and YCL in-charge Ganesh Man Pun are also in it,.
A programme was organised to announce the formation of the Bureau at the Maoist headquarters in Perisdanda in the Capital this afternoon.

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